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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope that you Saturday was joyous :) OK, so I never came back and blogged about our date last night :) I'll do that now :) Captain America finally got done working on his truck, showered, got ready, and off we went. Here's me, sitting on the couch, right before we left.

We called ahead to BJ's to get on their "Call Ahead" list. Because, apparently, they don't do reservations. LOL. Isn't that the same thing? Whatever, as long as I get there and only have to wait 2 minutes, I'm all good - hehe.

We were seated VERY quickly, and scanned the menu. And WHAAAAAT? They took away my Roasted Chicken! I was NOT very happy. Crap. Now what do I get? I scanned the menu for something with a lean protein and veggies, minus the carbs. Yeah, nada!

The closest thing was the Salmon. And yeah, salmon isn't that good for you.... Especially with the butter sauce they were gonna drench it with. And the rice. But the veggies were good...

So I ordered the salmon, grilled, with the buttery sauce on the side. Minus the rice, and add an extra side of the veggies. And it came with a salad. Works for me :)

Captain America got a yummy looking specialty burger, minus the fries, add salad. We got our food pretty quickly, and yeah, I didn't really like my salmon. I gave Captain America 1/2 of it, and he gave me 1/2 of his burger. But I only took 1/4 of it. And just ate 1/2 the bread. But the burger was SUPER tasty. Great flavor.

I think my favorite part of the meal was the steamed veggies. Carrots and broccoli and caulifour. SO good. They must have been cooked in butter or something, because they had a GREAT flavor. hehe. I couldn't finish it all! But I tried. hehe.

After dinner, we took a few pictures of us in the car.

And then we headed to Savers. We were actually on our way to Fallas, but saw Savers, and swung in. They were having a 50% off of one color sale. I found a ton of clothes to try on, but ended up only getting 3 things. A sports bra that was 1/2 off, a new dress, and a new leather-ish jacket to replace my favorite one that died.

The dress and the jacket were not on sale, but I had a 30% off coupon for my order. So I saved a little bit of money. I'm SO excited to wear my new dress on Sunday :)

And then we headed to Fallas. To see if they had any Black Friday sales. Yeah, nope. Same prices as always :) But it was still fun to look around.

And then to Howdys. Because date night is just NOT complete without a trip to Howdys. hehe.

And then to Walmart. And it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. But it was kinda crowded. I really wanted a Band Hero kit (guitar, mic, and drums) for the Wii, but they didn't have any. Plenty for the Xbox and PS3, but we don't have those. Oh well. Maybe next year.

We got some food items (darn, that reminds me, we now have cereal, but NO milk....) and a few other necessities, paid, and headed home.

Here's me in the car, on the way home, having my evening snack. I love me some apples :)

Captain America and I watched some episodes of "The Office", and headed to bed. I think I fell asleep during the last one, so I'm gonna have to re-watch that one - hehe.

Saturday morning, we woke up late, and got somewhat ready for the day. I started cleaning, and Captain America took our lawn mower over to his buddy Joe's house to mow his grass. He's at Ft Sill, getting ready to PCS move to Germany. We're helping watch his house while he's gone.

At around 11am, the kids and I were done cleaning, the house looked pretty good, and we loaded up in the truck and headed to the store. I wanted prizes for the race, and the kids needed Hot Wheels.

First stop, Dollar Tree. I found a few Nutcrackers that I just HAD to have for my collection (I think I have 8 now), prizes for the first 3 places, and some certificate things. Worked for me :)

The kids were busy and there were people all over Dollar Tree, and my patience was waning... Maybe Dollar Tree with 5 kids was NOT the best choice...

We loaded up, and headed to Walmart. I sent the kids to the toy section, and picked up the 2 items that I needed, then met them at the toys. And it took FOREVER to pick out the cars. Sigh.

I got 6 extras, just in case people didn't have cars. Better to be prepared, right? And we headed home. And finished cleaning, and putting out food and pies, and putting chairs in the backyard.

Captain America got home a few minutes after we did, and he'd brought me a Howdy's drink! What a sweetheart! He set up the track in the backyard, and hopped in the shower.

People started arriving around 1:10pm. Krista's family was first. Her and her hubby and 5 kids. Then the Timmons got there, Laurie and her 3 kids (her hubby and daughter were busy). Then Kari's family. Kari and her hubby and her 3 kids. Then Charlotte (girl from the new church - she's pretty cool) and 2 of her kids came. It was a full house!
18 kids and 8 adults. We had WAY more pie than people. hehe. But that's ok! Captain America worked on getting the racing bracket all set up, and we started on pie. Mmmmm, pie!

And then the racing began! Captain America put the 3-5 yr olds in one bracket, the 6-8 yr olds in a bracket, the 9-11 yr olds in a bracket, a 12-15 bracket, and an adult bracket. And the races began!

Here's everyone watching a race
We had the oldest boys help out being officials and score keepers. They really did a GREAT job :) And Captain America was fun as masters of ceremony. hehe. He sure likes his races!
Mine was the diesel, and it TOTALLY got blown away by Kari's Police Humvee.

And the winners were......

Rowan Timmons, 3rd place. Kari Ahlers, 2nd place. Phearson Timmons, 1st place! Good job, racers!!!

1st Place, Phearson
2nd place, Kari
3rd place, Rowan
We really did have a WONDERFUL time. The sun was shining, and there was no wind, so if you stood in the sun, it was warm-ish! I loved it :) Sorry to all of you who are in the middle of snow storms and cold.... I'm loving El Paso weather right about now :)

People started leaving, and Kari and family stayed and helped clean up and chatted for quite a while. It was very nice. Captain America and Brian chatted about trucks and cars and looked at Captain Americas truck. Its always nice when your friends have hubbys who get along well with your hubby, huh? hehe.

And then everyone was gone. The kids popped in a movie, and we watched a few minutes of it with them.

Here's me with my Howdy's drink from earlier in the day.

I cooked turkey noodles for the kids. I cooked a package of whole wheat noodles, and when they were about 1/2 way cooked, I added diced turkey.

And some of the cream. And the rest of the gravy. And a can of cream of chicken soup. And some Italian seasoning. And some salt. And some garlic powder. Yeah, I'm an "added" when I cook. hehe.

And I let it cook until the pasta was soft, and served up the kids. Captain America and I ate dinner too, and then we got ready for a mini-date. He wanted to go to Guitar Center, and since he always goes places that I like to go, I couldn't tell him no. hehe.

Here's me, ready for my Mini-date. I'm thinking, "yeah, i should have showered..."

First stop, Howdys for a soda :) Love me some Howdys!

And then on to Guitar Center. And yeah, it was a LONG trip :) hehe. Captain America does a MUCH better job and getting into MY shopping that I do getting into his. We were at Guitar Center for and hour and a half.....

Captain America wants to have a Traveler Guitar for when he deploys. Something little that he can fit in his assault pack. So that when he sits in the van for hours and hours on end, he has something to do. And he wanted to play it to test it out and see if it was worth it. So we went to see if they had one at Guitar Center. We weren't buying tonight, but he wanted to play it.

He'll just order it online once he deploys, and have it sent overseas to him. See, smart guy :)

I'm such a snazzy dresser... One Halloween sock, one Christmas sock, and zebra flip flops.

Here's that little guitar that Captain America liked. He said that it played very nicely...
I thought this one was pretty
Still here...

This guitar was $2500. Don't drop it!
Soon, we headed home. Captain America asked I wanted to go somewhere else, like the mall, or a movie, or something, but I declined. I really felt like I needed to go home and do something just for me. With the kids being home this week, and Captain America being home later this week, I've been shorting myself with my "me" time. My schedule has been thrown off a bit. I was just feeling a little "off", and needed to do some "me" things to right it :)

I got home, and Captain America finished a movie with the kids, and I went and took a nice hot, relaxing bath and ready my book. It was SO relaxing. LOVE that :)

We all had family prayer, and we put the kids to bed, and Captain America grabbed his laptop for some work trainings, and I grabbed my laptop to blog. I think we're gonna watch Saturday Night Live together when it comes on. It's been a very nice, relaxing evening :)

I found this last week when I was reading my scriptures, and thought it fit for Thanksgiving PERFECTLY. So I saved it for Sunday, and I'm posting it now :) Enjoy!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Suzan said...

Hi Bethany!

You once again had me in stitches with your photos and blog! ;)
Loved the layout at the bottom :)

Love and hugs
from your #1 Dutch fan ;)
(A.k.a. Suzan)

sts2000 said...

Thanks for all the great word art. Happy Holidays.

Ms. Jen said...

Oh my, you always make me laugh. I'm glad to see that you are doing much better and your pics of you and hubby are great! So in love

Jake said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I love using your wordart, and let me tell you, I RARELY use wordart unless it's yours. Thanks so much, again!

Anonymous said...

I got up early this morning... couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to treat myself to a few minutes on the computer as a birthday present for me:)! Yup... been around for 50 years today! Anywho... I've been out of town for a few days and am just now catching up on the 'adventures of Bethany':)... love, love, love your blog and your word-art! Keep writing and taking pictures and designing! My days would not be complete without you!
Kathy in Utah

Anonymous said...

I must say I love your blog when I first came upon it I felt immediately drawn in.. (even went back as far as I could to read it) I just enjoy every single minute you share with us here!! and OMW the word art is fantastic!! Every page I make has your words on it.
Thank you so very much for sharing your family and your life with us!!

SAHM said...

One thing I wanted to comment on for a while - I've GOT to hit your Savers if I'm ever out in El Paso. Ours doesn't have 99 cent tag sales anymore - just half-price [and few under $1 tags any more unless they're toys]. Love how the stores differ from store to store and state to state. :-)

Pam said...

I check your blog every day...your posts alway make me smile. Thanks for the chance to win your word art.

Celticbabe said...

Yes, I DO want your Christmas Bundle! I LOVE your work! Thanks so much for the chance to win! You ROCK!

Sky said...

What a lovely word art. Thank you for reminding us of something we should all strive towards.

Your shirt matched Brent's eyes on your date. :-P

Thank you for the chance to win the Christmas bundle. Adore your word arts.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Nov. 28, 2010. Thanks again.

Hill said...

I love your mix-matched socks! Stuck in between Halloween and Christmas is exactly where we are.

mnmom said...

Thanks for a chance to win. I love your word art.

Anonymous said...

Your blog always makes me giggle, lol!!!! Thanks, we all need a giggle every once in awhile. I wish our weather was as nice as your right now. Indiana goes from 65 one day to 29 the next, YUCK. As always thanks for the great freebie. LOVE it!!!


Diane said...

You are a HOOT!! thanks for the giggles & smiles! Love your word art! D :)

tinarulz said...

Love love your word art! Thanks for the chance!

Holly said...

Love the socks, my daughter insists on always having mismatched socks.. Love your blog and love your word art!

Melanie - The Paper Retreat said...

Thank you for posting freebies! I love checking out your blog as often as I can. Your wordart is fantastic.

Heather Huggins said...

Bethany you are super patient. I don't think I could have spent that long in the Guitar store. But he did take you to all those great places on date night and to howdy for your soda!! Awesome word art this week too by the way!!

jenjenjasp said...

awwwwwww....you just make me SMILE! not that that is hard, since I smile a lot, but I sure do enjoy your blog! I just found it a few months ago, and am so impressed in how "honest" you are with us!

As a psychologist, I am also CHEERING you on as you refind yourself and heal. You rock, girl. simply ROCK!

thank you for all you do for me - and for all your pics. I love how beautiful you are (and were) and that you show us that we can all achieve. rofl. I need to look into that diet you did. sigh

Anyway, THANK YOU!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the contest. While shopping this weekend I thought of you when I found flip flop socks.

Take care and have a great day!

Mari said...

Thanks for the chance!

Joy said...

Your blog always makes me smile. I want a Howdy's soda. Anyway, thanks for the chance and thanks too for the wordart...great as always.

Unknown said...

Love reading your blog daily. Thank you so much for the fantastic word arts and for allowing us a glimpse at your family/life.

Mom2mykids said...

Thanks so much for the word art! I need to remember to live in Thanksgiving Daily more!

Amy said...

Love the word art and the LO at the end of your post. I also really like your hat, it's so cute! I think the photo of you enjoying your apples must have fell off the page, because it's nowhere to be found! LOL! Hope they were good!

Bethany said...

Thanks so much for all of the comments!!! I picked 2 winners, and am sending out your coupons now!

Diane and Mom2mykids! Check your inbox!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [29 Nov 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

cherri said...

Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving quote. I used one of your wordarts on my RS party invitation. Looked great. Thanks for all you do!

deb said...

I was sitting here reading through your post again and realized I posted thank you and chance to win on wrong post. Oops! LOL