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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day Spent With Family

Hi there! Hope things are going well this week for y'all! My kids have the WHOLE week off! Well, the 4 youngest ones, anyway. Jake had school today, but I gave him tomorrow off, and he already got Wed/Thurs/Fri. So he was pleased.

Captain America had 0730 formation, and he was up and gone before I was awake. Poor guy :) I woke up around 8:30am, read scriptures, said prayers, and had breakfast. Then got ready, and got Eme ready, and she and I headed out around 9am to go to Savers. She was pretty excited to come on a shopping trip with Mom.

Tom asked that I buy him a new bike pump when I was out and about so that he could ride his bike today. Captain America had taught him how to fix his bike yesterday, and he was SO excited to ride it. How could I refuse. hehe.

Eme and I drove the 25 minutes across town, and finally got to Savers. We had quite a few bags of clothes to donate, got our discount coupon, and went shopping. And I must have been the first person in the jeans of my size, because there were TON of "Orange" tags (the $0.99 color today). I grabbed everything in my size range that look mildly cute. hehe.

I got a few cover ups for my formals (I don't know what they're called...), and a few shirts, and some other stuff to try on. We found a SUPER cute dress/jacket for Emeline. And we waited FOREVER for a fitting room. But finally got one. Eme went first, and her dress looked GREAT on her. Then she helped me with all my clothes. hehe. I'd pass her stuff that didn't fit, and she'd put it on the "do not want" rack, and guarded the cart. I kept her pretty busy, but she had a big smile on her face the whole time :)

I ended up with 3 cover up things, 2 shirts, a coat, a sweater, and 8 pairs of jeans. Eme got a dress/jacket, and a "fur real friends" toy. Not too bad, all for $35. And 2 of those pairs of jeans were Gap. Awesome, huh :)

And then we loaded up and headed to the Dollar Tree for Bread and a turkey pan.

Here's Eme in the truck

And me
It was a quick trip to Dollar Tree, then it was off to Walmart. To get the tire pump. We also go some $0.98 brown and serve rolls. AND, a $0.68 a lb turkey. I could have got a cheaper one at Big 8, but I was there, and there were only a few left. So I decided to go for it.

AND, when I got to the check out, they were price matching, so I got it for $0.35 a lb. Sa-weet! So I got a 15 lb turkey for $6.00. And some french fried onions. And some cranberry sauce.
And we headed home. Tom was SO excited about the pump, and the other kids were happy for the Bread. Because we were out. I made a TON of sandwiches (in squares and triangles for Jim), we had lunch, and we had about 30 minutes before the pool. Tom fixed his bike, and went out to ride around the neighborhood real fast :)

And the kids put on their swim clothes, and we headed up to the pool around 1:30pm. And no friends came right away, so I pulled out my laptop (cause I was prepared) and designed my freebie for tomorrow. And then realized that I had no "ideas" left on this computer for WordArt pack. Crap.

Luckily, Kari and her daughter came a few minutes after I was done designing the freebie. Yes! I put the laptop away, and she and I chatted and watched the kids swim. It was a very nice afternoon :)

Look how wrinkly Joe's fingers were!
Jake and Joe

We headed home around 3:30pm, got changed, got a snack, and relaxed for a while. See my snack? 35 calorie egg with 1 egg (french toast) cooked on the George Forman.

And I took a pic of my finds from Savers. What do ya think?
And we just kinda hung out for the rest of the night. We watched a movie, and had left overs, and I tired to nap, but no luck (hehe), and then Captain America got home at around 6pm. And we had family home evening, and sent the kids to bed around 7pm. Some were playing quietly in their rooms, and some were reading, and some were sleeping.

Captain America and I watched a few episodes of the office, then decided to go for a soda and to exchange a few clothes from Fallas for sizes that fit Captain America. He guessed too big. He needed a smaller size :)

First stop, Howdy's. See, no soda. There's a problem. I needed a refill. hehe.

And, I can never resist goofy pictures...

Aaaa, much better! Diet Dr Pepper goodness!
Then we drove to O'Rieleys Auto Parts, but it was closed. So we went across the street to Fallas, and they were closed, but hadn't locked the doors yet, so they let us slip in and exchange the clothes. I KNOW we were there till 10pm Saturday.... But the lady assured us they closed at 9pm. Different workers. Maybe the Saturday people just felt like staying open longer? hehe.

And then across the street from there was a Big 8. I had seen a flyer earlier in the week, saying that Pepsi products were $2.12 a 12 pack IF you buy 4 at a time. And, while I don't like Pepsi, I LOVE Diet Dew. So we were on the hunt. hehe. AND, if you spend $20, you get a turkey for $0.34 a lb. And who couldn't use another $5 turkey. hehe.

As we were driving in the parking lot, I saw this sign, and just HAD to get a picture. hehe. Butt? ha!

My head was starting to hurt. I'd taken meds before we left, but it was getting worse and worse. Sigh. Stupid headache! But I pushed on.

We found Diet Sierra Mist, Cranberry Splash! And it was on sale. But no Diet Dew. Hmpf! We we got some regular Dew for a work party that Captain America's having this week, and settled for a few diet pepsi flavors (gag). And then we found another palette of soda in the meat section. Still no Diet Dew.

AND, as an afterthought, we checked out the actual soda isle. I really thought Captain America was gonna hurt himself. He did a happy dance RIGHT THERE IN THE ISLE and jumped for joy. hehe. There were about 10 cases of Diet Dew. So of course we bought it all. ha!

We paid, and headed home. And I'm typing fast and furiously to get this blog done and go to bed. Because my head hurts. And it's making me nauseous. And I don't like it. I may take another Imitrex before I go to bed. Yeah, that sounds like a plan :) Wish me luck that it's gone when I get up in the morning :)

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Another SUPER cool layout from Sharon! Thanks, hon!

Here's an AWESOME layout from Sharon. I didn't get a chance to post it on yesterday post. But she's SO awesome that she had it done before I went to bed. You rock, my dear!


Marilou said...

Good morning! We awoke to snow today on the southern Oregon coast and we don't often get snow; especially this time of year. Have a good warm day... and sent us some pweassseeee!! Thank you!!

wackywages said...

I love the family word arts. :) Always have a pic that it can go to.

Mom2mykids said...

I've been really bad about leaving comments lately. I'm sorry about that. Been in kind of a deep blue funk and haven't felt social (even on the internet!). I love the family word art; thanks so much for all you do! And I love the quilt on your bed. Gorgeous! Wish we had a Savers around here, that's awesome you can find such great things. I'm a tad jealous!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [24 Nov 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

It was sort of funny reading about your family spending the afternoon at the pool - it is 4 degrees here in Spokane and they figure it'll drop to at least 10 below zero before this system moves out of here!
Thank you for the WordArt you give us. It seems I can find a place for each and every single one you create...
Have a great Thanksgiving!

deb said...

Hope your headache is gone. Great score at Savers! And boy, I wish it were still pool time around here! Thanks for word art!

Tami said...

Th♥nks for sharing and H♥ppy Holidays to you and your family =]