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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hurry Up, Already!

Good morning, peeps :) Wednesday already??? NOO, vacation, stop slipping away :) hehe. So Tuesday. Yeah, it didn't start out so well. Captain America and I had gotten into a little tiff over something stupid the night before, and it still wasn't resolved. And that's not fun when you have limited time...

Anyway, slept in, and when I finally woke up, I had breakfast, and decided that it was time to take Eme to the doctor. She was complaining of sore throat AND hurting ears. Sigh. So we got ready, and off we went, to Urgent Care. The Ft Bliss appointment desk is doing a new thing, where when you call in and they, of course, have no same day appointments, that they refer you off post to an Urgent Care facility. Before, you had to make another call to Telenure. This was MUCH more convienent.

We loaded up and headed over to Mesa street, near downtown. We got right in and seen, and thankfully, it was not strep, and her ears looked good. But her lymph nodes were SUPER big. She was fighting off some virus. So the doctor said to give it 2 more days, and if she still didn't improve, that she'd need antibiotics. He gave me a prescription to fill IF I needed it. Sweet :)

Here's Eme in the room.

And me
We were in and out in under an hour, then headed home. I got the kids all situated and organized (yeah, they were playing and having fun with the computers and the dog - hehe). And I had just enough time to go for a swim. I did 16 lengths, which I found out was a 1/2 mile. Yeah, that is SO not cool. hehe. With as hard as I was working, and as far as I THOUGHT I went, it should have been like 3 miles, or something. .... Swimming distances are different than running distances, right? hehe.

I came back home, got lunch, and hung with Captain America for a while. We talked a little bit, and he needed to take a nap. I brought my laptop to the couch, and watched some Fringe with Jake. The dog was taken on several more walks, and at around 4pm, the whole family loaded up in the suburban to go and pick up Captain America's truck.

We even took Boxer. Boy was he excited to go for a ride in the truck! Tom sat on one side, and Jake on the other, and Boxer sat in the middle. It was kinda funny to see how excited he got. We listened to Christmas carols all the way to the North East side, and had SO much fun :)

Eme went with Captain America in his truck, and we all drove over to Howdys. Mmmmm :) And then we headed back home. I made the kids dinner (turkey and rice and chicken gravy), and designed my WordArt for the next day, and Captain America played a game with the boys. And Boxer took a nap on the couch. Yeah, the TOTALLY thinks he's a person - hehe. And I think Jim thinks he's a baby- because he kept covering him up - LOL!

It was almost time for the kids to go to bed, and Captain America and I headed out on a date. Yesterday's date ended in a "tiff", so it was SO not enjoyable. Tonights, I was determined, was going to be better! We headed to Rudy's BBQ. We got turkey and cold slaw and potato salad, and some desserts. And waters, since we'd just got Howdys.

And we ate, and chatted, and talked about the previous days argument, and got it all worked out. It was SO nice to be back on the same page again, and having good feelings, and being happy with each other. Here's a few pictures that we took outside of the restaurant.

After Rudy's we drove back near post, and went to Bassett Center. First stop, Jewelry Box. I found a few things that were just PERFECT for me. I got some big fake flowers for my hair, and some leg warmers (ha!), and some earrings, and a bracelet. But we didn't buy these glasses - ROFL! Captain America said that they looked like BCG's from Basic. Anyone know what that stands for? hehehe if you do!

After Jewelry Box, we went to Target. I wanted to go to Bath and Body Works, but 1/2 of the time I got in there, I end up with a migraine. The smells really get to me. Victoria's Secret is the same way. So we skipped it.

We ended up with more than I was expecting at Target, but I was happy. I even got a new brown hat. One big enough for my head. ha! We got milk and Cereal for tomorrow, and a candle, and a few other things :)

Right before we left, I saw these tissue boxes, and thought to myself, "Yeah, not for MY house, I'd be hungry ALL the time". hehe.

And then headed to Eve's. And a brief stop at Game Stop. Yeah, even the used Wii games were outrageous. We didn't stay there long...

And it was almost 10pm when we headed home. I guess the mall was open late - hehe.

Here's me, in the car, finishing off my Howdy's drink :)

We got home, and all the kids were in bed, except Jake and Boxer. They were watching a movie. Captain America and I sent them both to bed, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out together. It turned out to be a WONDERFUL day :) I hope that the rest of vacation is like this :)

Everyday, my little kids ask me "Is it Christmas yet?" So this WordArt is for them - hehe. Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

I don't know what kit you used for this, Sharon, but it's FABULOUS! Love what you did with it!


Jodie said...

Love the wordart as usual Bethany!!! I also love the kit, if you find out what it is, please list. Thanks!

Janet Harder said...

love the word art Bethany!

BTW, I get migraines from smells too... perfumes are bad-even the air freshener aisle at wal-mart can start one for me. I always get them from "industrial" smells too - paint, glue, constructiony stuff... now that you mentioned going into Bath & Body, I was just thinking perhaps with the projects Brent's been doing in the garage, maybe your nose is pulling in some of the smells the same way mine does - not to blame Brent though :) He's great and your projects inspire me - my husband's to do list gets bigger all the time... Marry Christmas!! And I hope no migranes come your way :)

JenEvang said...

Thanks for your awesome (and consistent) word art! I so much enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Lol at the BCG's - my son got a pair of those in Basic Training after he left his glasses at home. Hope Eme is feeling better soon! Thanks for today's word art.

deb said...

Hope Emme is feeling better soon! Boxer has settled in I see. As for BCG's, I know exactly what that stands for AND my current glasses are BCG's and EVERYONE thinks I paid for this frame and thinks they look great! LOL

Marie said...

I love your blog! :) I started saving the wordart I wanted to use but didn't have time for. Now I've been digi scrap booking like crazy thanks to the holiday and my solider (Army National Guard) being in Brazil currently. Thanks for the fun ideas! You're the best!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [23 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Marilou said...

Thank you so much! It's great!