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Friday, March 7, 2008

Grandparents - Mischief

When I saw this quote, I instantly thought of my mom. Well, and my dad too. They're both so funny. Are your parents like this too? I don't know, maybe our family is just strange :)

This WordArt, and the next one (the serious one about grandparents) are from the suggestions of both Darci and Lindsay, who wanted something to go with their children and their grandparents. Hope these 2 WordArts help!

And, as an update, for those of you who are paying attention to such things (hehehe), my daughters test results came back yesterday, and it looks like the reason she was swelling was from a Post Strep Reactive Arthritis. She still has traces of it in her system. So, to totally knock out the strep, she need to go on a twice daily antibiotic, for the next YEAR! Wow, that's gonna be rough.

The good news is, that she feels fine. Not feeling sick in any way. She just thinks the antibiotics taste nasty. Can't blame you, Eme. They sure smell gross, and I'm not gonna taste them to confirm that! Hehehe.

Click on the image below to download, and leave some love if you like my work! Thanks!

Kit by RC Mama - Cinnamon Sweetness
WordArt by ME!

I must say, my mom is kinda a freak! That's ok, cause so am I, and we get along SO WELL! Here she is, teaching my 2nd son how to drink water out of the washing machine with a STRAW! So funny. Yeah, when he comes home asking to do that, he's definitely getting a big fat NO! Ha! What happens at grandmas, should stay at grandmas!!! Thanks, Mom, for all you do! We love and miss you :) - Side note.... The quote on my layout is slightly different from the real quote above. See, I got distracted last night while designing, and forgot to finish the quote. I just stuck the author on there, and scrapped it. Oops. Today, when looking closer at it after posting it, I realized my mistake. I quickly went and fixed it, re-uploaded it to 4shared, and problem solved. Except for those 2 people who downloaded it. They got the shortened version. hehehe. Oops on me!


Suzi said...

Thank you SO much for taking the time to make all these wonderful word arts! I absolutely LOVE them and I wanted to tell you I appreciate you for sharing them :)

Adrienne said...

That is hilarious! Drinking out of the washing machine. Thanks for the laugh today and thanks for all the great word art. I love it!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Vel said...

First I must thank you for all the wonderful wordart. It's just fantastic. But I also have to comment on grandma. What a riot! That is just hysterical.

Debi said...

I signed up for ReA google alerts and I got your blog something about your daughter's test results. Does she have reactive arthritis? My 22 yr old daughter does and she has had it for 3 months. She has good days and bad days also. I would love any information you have. How did your daughter get it, what treatment are they using etc. Thanks, Debi

a said...


My daughter has post strep reactive arthritis. Her symptoms were only there for about 5 days, then went away. After doing blood work at a specialist, they found traces of strep, and put her on antibiotics (for a whole year). She hasn't had any more swelling since the initial problem, and hopefully it will stay that way.

I'm so sorry about your daughter. That can't be fun to have happen her. Hope she feels better. Is her's from Strep too?

Shannon said...

Love the WA - thanks! Do you have a link or more info on the home-school/charter school program you're using? I know several people who would be interested.