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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All I Really Need Is Love

Hi all! I'm checking back in today to see how everything is going! Our move is progressing..... this is the day that we should have been leaving the house, but because of our 4 day extension, we have more time to do things! We're about 90% packed. I think we're gonna try and load the trailer today and see how much will fit. I hope it ALL will, but that may be wishful thinking - LOL! Then, the hard part, of deciding what to leave. Not fun :)

Just to let you know, at current rate, I only have WordArt done through Friday or Saturday. If I find some time in the next few days (unlikely, though), I'll put some more on. If not, DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!!! LOL :)

OK, you guys, I know this is a little different than my normal WordArt style, but I thought it was cute. And besides, I can do something a little different now and again, right?

Click here to go to the Scraporchard Freebie Gallery, to download the WordArt. Happy WordArt Wednesday!!! (can you believe it's already week 7!!!)

It's in the download :) LOL, this is me being lazy, and not looking it up again - Ha!


michelle said...

Best wishes that everything will fit on that trailer.

Thanks for the WA...we won't forget about you while you're away!!

Melissa said...

I love this word art...so cute! Good luck with your move and this new adventure. We'll be here waiting! My prayers are with your family...it's hard to move!