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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friends 4 Ever

Day 2 of my diet is over. Dang, it was a long one. We had a 2 hour snow delay (I KNOW, crazy!), but my kids were up SO early. Plus, Captain Americas battery had a phone recall from 4-6 or something like that, so his phone kept ringing. They had to have phone contact with everyone in the batter, then Captain America was supposed to make the call to the commander. I had the hardest time going back to sleep. Then Joe and Jim and Eme were up at 6:15, and kept coming in my room. Finally, I just put my headphones in, and listened to Bella and Jacob and Edward in New Moon. Ahhhh, I might not have been sleeping, but it was definitely restful :)

I got up at 7:30ish. Got kids fed, and they went out to play. We also watched the Doctor Who Thanksgiving Special, the Waters of Mars. OMGosh, it was good. Scary water monster people.

Leslie, my neighbor, had her kids come to my house in the AM before school. She had class, and I told her to let them come over, and I'd make sure they got to school on time. The kids played around a bit, and left at 9:10am. They all walked together, and I think, had fun.

Laurie and I went to the gym at 11 something. I did the elliptical for 20 minutes, and the treadmill for 10. Not the biggest of workouts, but hey, it was a workout. And it was more than yesterday. So I was pleased with that.

I got home, fed my kids, had lunch myself, and designed for a while. I needed some more WordArt packs for the week. Really, the day was all about trying to not think about food. Cause I was hungry. But I did good, and didn't eat things not on the menu.

I got my stuff together to run some errands, and went out to the truck, but it was stone dead. Someone had left the lights on inside. Crap! There was no power whatsoever. I texted Andrea, and she said that after school she'd come and jump my truck. Thank Goodness!

I worked on the budget for a while, and soon it was time for the kids to be home. Andrea came shortly after that. My truck was SO dead. It had to sit with jumper cables for 30 minutes before it would turn over. Man, that's not good.

I let it run for 45 minutes, just to make sure it was super charged up. I decided to do my errands on Wednesday. I cooked Sausage and Eggs for the kids, and REALLY wanted some. It smelled SO good, and I was SO hungry. I made my stir fry, which I ate with crackers, and ate my apple, then sat down to watch Survivor with the kids. We watched episodes 7 and 8. Russell kinda grows on you after a while, I think.

So I designed, and blogged, and put the kids to bed, and now what to do. It's 8:42 pm, Captain America is still at work, kids are asleep, the WHOLE kitchen is stocked with food. The chocolate chunks are calling my name. Or the granola bars. Or the cereal. Or a PBJ. Or some popcorn. But no, I'm not gonna do it. I just drank another BIG cup of Herbal Peppermint tea, and I think I'm gonna go hide in my room. With the audio version of Eclipse. Because Twilight won't make me fat.

WordArt Wednesday Again! How does it keeping sneaking up on me? And where, may I ask, has the whole year gone??? How can it be December already??? Sigh. hehehe.

So do you like this one? I have some Page Corner WordArt Packs coming out tomorrow, and I thought I'd give you a little preview. Cool, eh?

Anyway, Click HERE to go to scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, you need to be logged into the gallery in order to get the download :)

Dude, we look SO funny in this picture, the longer I look at it. Captain America's eyes are a bit creepy, and I just look odd. ROFL!


Ashley said...

Your commentary on your photo made me laugh. I think you two look very happy! Not weird, creepy eyed, etc. ;)
Thanks for sharing your day and your art!

More of Mom's Special Moments said...

Go get some diet Sierra Mist with the cranberry touch and some diet root beer. . remember how it takes the need for something sweet away????

Sharon-shutterbug said...

LMAO! I had to read that first part about Brent several times, because the first few times I thought you were saying there was a recall on his cell phone's battery (like it might spontaneously combust or something), and so he was being called on the phone to inform him of the recall. :-D

Aim Aug said...

I love your stuff. Always so cute! Thanks so much!

KMac said...

This is so cute - why am I having so much trouble downloading from Scrap Orchard? I have no problem when i'm purchasing, but I can't ever get your freebies from there on Word Art Wednesday :( Yes i am logged in to Scrap Orchard. any suggestions? Thanks!

Bethany said...

Hmmm, are you logged into the gallery, not the forum? I know that you need to register separately, I think. Sorry, hon. Email me, and I"ll send you the download if it doesn't work for ya!