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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pedicure / Manicure

Hello, my friends :) I need to get back to half blogging during the day. Because, yeah, 10:47pm is REALLY late if you're tired. hehe.

So I woke up at 6:35 am, and was SUPER tired. I know, I know. It's becoming a habit. Staying up till 1am is NOT good if you wanna get up early.

Anyway, snooze was hit SEVERAL times. And I finally rolled out of bed around 7:15am. And I hurried out to get kids ready and out the door. And ate breakfast. And yeah, I went back to bed. And slept till Captain America came home from PT to get ready for the day. And I kinda drug myself out of the bed to go and chat with him while he was in the shower. Luckily (hehe), he had to hurry off to work, and then I went back to bed again.

And woke up around 8:50am. And read my scriptures and said my prayers, and noticed that Laurie had put up a facebook status that she wanted to go running. And yeah, I NEEDED to go. Because that was my "homework" for therapy, and I hadn't done it. So I texted her, and we agreed to meet at the end of the block at around 9:30am or so. Works for me.

So I put on my cute workout clothes, and walked down to the end of the block with my phone and my waterbottle. And yeah, I about died. hehe. And she was even running slow, AND pushing a stroller. We ran from the end of Waters street, got on the trail by Colonel row, and ran to Pershing gate road. Then walked the rest of the loop by Cassidy gate and back home. And I know that she wanted to run some more, but yeah, I've gotta work up to that. hehe. I'll keep trying! If I can go a little further tomorrow than I did today, then that's all good, right?

We had a nice walk/jog, and chatted about everything. I hadn't seen Laurie in a while, so it was good to catch up again.

She and Rowan (her 4 yr old) came over for about 30 minutes and visited after the walk. Jimmy and Rowan had fun playing. Then she and Rowan went home, and I took Jimmy to the bus. And came back home. And yeah, I didn't have enough time for a shower. But, I'm not a sweater. ROFL! Apparently my mom isn't either. Well, maybe we sweat, but we don't smell. Ask Captain America. I really don't. I can not take a shower for a few days, and not reapply deodorant, and it's not bad. hehe. Some of my friends are sweaters, and they can't. Different people, different odors, right? ROFL!

Anyway, I picked out an outfit, threw on some accessories, wiped off the smudged make up under my eyes (ha!), grabbed some lunch, and headed out to the West Sieeed for my therapy appointment.

And I chatted with my mom on the way over. I hadn't chatted with her in a while, and it was nice. And then when I got to the parking lot, Captain America called, and I chatted with him a little bit, then it was time to go.

And it really was a good session. We talked a lot about body image issues, and whether or not I had negative body image issues. Yeah, I kinda do, but not as bad as they could be. I'm starting to change those. And the more I think about myself differently, the more I treat myself/my body differently.

Take exercise, for instance. I hate exercising. Just thinking about it makes me grouchy. But you know what? When I lived in Oregon with my kids and mom while Captain America was at trainings, and I was jogging with my friend Maren, I liked it. It was hard when I first started, but I found myself REALLY enjoying it. And I almost craved it.

And I think that I can get that back. I think once I get myself in shape a little bit more, then my body will like it, and my mind will follow. Change by doing... And as for seeing myself as a fat person still, yeah, well, that may just take time. I am sometimes by pictures where I look skinny. Because I don't expect to look like that all the time when I look in the mirror. But it's getting better too. Slowly, but surely...

So anyway, after my session, I wanted to go to the Dollar Tree. And I was pretty sure that they had one on Mesa, near the therapists office. So I googled it on my phone, and it offered me the choice of leading me to the closest Dollar Tree to my current location. Did I mention the fact that I LOVE my Droid phone?

So I drove a few miles, and there it was. I needed Bread. And yeah, I found a lot more than I probably should have, but I was happy :) This was a MUCH bigger Dollar Tree than normal, and had some good stuff. These ADORABLE little stoneware baking dishes things. Little, and SO cute. In 3 different colors. I thought they'd be PERFECT for mini pies or mousses or things. Ooo, personal pot pies. Lots of stuff. So I got 9. Because I didn't know how to get 7 of 3 different colors and have it equal. So I got 9 of 3 different colors. Because I'm just like that :)

And I headed home. And got home JUST in time to get Jimmy from the bus. And Jake walked over to the bus stop and sat in the truck with me. And we got Jimmy, and went home, and Jake helped me carry all my stuff inside. And I cleaned for a little while, then scrapped for a bit.

See, I'd found these treat baggies at the Dollar Tree, and I'm gonna put candy and such in it for the kids' classmates at school. And I wanted to design a "topper" for the baggie. It turned out SUPER cute! I used Studio Dawn's new Halloween Kit, Softly Spooky. It's just FABULOUS!

Any my Halloween 4 WordArt Pack.
And I came up with this :)
And I kinda flip flopped it. The one should be right side up on the bottom and the other upside down on the top. OR something like that. I"ll get it straightened out. BUT, isn't the idea cute!

So, I'd also promised Emeline that I'd develop some photos for her to scrap of her birthday, and today was the day. So I sent some of them to Walgreens real fast, and headed out to pick up the AQ kids, since it was my carpool day :)

I got Tom and Eme and Bella, and dropped off Bella, then we checked the mail. AND MY APRON CAME today!!!! I was SO excited! Dawn, from Missouri, sent it to me. And KNEW that I liked zebra print! And it had red! And green! And OMGosh it was wonderful! See!!! Reversible, too!

She said that she'd tried to send one earlier, but it got lost in the mail, so this was the 2nd one she'd sent. Whaaaaat? SO NOT COOL, Post Office. Grrr. I sent Dawn 4 $10 coupons to cover this apron AND the lost one. Because she rocks!

SOOO, if anyone else wants to make me an apron, the same offer stands. 2 $10 coupons in trade for an apron. hehe. Lets home the mail doesn't loose it, though :)

I helped the kids do their chores and clean their rooms a bit, and I did some chores, and had dinner, then after Eme's room was clean, she and I headed out to the mall. Because she still hadn't spent her Birthday money. And I thought it would be nice if just she and I went. So I left Jake and Tom in charge of Joe and Jim to clean up and do chores and rooms, and off we went :)

It was SO nice taking Emeline. She's such a sweet little thing. She can be my shopping buddy anytime. She really wanted this Our Generation Palomino Foal from Target, but they were out. So I looked online, and a different Target in town had it. So I told her I'd take her money and go and get it tomorrow. She seemed pleased.

And she also found a controlled puppy. I was gonna say remote controlled, but yeah, there totally was a cord between the remote and the puppy, so it's not really remote... hmmm. It was shaped like a bone, and the puppy barked and junk. She thought it was awesome. Ok :) hehe.

Then we went to the Jewelry Box, and she got a couple of things, and so did I. And we bought some fingernail polish. In all different colors. For out toes. hehe. I was excited! Purple and blue and green and orange and yellow. Yeah, we were gonna be cool. One color per toe!

And then we headed home. And the boys had mostly done their chores. Mostly. I helped them finish up a bit. And Joe started on his homework. And Captain America came home from work, and we read scriptures and had family prayer and put kids to bed, and he and I did a couples of chores, then watched a few episodes of The Office. We're now on season 3. Yeah!

And here it is, 11:28pm, and I need to go to sleep. Exercise wipes me out, apparently. AND, I ate an extra bag of popcorn today (I eat a bag of microwave popcorn EVERY day . hehe. but today I had 2) because I was so hungry. Exercise will do that to you too.

So, in honor of my "pedicure" with Eme, here's a WordArt for ya! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

box.net - yeah, I can't get zip files to upload from my phone... hmmmm.
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I love your freebies but I love you even more. You are a refreshing dose of reality, with more kids and challenges than some, but more courage than most. Be well and happy...we love you out here.