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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Don't Think So!

Hey there :) Hope you guys all had a grand Thursday :) Mine was pretty good.

Started off at 7am, where I got up, and the kids were already up and eating breakfast. I got Joe dressed and situated, and saw poor little Jimmy. He didn't look too good. He was warm, and said that his throat hurt, and was a bit whiny. The big kids went to the bus, and Jimmy and I went back to bed in my room. He bed hogged the bed, and I slept till around 8:30am.

I snuck out of the room, and he slept till around 9am. I designed on and off till 11am. Jimmy and I watched Incredibles during that time, and I fed him and gave him some meds. Jake worked on his Merit Badge work for a while, on and off too.

I took a shower and got ready for the day at 11am, and Captain America came home at quarter to noon. We headed up to Joe's school, and were just a few minutes late for his awards ceremony in his class. Check out the super cute pics we got of Joe getting awards :) You only graduate from Kindergarten once, you know..... or maybe twice - LOL.

We drove back home, and after a few minutes, I dropped Captain America off at the Auto Crafts shop, where he got his car back. I drove back up to the school, for Tom's awards ceremony. This one wasn't in the classroom, but it was in the gym. For all of 4th grade. It took FOREVER. And I seriously felt that I needed to learn Spanish to recognize some of these names - hehehe. I guess I live in the wrong part of the country for names like Smith and Jones and Walker and such.

Anyway, here's Tom getting ALL of his awards. 2 Medals, one for TAKS Writing and one for TAKS Reading, a trophy for AB honor roll, and a HUGE MASSIVE trophy for AR. Accelerated Reader is a great program, and Tom has the most AR points in the school. In all grades. He's got 500 points. The next closest kid has 400. You needed 50 to get a trophy. So yeah, he's WAY over. Which is why they gave him a special, super big trophy :)

Mrs. Mendez & Tom (math teacher)

Mrs. Carrillo & Tom (language teacher)

Mr Vasquez and Tom (Vice Principal)

Tom and his buddy, Grant

So after the awards ceremony, headed over to Hilarys house, so we could go on our daily Sonic run. I ditched my truck at her house, and we headed over to the Montana Sonic. Where our "Sonic Boys" work. Which is a lot further, but I needed my daily dose of "Hilary". hehehe. She'd been working ALL day long.

So we drove to Sonic, and alas, our Boys were not working. Some chicke brought us our drinks, AND she made us use our coupons. Sigh. But, they were free, right? hehehe.

Where yesterday they gave us WAAAAY too much ice, today they didn't give us enough. Hardly ANY ice at all. And the soda tasted off. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

We went back to Hilarys house, and I stayed for about 15 minutes, then headed home. I'd put ice in my cup at Hilarys house, but it was still off. I was starting to feel a bit sick. I stopped at Sonic (the close one) and got a NEW Diet Dr Pepper. Easy ice. For $1.07. And yeah, IT tasted right. The other wasn't diet. It was regular. NASTY! That's why I felt sick. It was sugar soda. Crap. It didn't make me too happy. And now my stomach is upset.

I went home, got dinner going, and designed for another hour. Only one more WordArt pack to do! At 5:40pm, I headed up to Captain America's battery for an FRG meeting. We'd gotten a new FRG leader, and she wanted to introduce herself, and commander, and everyone else. Commander told the group that the guys would probably be deploying within 7 months, so that we needed to get ready for when that day came.

It's sound reasoning, really. I'd use the FRG to stay abreast of Army issues, but really, if I had a need, I'd ask my family, my friends, and then church. So it's not as big of a need for me and my family as it is for some. But I do see the value in it.

Here's a pic of Captain America cutting the cake at the mtg. We took the extras home for the kids, so they could have some yummy dessert :)

We stayed for about 45 minutes, then Captain America went back to work, and I went home. The kids were watching a movie, and I cooked my dinner real fast, than sat down and half watched the movie with them, and designed my last wordart pack. I'll have to go back and watch that movie again - LOL. I didn't get much out of it.

After designing, I uploaded my pics from the awards ceremony to facebook, then started blogging. Captain America got home around 8:15pm, and here it is, 8:45pm, and I just need to design a freebie, and I'm done with the computer work. I do need to bake some, though. Both Tom and Eme promised that I'd bake something for their classroom parties tomorrow. I guess the last couple of times I baked for the teachers, they liked it. I DO have a ton of bananas that need used, and one more box of brownies.... I guess I'm baking tonight :)

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Jun. 04, 2010. Thanks again.

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Thank you!!!!
Love it!!

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thank you!!

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Thank you so much!