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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

What a day! It started WAY too early. Seriously. The kids and Captain America were up past midnight last night playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, and I wanted to go to bed. But it was super loud. SO, even with the door shut, and 2 fans going, I could still hear them. SO, I put in my MP3 player and headphones, and listened to a bit of Eclipse as I fell asleep. I don't know what time they finally went to bed. I turned off my MP3 player around 1:30am. It had started over again at the beginning of the book, so I'll need go back and re-listen to the end of the book - LOL!

Anyway, I'm sleeping along nicely, and Captain America wakes me up before he goes to work. Why, you ask? Was it something important? Life and death? Car wouldn't start? Couldn't find his keys? No, he wanted his College diploma. Yup. He wanted to know if I knew where it was, because he wanted to hang it on his wall at work. WHAT??? Why would you wake me up early to ask me that??? Couldn't you get it at noon? Or shouldn't you have looked for it last night? Like when you were playing Guitar Hero for hours? Men.....

If I'd have woken him up early on a Saturday morning to ask him if he'd seen the collindar, he'd be mad. I know he would. I'm just saying....

I tried my best to go back to sleep, but it wasn't working for me. I was up, as much as I hated to admit it.

I decided to clean my room a bit. I got these cool soft storage boxes yesterday, and wanted to use them for something. I decided to reoragnize my closet a bit. See, I don't have a dresser. I just use storage boxes. I know, it's ghetto. I don't care. I'm cheap, and I move a lot. It works for me. Anyway, I thought that if I put socks in one box, undies in one box, bras in one box, etc, I could line them on the bottom of my closet, and it would look nice. And it did!

I folded a whole bunch of laundry, and washed a whole bunch more. All while listening to Muse. It was an enjoyable morning.

At around 11am, I was ready for a break. It seemed liked forever since I'd been out, and I needed to get away :) SO, I made sure that they kids were happy and taken care of, and headed to the store. I wanted to check out Family Dollar, and see if they had any more of the storage soft boxes. They were 3 for $5. Similar to the ones that Target had on sale, one for $5.50. Anyway...

I got there, and scoured the store, but they didn't have them. I bought 2 new shower curtain liners, and a shower rod, and some light bulbs (did you know good old fashioned light bulbs are hard to find these days???), a power surge protected power strip, and some clothes for the little boys. Sweat suits for $5. That's a GREAT deal. I got 2 Lightening McQueen ones, one BMX one, and a Power Ranger one. The little boys would LOVE them.

Next, it was on to Fallas. OMGosh, they were having Winter sales! Coats for $3 or $5 or $10. Really, it was GREAT prices. I got Eme a purple coat for $3, a sweater for $3, and a sweat suit for $5. I got myself a fake black leather coat for $5. It's SO cute!

I found undershirts for the little boys, and more sweat suits. I got 3 or 4 more, and some Jeans/long sleeve shirt sets. For $5. Can't pass up jeans AND a shirt for $5. All totaled, I spent $72 at Fallas. I know, that's a TON of money, but I got a BUTTLOAD of clothes for the little boys. Jimmy mostly. Because he's a bigger size than Joe, and can't fit into the pants anymore.

Andrea met me at Fallas, and drug me away - ROFL! I put my bags in her Suburban, left my truck there, and we headed for Chili's on Transmountain. Did you know that they have a Soup/Salad/Chips lunch special? For $6.49, you get unlimited chips and salsa, your choice of 2 salads (house or cesear, unlimited refills), and you choice of 3 soups (unlimited refills and choices). They had a tortilla one, a creamy potato, and a black bean.

I was SO full by the time I waddled out of that restaurant. I'm going back on my diet on New Years Day, I think. I'm tired of feeling fat and nasty all the time - LOL! BUT, the soups were good. Not as good as Olive Garden, but still good. I'd do it again :)

After Chili's we went across the street to WalMart. Andrea wanted to get one of those wrapping paper storage containers. You know the ones. With a little storage compartment in the top to hold tape and scissors and tags and such. Well, they had one, but it wasn't the one she wanted. It didn't have the additional storage part. So we kept looking.

She needed milk and a few other things, but it was a very quick trip. I got a flavored water drink thing, and that was it for me. I'd more than spent my wad at the last store - LOL!

Then it was home. The kids were doing fine. They'd had fun playing, and were still happy and content. They LOVED all their new stuff. Joe and Jim especially, since they were the ones with most of the loot. LOL!

Andrea and I and Kim headed out about an hour later to Target on the Far East side. Kim said that they had the storage containers that Andrea wanted. But we struck out again. They had had them at one point, but they were out. Sigh. Andrea and Kim both got a different storage box, to put away the Christmas crap. Mine's still up. I'm not tired of it yet - LOL! I think because it's not in the way of anything. You know what I mean? It's tucked away, not to obtrusive. And the tree is pretty. How long can I leave it up before it's tacky?

I got home, and got the kids some dinner. I made pancakes with mini chocolate chips. TASTY. And another reason why I feel fat - ROFL! BUT, they were good :) Captain America was home around then, and after getting all settled in after work, he and Jake got on Guitar Hero. We were being serenaded again - LOL!

I got on my laptop to get my blogging done for the day, and here I am. It's 8:41pm. My room is still "fluffed up" after cleaning. You know, where you pull stuff out, or make piles after folding, and you haven't quite got it put away yet. Sigh. It's on it's way to being organized, but not quite there yet. I've been doing laundry all day long. I did 4 load for Joe and Jim, and 2 loads for Captain America and I. Jakes on his 2nd load now. And the dryer is broke-ish. SUPER squeeky. It keeps life real - ROFL!

Here's my WordArt Wednesday week 77 for ya! I thought it was funny. A facebook friend recommended the saying :) hehehe.

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Joy G. said...

Around here (Newfoundland, Canada)a lot of people leave their Christmas decorations up until Old Christmas Day on Jan 6 - so you could totally leave your stuff up until then and it wouldn't be tacky!

Alison said...

You used my quote. . . I feel like such a celebrity :)

I went looking for clearance trees yesterday and thought of you when I was skunked.

Anonymous said...

some light bulbs (did you know good old fashioned light bulbs are hard to find these days???)

Give it a few more years and they won't exist.

Energy-saving compact fluorescents (CFs) now rival the cozy, warm light of traditional bulbs.

They use a fraction of the electricity, which means lower electricity bills and millions of tons less global warming pollution. And in the summer, because they don't burn as hot as incandescent bulbs, they'll lower your cooling bills.

If every household replaced just three 60-watt incandescent bulbs with efficient bulbs, the pollution savings would be like taking 3.5 million cars off the road!