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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Farmers Market Open Early???

Psssst, pssst, hey girls!

The Farmers Market is open early, so I put 20 ADDITIONAL products to the ones that I've been promo-ing this week :) All about love and Thanksgiving/Fall. Hurry - go check it out!

Wednesdays Products

Definitions Autumn
Definitions Thanksgiving
Grunge Cluster Love
Grunge Definition Love
I Love You 2
I Love You
Love 2
Love Mini
Masks Love
New Love
Simple Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Dinner
Winter 2

There's a ton of stuff in there! I'm switching out the stuff around 10 or 11pm (EST) tonight, and putting in Thursday stuff. Just wanted to let you know!

1 comment:

Rubypat said...

Thanks for the opportunity of the additional word arts. Now I just need a way to remember which ones I have bought previously! Can't have too many, though - they really make a layout come alive!