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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sticking Out Tongue Freebie

Hey there! it's late. 10:30pm my time. Not a lot of energy for blogging. It was a good and productive day, though. Let me run you briefly through it.

Woke up, and eventually got the kids off to school. Jakes alarm went off for 45 minutes before he finally got out of bed. Yeah, frustrating for the rest of us in the house... We can all hear it! Why can't you!!!

Anyway, CPT came home, got ready, and left for work, and I got ready for my Visiting teaching visit. Charlotte and Maria come visit me, but since they have toddlers and I don't, we decided for me to go to their house. Works for me :)

I called the Ft Bliss appointment line, and got myself an appointment for Topomax. Next Tuesday. Cause I ran out yesterday. Oops. And asked about Jake. What should I do? Take him to the MD on post? Nope, because they would want him to see a child psychiatrist. And if his regular psychiatrist won't see him (CPT called yesterday), then PEAKS would be the best decision, right? Sigh. I'm still not liking this decision.

So as I got ready to leave the house, I noticed that CPT left his phone charging. Oops. He's gonna need that. So, I drove on up to his work, looked around FOREVER for parking, and eventually found where he was. He didn't even realize that he'd left it at home. But he was SO grateful that I'd brought it to him :) I was happy to do my good deed for the day, and that it had been for my sweetheart!

Then, I hopped in the truck and headed to the North East side to see the girls. I chatted with my mom the whole way, too. She was at work already, and we had fun chatting. I stayed till around 11 and chatted with the girls. They are a TON of fun.

Charlotte has kids with Special needs, so she knows what I'm going through. And I think one of Maria's is aspergers too. Not yet hit puberty, though. That's when it gets "fun"... Ha!

Anyway, on the way home, I had the thought to stop by the Child and Family Psychiatric clinic and see if the post doctor could see Jake on an emergency basis. They were closed. Crap. But they would be back in a 12:30.

So I looked up Jake's psychiatrist number again, and gave them a call. I wanted to hear no for myself. I told the receptionist that Jake was a patient of Dr G's, and that Jake needed an emergency Med's review. She asked if we could be there at 2:30 today. Whaaaat? I don't know what I said right, but I TOTALLY took the appointment. Thank you, Heavenly Father!!!!! Whoever was praying for us, it totally worked ;)

Anyway, CPT came home for lunch, and I told him the good news. No PEAKS mental hospital for Jake for the moment, we were getting our Meds review in the doctors office. After lunch, I did a few more things around the house, then headed up to the school to pick up Jake. And missed a call from his Spanish teacher at lunch, too. I was supposed to call him back at 4pm.

It took forever to get Jake out of class. They couldn't find him. He was supposed to be in Spanish. But wasn't there. No one could find him. Please don't tell me that you LOST my special needs kid... Come ON people!

Finally they found him. He was in tutoring. He's having a hard time in biology, a core class, so they pull him out of Spanish, an elective. OK. But I know that he's struggling in Spanish too. Doesn't make sense, but whatever. We had to go to the appointment.

So we drive on over to the appointment, and I ask him about Spanish, and why the dude would call me. Jake said that he just stopped trying in class. Because he didn't get Spanish, and didn't think that he even SHOULD be required to take it. Now the truth comes out. Aspies are like this. If they don't see the benefit of something, there is no convincing that I can do to sway the childs opinion. He's decided that Spanish is stupid. And not worth his time. So he is going to sleep in class. And not try. Sigh. He said he's doing the same thing in PE. SO not good.

We finally got in to see the doctor, and he said that it was our fault that Jake was having problems. (Said in a round about way). See, we should have been coming once a month to get check ups on the meds. Really? I didn't know that. How was I supposed to know this... Well, I know this now. I'll let that one slide.

He upped Jake's dose by 50MG, and said to come back in a week. He said to give him some vitamin b12 or something like that a few times a day, that it should do wonders for his mood. And he suggested a few other new meds. One for when he is a bit older. Jake just looks old now - ha!

We were home a little after the time that the kids got off the bus. Jim went to the park with Maggie, Eme went to Piano lessons, and Tom and Joe were home. We had a quick sandwich dinner, then headed off to the baseball scrimmage at 5:15. Jake and Jim and Joe and I. Eme and Tom stayed home.

Apparently, Tom had a choir concert tonight at 5:30pm. He knew that I was at baseball with the little kids, so he called his dad. And CPT hurried home to take him. Pfew! I can't be everwhere at once - ha! But still, had Tom told me, Kari could have totally taken Joe to scrimmage, and I could have taken Tom to the concert...

Oh yeah, a little earlier, I called and talked to the Spanish teacher. And he said that Jake had mentally checked out of the class, and wanted to know what was going on. I said how he was Aspergers, and how he had mentally decided that the class was stupid and not worth his time. Not that I felt that it was, but that is how Jake sees it. The teacher, or someone, just needs to try and find a way to change Jake's opinion. Jake is a very factual thinker...

I know that it's the law in Texas that you take 2 years of foreign language to graduate. So he'll have to take 2 years of something. And Jakes school ONLY has Spanish this year. So he's stuck. I told the teacher that I didn't know what to do, and wasn't really sure what he wanted me to do about it.

The fact that the administration deemed it appropriate to Jake to be pulled out of Spanish to be tutored for Biology just plays into Jake's theory that Spanish is not important. Why would the do that? Sigh. Good job, administration.... That school is on my nerves today anyway for losing my child.

We talked for about 20 minutes, and I'm not sure if we really got anything resolved. What could we, really. Jake is a big kid, and I don't have control over him at school. I can encourage him. I can tell him my expectations. I can medicate him. But ultimately, he is in charge of himself.

So, back to the scrimmage. Jake and Jim did their own thing, and the moms chatted with the boys played. It was an enjoyable evening. At 6:30, I dropped Jake off at the church. The BYU FolK Dancers were playing at the Abraham Chavez theater downtown, and our Youth got to go and see them. CPT was dropping Tom off at the door after his concert. And Eme didn't get ready in time, and missed coming with me, so she missed achievent days. She was sad.

I took Joe and Leo to Scouts at 7, and Kari took Jim with her. We worked on looking at books and seeing what achievements we needed for rank. A few of the boys are REALLY close. I pulled out a small table to work at outside, and I let the boys play tag. Worked out good. Then, the last 20 minutes, we talked about courage and choices. They had a lot of fun with that one too. A lot of talk about kicking the bad guys in the balls... Sigh. Boys. I kept having to say "We don't say ball sack at Cub Scouts..."

Finally, the meeting tied up. I asked the bishop when he thought that the older kids would be back. After 9pm, he said. So I decided to take Joe and Leo and go home. I'd come back for Jake and Tom.

CPT and Eme were watching Harry Potter when we finally got home. We watched for a few minutes, then sent Eme and Joe and Jim to bed. CPT and I chatted about our days, and about plans for the next few months. Then, at 9:30pm, I got the call from Tom that they needed picked up at the church. So off I went.

They had had a great time, but were arguing about who had to sit where and when and how and why on the way home. Sigh. Come on, Jake and Tom! We got home, and I got them off to bed. CPT finished getting ready for his "range" tomorrow, and I started blogging. It's now 11pm. And I'm really sleepy. The girls and I are supposed to go hiking in the morning. Hopefully I'll feel good. Strep is going around, and I'm feeling kinda icky right now. Let's just hope that it's just cause I'm sleepy...

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 7 post on May. 03, 2012. Thanks again.

Me said...

May not help you any, but at my school we also had a required "two years of foreign language." You might want to see if the school would accept an outside class foreign language as a way to fulfill that requirement. We were able to do it at my school eons ago & I also did it for college [American Sign Language both times].