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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Television Junkie

Everyone needs a day off, right? I totally took one today. I did get up at 7am and get my kids off to the bus. I did get Jake going on School. I did keep Jimmy relatively entertained. I did start a load of dishes. I did... um, yeah, that was pretty much it. hehehe.

I watched some TV online, and a movie or two, and just laid around a bit. A day off. And it was SO nice. I never did get around to a nap, though. That would have been the perfect cap to the afternoon :)

So at 3:30, I headed to the bus stop, and realized that Veronica wasn't around. She and her family had gone to White Sands for the day, and now I didn't have anyone to get Tom from AQ. Drat! I texted Andrea, and she wasn't answering. I hurried and walked my kids home, and drove up to the school to get Tom. AQ was just getting over, so I was good :) I forgot that I could have texted Becky, and that she'd have gotten Tom. Next time...

I helped the kids get their chores done, and their homework done, and then took Jimmy and Joe and Jim to the park. Andrea and her family were there, and we hung for about 20 minutes. Back home, got the kids ready, and all of us except for Tom headed to the pool.

Hilary and kids and Laurie and kids were there playing. We stayed from 5:30 to 7pm. We got home just a few minutes before Captain America. We put the kids to bed, and he and I headed out. We dropped off a package FedEx, and went to the Mall to get some vitamins. We swung by Sears to see what they had, and ended up getting a Metric Socket 1/2 inch drive set for Captain America. It was on sale for just under $20, and his birthday is coming up. He was really excited - LOL!

Next, it was off to Walmart. I got a car charger for my Bluetooth, we got some cans of soup for Captain America, and this:

47 inch, LCD, Full HD 1080p, LG TV. OMGosh. I was SO excited. See, I'd been saving money for a Trip to Vegas with the girls. BUT, I didn't see that happening. SO, I decided to take my designing dollars that I'd been saving, and get me a new TV!

We had an old 19 inch TV for our Wii, and a 24 inch monstrosity for our living room. Our 27 inch TV was in our bedroom, and it broke on Saturday night. Anyway, YEAH FOR ME! I usually don't spend money on myself. Not really. Most of my money goes back into my budget, and gets spent on boring things like food or clothes or supplies. While there's a little part of me that feels wasteful spending money on something SO frivolous, most of me is happy that I could buy something so frivolous. Know what I mean?

Anyway, we got it home, hooked it up, and now Captain America and I sit here on the couch, working on our laptops, watching our BIG ole TV :) hehehe. 11:43pm, and I'm getting sleepy. I don't know how Captain America is still awake next to me. He took 3 1/2 hours out of his evening to come and play with me at the stores, so he's doing his slide show work now. Love you, honey!

So, I'm sure you can figure out why I designed this one - LOL! Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [06 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

So, when is movie night?!

Jules said...

I love your new blog header! Very springie! thanks for the word art, I download alot and love it!!! I also enjoy reading your blog. My son just enlisted in the marines so it will be a whole new life for us...he is 19.

Carol said...

You guys enjoy that TV! Way to go! Love your WA and thanks heaps! :0)

Bec said...

Oh my, with the time you put in to taking care of your family....you most certainly deserve such a treat as the TV. I always tell my grown daughter to 'spoil herself' if she gets a chance because if she doesn't take care of herself, most likely no one else will. ENJOY it! :)

GlitterQueen said...

Embarrassed to admit it, but this is totally me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Apr. 07, 2010. Thanks again.

Chris said...

Hello Bethany,
I Love Your Word Art, Television Junkie is particularly apt for My Partner and I as We Watch far too Much!
I Think Your New Header is Brilliant, I Love the Butterflies & The Flowers in those Colours, I knew I had to comment when I saw them today.
I Also Really Enjoy Reading Your Blog, I don't get out much and have no children, So It is Lovely to read about what You & Your Family are up to, Just the normal things, You always Sound Happy.
Enjoy the New Tellie!
Best Wishes,