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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kissing Bandit

Today came early. Well, not really any earlier than normal, but because I had had caffeine the night before, and couldn't fall asleep easily, I felt more tired the next morning.

I was planning on going to Andreas house to exercise in the AM, so I got right up and put on my workout clothes. About 5 minutes later, the neighbor kids were over. I told Leslie that I'd take her boys to school, because it was raining. I just wasn't expecting them at 7:05. hehehe. It was good, though. I was dressed.

By 7;35, we were in the truck and on our way to the school. Hunters school starts 15 minutes or so before the other kids' school. Luckily they're right next to each other. I just told my kids to eat breakfast at school. It works.

I came back home, got Jake set up on the Wii fit, got Jim situated, and headed to Andreas (about 7 houses away). We did the starter program in Slim in 6. OMGosh. That was a starter? I must be SORELY out of shape. It killed me. Even just the exercises where you keep your arms out to your side. Yeah, my arms suck. It's gonna be some good workouts, though.

I hung at Andreas for about 30 minutes after exercising, then came home. I was useless the rest of the day. Seriously. I just went to my room, got on my laptop, and vegged. I watched the season premier of Lost, I watched part of a movie, I watched Medium, I watched the Bachelor. See, I really did do nothing.

I was SO hungry all day. I'm sure it was from the exercises. I was hiding in my room from the food. I was supposed to go to Lauries house for lunch with a bunch of girls, but I totally ditched. I'm SO sorry, Laurie. I just couldn't be around the food. I know that's a crappy excuse, but seriously. I was having a rough afternoon. Better to hide out.

At 2:30, I finally dragged myself away from the computer, and took a shower. I was supposed to go to the school and get my Eme and Joe, and Andreas Ben. Then, she'd come up later and get Tom and Sam from AQ (extra pe). Well, it was raining, and they canceled AQ. SO, I ended up getting ALL the kids. No problem :)

After school, I got the kids a snack, had them do their chores, and then they had free time. I hopped back on the computer, and hid some more. At 6:30pm, Captain America got home. He stayed with the little ones, and I took Jake and Eme to church for activities. Tom's Scouts was pushed to Friday, so he didn't have to come.

I hung with Laurie in the gym while my 2 and her 2 had activities, and we watched her other 2 run around with some other kids. Thanks, Laurie, for coming! I was a much more enjoyable evening to hang with you!

When I got home, the kids were in bed, and Captain America was working on something for work. I finished watching the movie that I'd started earlier, and now am blogging and designing. It's 9:41pm, and I may go to sleep early. Exercise will do that to ya! Make ya all tired and junk ;)

So I wanted to do something Valentine's-y, but not romantic. Something funny. Well, I thought this one was funny, so here ya go - hehehe. Hopefully it IS funny :) Click on the links below to go to my account, and leave some love if you like the color black :) Thanks!


Tammy D said...

Oh Honey that is too cute. So going on the valentine's for my little nephews.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Feb. 04, 2010. Thanks again.

Ness said...

Love it and love the color black :)

Christie said...

Thanks so much for this freebie! I have posted it on my blog Hand Picked Freebies :)

Dannethia said...

thanks so much. it is so cute.

linnie-818 said...

Love your sayings. Where do you find them? I know the Internet has a ton of quote sites, but you have sayings and expressions that are not quotes. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!