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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Much Is This Tooth Worth?

OMGosh, it's already TUESDAY, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about my products from last FRIDAY. *sigh*. You still love me, right? Even though I'm slow sometimes - hehehe. Here's my new stuff from last week. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard and check out my stuff.

by Charmaine

by Trina

AND, I have a new Bundle out. Well, none of it is new, but it IS new to a bundle - hehehe. It's all my Attitude Packs, #1-8. For only $5. No too shabby, eh? Click HERE to go to the Bundle.

Wow, I'm tired. It's 12:30am, and I need sleep. LOTS of sleep. If I blog fast, I can get to bed before 1am. Still not enough sleep, but I'll take what I can get at this point :)

I woke up at 7am this morning, and hustled to get the kids up, and dressed, and fed, and homeworked, and out the door and to the bus stop by 7:30am. It was a whirwind. I walked with the 3 kids to the bus stop, which was at the intersection of 2 pretty busy streets on post. We were told to get there 10 minutes early, just to be sure.

It was FREEZING. Ok, so I know it's not as cold here as where some of you live, but when it gets to almost 70 during the day, yet when you wake up its 32, yeah, that's just not right - hehehe. I'll need a sock hat, and gloves, and a scarf, and a real coat tomorrow :) I can't wait for summer.

All the girls were there waiting too. Becky and Veronica, and Laurie and Kayley, and Andrea and I. The bus finally came, and we put them on it, and off they went. The kids were all pretty excited.

I came back home, got Jimmy situated, and headed off to exercise. Jacob and his Dad were working on a Merit Badge from scouts. Indian Lore, I think. Andrea and I were gonna do the hard workout today, but ended up doing the easy one. And it kicked our butts. It's a good thing we did the easy one.

After exercise, Veronica emailed us some info about a Charter School that we're thinking about putting the kids in next year. It's a K-8 program, so ALL of our kids would be able to go. It's about a 20-30 minute drive, but seems to be a better school. Great Schools.com rates our current school at a 4, and the new school at an 8. I don't know if that means anything, but out of a possible 10, that's not too bad.

I came home, and got Jake started on school, and Jimmy dressed, and Captain America and I and Jimmy went out to title the old truck. I needed to sign for it also. He tried to do it last Friday, but needed my signature, and didn't have time to get me there. So that's what our Monday trip was all about.

We drove to the West side to the place, and paid and signed and stuff. It's an expensive process, you know. *sigh*. BUT, it's done. And it's ours.

On the way home, my PMS hormones got the better of me, and I started yelling at Captain America. Poor guy doesn't realize what's happening, and he starts fighting back. Stupid hormones. I remember, at one point, turning off the CD (best of Muse), and sitting in silence. About 3 minutes later, he turns the music on, and says "Well, at least we can listen to some music". I ejected the CD, and said "NO, you can't listen to MY CD". Yeah, I know. I suck - hehehe. My hormones were raging, and I seriously thought I was gonna hurt someone.

We got home, him still totally flustered about my emotion break (LOL), and I retreated to my room. I laid on my bed for 30 minutes, trying to regain composure. Isn't it crappy how PMS will do that to you. Render you utterly useless and out of control. At least I knew to keep myself away from others.

I felt much better after that. I came out, and made lunch, and got ready to go shopping. I left the kids at home with Captain America (who was working on work stuff now - day off from work, but still plowing away...) and shopped by myself. Grocery shopping, nothing fun...

The commissary was closing at 3pm, and I got there at 2pm. I had to hustle. I made the rounds, and got everything that I needed. The line was HUGE, since it was Payday, but it was moving fast, since they had a TON of checkers. That's good. I paid, and went home.

It was almost 3 when I got home, and I had Jim and Jake carry in the groceries, and Captain America and I walked to the bus stop to get the kids together. I apologized for "pms-ing" on him, and he said that it was ok, that he loved me. Awe, thanks hon. I told him that I could feel myself losing control, but that there was nothing I could do about it. We laughed about how dumb it was that I took out the CD, and wouldn't let him listen to it. Funny now - hehehe.

He stayed and hung at the bus stop with the girls. Veronica was at the school, supervising the first day loading of the bus, and then staying to pick up our kids from AQ. We're gonna be taking turns driving up there to get them. Once a week driving to the school isn't bad. And whoever isn't driving up can pick up the rest of the kids.

The bus was 20 minutes past when it was supposed to be there, but it was a nice sunny day, so it was ok. We walked to the park when we were done with the bus, picking up Jimmy on the way. We were waiting for Veronica and our older kids. She stayed and played at the park with us for a while after getting them. It was SUCH a nice day outside. We didn't leave the park until 5pm.

At home, I made soup. Captain America is eating a lot more soup, and the homemade stuff is a lot cheaper than the store bought stuff. I used my new super big pot for it, too. It had onions, and celery, and parsley, and sweet potatoes, and canned tomatoes, and black beans, and kidney beans, and ground turkey, and bouillon, and a few onion soup mix packets. Pretty good soup.

I was supposed to go to a movie with some friends (Jessi and her friend from out of town), but the kids weren't ready for bed, no homework had been done, Jake was still doing school, and Captain America was working on this truck. Yeah, not the most ideal time to leave. I thought that the movie was playing at 8:55, but it was at 7:10. That's almost 2 hours difference. Yeah, my kids weren't ready for mom to leave, so I texted and bailed. Sorry, Jes! I'm a schmuch, I know :( Hope "Dear John" was good!

I did sit down and watch an episode of "Fringe" online though. Jimmy came and snuggled with me for part of it. Joe and Eme were having fun playing on Roller Blades, Jake was playing PSP, and Tom was helping his dad. It was a pleasant evening.

At 8pm, I put Jim and Joe to bed. I helped them with scriptures and prayers and articles of faith, then told them to lay down and sleep. I sat on their floor and folded laundry. See, there was a big pile of clean laundry in the living room, and Captain America put their things in their room. Then they trashed it, and mixed the clean with the dirty. So a smell check was in order. Nasty. I HATE smell checking.

By the time I had their room clean and put away, they were both asleep. I came out, and put the older kids to bed, and had them go to their rooms and read. I straightened up the living room, sweeping everything out of place to one pile, and re-arranging the living room every so slightly. I detailed the bathroom, and it looks nice again!

Then, I sat down and started to design my freebee. And blog about my new WordArt packs from last week (slacker, i know :) Now all I had to do was blog, not blog AND design. Andrea hopped on Skype at around 9pm, saying that she lost her keys. Well, Sam lost her keys. She has an extra set to her house, but not to her Suburban. Poor girl. Her man comes home in the next day or two, and she can't find her keys.

I went over to help her look for them at around 10:00pm. Captain America was just going to bed, after having worked on his truck a good part of the day. He was just beaming, he was so happy about his rig. LOL!

I brought a few sodas (diet, caffeine free (im weaning myself off), and apples) to Andreas house, with a movie to watch. It was SUPER funny, but different. Weird kind of humor. It was the same movie I'd watched with Captain America on Saturday night. I was quoting it too often for Andrea to have not seen it - hehehe.

About the last 10 minutes, I was TOTALLY nodding off. It was almost midnight. But I got the whole thing. And now I'm tired. Looks like it'll be 6 hours for me tonight :) Maybe I can schedule in a nap...... And a shower. 'Cause I didn't take one today, JUST to make a point - LOL!

And here's the WordArt for today! This request comes from Ashley. I'm working on a Tooth and Tooth Fairy WordArt packs for this Friday, and thought that this would get you warmed up - hehehe.

Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you think loose teeth are nasty too...


CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today (look for timestamp: [16 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Ness said...

thanks. so what movie did you watch?

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Feb. 16, 2010. Thanks again.

CynR said...

Thank you very much - love the freebie. We're just into the stage of loosing teeth with my dd! Can't wait for the tooth fairy WAs!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Dj said...

Thank you!

Sharon Kay said...

this is a really useful one!