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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Visit To The Doctor

OK, as I'm typing this up, the laptop that I designed the freebie on is 'out of commission'. It's trying to fix itself, or some nonsense like that. I don't know. I think it's just out to get me.... Anyway, I DID make you a freebie, but it may not be posted when you read this post. So bear with me. I'm trying :)

So, let me just preface this with I'm SOOO glad that Im on antidepressants. hehe. Because SO many little things went wrong today, and I was TOTALLY able to handle it. And while I wanna believe that I just have mad skills, I know part of that is the Prozac talking. hehe.

So Captain America gets up at what I thought was 4am to go to the bathroom, and comes back to snuggle close. Which I like, but yeah, I can''t sleep if someone is touching me. So after a few minutes, I was like, honey, I wanna go back to sleep, and I can't if you're touching me, so I roll over to sleep for a few more hours.

And 30 seconds later, my alarm goes off. And he chuckles. Yeah, he knew it was 6:34am, and that my alarm was gonna go off. Silly boy. hehe. I pushed snooze, and slept for 10 more minutes, then Captain America and I read scriptures and said prayers, and I went to get the kids ready for school, and he slept a little bit more.

I got kids on the bus at 7:30am, and I came back in to get ready for the day. And I just didn't feel like showering, and my hair was still decent, so I just washed off the old make up and put on the new make up.

And yeah, I discovered a few zits. Sigh. Why, oh why, must we get zits when we're NOT teens.. Sigh. I guess that's what cover up is for, right?

I woke Captain America up a little after 8am, and we went out and ate Breakfast and played with Jim for a bit. He looked at my truck and decided that yes, it was the battery that was the problem, and that we should go and buy a good new one.

Here's my "I get to go to Savers!!!!" face :)

And we got ready for our date day. Because he had the day off, and we were gonna go to Savers for $0.99 one colored tag day (green today), and go to lunch, and get a new battery, and go grocery shopping. SO much fun! Thank goodness my kids are all in school, huh? Opens up a lot of "day date" time :)

So Captain America and I headed out, and stopped at Howdys first to get a Diet Dr Pepper refill. $0.59 for a 44 oz, if you have the cup. Which we do :) Score! And he got gas, and off we went to the West side.

He dropped me off a Savers, and he continued on to the Auto Store to grab a battery. We figured we'd multitask a little bit. Works for me :) Although, I must say, it is MUCH more enjoyable when he comes with me. I thought it would be OK by myself, and it was, but just not the same as a shopping buddy.

I looked at the shirts, and found quite a few green tags. And I found one pair of green tag size 5 pants, and, just for fun, found a pair of size 3/4 pants that were not green tag, but that were super cute. And just to see if they fit. hehe. I'd brought a bag of "does not fit anymore" clothes to donate, so I got a 20% off non sale items. So I could use it for the pants! And whatever else non green tagged I found :)

I called Leslie, who'd texted me earlier asking for a favor, and I was more than happy to help her out. She's such a sweetheart. Her 7th grader has to wear school uniforms. And for coats/jackets, they have to have a plain white/green/blue sweatshirt. No writing, no prints of any kind. And his that he has had something little, but they wouldn't let him have it. And because they only have 39 days left in the school, it seemed pointless to pay full price on something that will NOT get used in Hawaii... So she asked me to look at Savers.

And I found 3 blue sweatshirts that would work. I texted her pics of them all, and we picked the best one. $7 is not too bad for a fleece jacket.

I looked at skirts for a while, and dresses, and some more shirts. And by then, I was getting tired of looking. I think I needed to be more social, and my shopping buddy was gone... I'll remember that next time...

So I went to the trying on room, and started the HUGE task of trying on all these clothes. hehe. I lost interest real fast, but pushed on. The size 5 pants were too big. The size 3/4 were a tiny bit tight, but fit. So I got them. I got a new black skirt, and about 6 new tops, most $0.99 each. I did get a long sleeve, white, button down shirt to wear under sweaters. And a long sleeve black shirt to wear under teeshirts. And a short sleeve black button down shirt to replace the one that got too big.

Clothes shopping makes me happy. And finding things that are super cute AND super cheap makes me happy too. I know Jacob commented one time about how people usually brag about how much they spend on things. Jake said I brag about how LITTLE I spend on things. ha! He's got me there...

And then I get a text from Captain America saying that he got called back into work for a 1:30 meeting, and that we had to go back home, and that he was on his way to get me. So I hurried and tried on and sorted out the good from the bad, and paid. And went outside to wait for Captain America.

So much for lunch together. He said we'd go to dinner. That his meeting should only last a few hours, then he'd be back. So we drove back on post, got Jimmy to school, had lunch, and he went off to his meeting.

Oh yeah, funny story about dropping Jimmy off at school. He'd missed the bus, so I drove him up. And after getting him to his class, I came back outside and went to get in the car (the Saturn), and hit the keyless entry remote, and yeah, it wouldn't unlock the door. So I tried it again. Still nothing. Yeah, being at the RIGHT car helps. ROFL! I was one car off. hehe.

So anyway, after Captain America left, I tried and tried and tried to print out my grocery shopping list, but it didnt work. My laptop has a busted screen, so to unhook it from the TV would requiring hooking it to a monitor then to the printer. The Dell laptop has decided that it doesnt like its power cord, and wont charge. And the little Acer Laptop isnt set up for the HP printer. So I download and installed the driver. Yeah, still nothing. 30 minutes or so I messed with it. And finally, I said screw it, and headed to the commissary WITHOUT a list. I shop there EVERY week, and go the same route, and get the same foods, so I know what and where the stuff I need is. I just jotted down a few things that I knew that we already had. Reverse list, you know...

Their hot dog/lunch meat type refrigerated section was broken. Sigh. I needed hot dogs and lunch meat and a type of sausage. hmmmm, not good. And I refuse to pay over $4.00 for a 12 pack of soda. I do. Not gonna do it! Diet Mt Dew was NOT on sale this week. Hmpf! So I bought a 3 liter for Diet Dr Peppers, and figured we'd go to Walmart tonight. Works for me.

I paid and headed home. But decided to stop off at the TMC (army doctors) first. Because, you see, when I got out of the mental hospital, they gave me a prescription for Prozac. And I filled it at Walgreens. 30 day supply. No refills. So on Sept 27th, I went to the TMC and saw a doctor and he gave me a 30 day prescription. And I filled it at the TMC. And put it somewhere "safe". Too safe, apparently. Because I took the last of the Walgreen pills today. And yeah, I couldn't find the new bottle ANYWHERE. Sigh. So off to the doctor to beg for more meds I went.

I got an appointment set up first week in November for a Pap (joy of joys...), and the lady said that, miraculously, there was an appointment in 40 minutes that I could have. PERFECT! So I hurried home, Captain America and Jimmy got home around that time, and explained what the situation was. Captain America stayed home with the kids, then went to pick the others up from AQ at 3:45pm. I headed off to the doctors office.

I texted with Mandi for a little while, then got called back. Early, even. Thats good :) And chatted with the nurse for quite a while, then the doctor came back. And he asked where my burritos were. Whaaaat? He was joking, and said that he needed a bribe for me getting an afternoon appointment. Oh, ha! I get it :) I joked about bringing him a Sonic Happy Hour drink, and he said that if I got him something yummy from Starbucks, I'd get even better meds. ROFL! A doctor with a sense of humor! I LOVE it!

So the actual appointment part was pretty quick. 3-30 day supplies of pills. 30 now, and 2 refills. So I went out to the pharmacy. And I was #611. And they were on #598. Dang! AND, whenever a uniformed soldier came in, they got bumped to the front of the line. So it took FOREVER! Sigh.

I ended up waiting for probably an hour, and finally it was my turn. I got some free over the counter meds, and my Prozac, and home I went. I ended up chatting with Leigh, my neighbor, outside for a while, then came inside to start on dinner. French Toast, with help from Emeline. Because she LOVES to cook :)

Me in my new Savers $0.99 shirt and $7 jeans

And we had family prayer, and family scriptures, and around 6pm, Captain America and I were ready to head out for our date. But first, we had Ice Cream for Eme for her birthday with Captain America, and gave her her presents.

Me and my bunny tracks ice cream. Ever had that? Um, yeah, its FABULOUS!

And Eme getting her birthday swats

So after ice cream and directions for the kids, we headed out to dinner. Why is it that I look better when I pull a funny face? hehe
And it was after 6pm, so I was SUPER hungry :) Heres me in the car on the way to dinner.
And we went to BJs restaurant to eat. Mmmm, I like it! We were seated very fast, and ordered. I got the roasted chicken, salad, and steamed veggies. Captain America got the salmon and rice and salad and steamed veggies. It was super tasty :)

And then, after eating, we decided to stop at Walmart on the way home and get Soda. And TOTALLY got sucked into Walmart. And we ended up there for a few hours browsing and hanging and having fun. Check out these cool things we found in the photo department. I LOVE it!

And I found the last in the Fabelhaven series, AND the new Rick Riordon book. Tom's gonna be SO happy :)
Got balls?
What do ya think? hehe
I live in a pineapple under the sea?
OK, this was super nasty/funny. So we're trying to find Jacob a new hat baseball. Because the team hat he wears now beat the Cardinals. And that's just not acceptable in our house. hehe. So, I figured if we bought him a new hat, we could ask him to trade the old one for a new one. Sound reasoning, right?

Captain America liked the Orange Longhorn hat, and we decided to get the UTEP one for Jake. Good choices, I think.

Check out the hat on the 2nd shelf, far right. That grungy looking one. Captain America was like, dang, thats a cool hat. Its all faded and junk. And yeah, it DID look like a cool faded hat. But it didnt quit look right. Just a little TOO faded to me. So I picked it up and smelled it. OMGOSH! It was nasty and old. Someone had just ditched their old sweaty hat and gotten a new one!!!!
Ewh! And I put my nose on that thing and sniffed!
And me trying on a SUPER cute jacket thingy. But yeah, I wasnt about to spend $20 on it. Do you KNOW how many things I could get for $20 at Savers??? It was cute, though, huh?

We eventually paid, and headed home. And ended up watching a few episodes of "The Office: season 2 before heading to bed. Captain America worked on his Army slide show, and I started blogging. I designed a wordart, but then my computer was giving me MAJOR fits. First, the internet wasnt working. So I restarted the modem. Still not working. So I restarted the computer. And then it wouldnt turn back on. GRRRRR!

So I restarted the router, and the internet worked. So I ran some "fix me" thing on the Dell, and grabbed the old Acer, and started blogging. And JUST now, the Dell turned back on. Im gonna see if I can get it to post. Man, this is a pain in the butt. hehe.

But, you see, where SO many things went wrong or off or bad today, my mood is still good :) Im still smiling. Hopefully some of that is my "bright" personality, and not all the drugs speaking. hehe.

And yeah, I guess I need to know that if Im gonna eat a lot of sugar free candies, I CANT eat greasy chicken. Because that combo is NOT good at all... My poor tummy!

I have a counseling session tomorrow for me, and Im gonna try and be home before/after that. A nice, relaxing day at home. That would be good, right ?

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Allanna said...

I'm glad that, through all that didn't go right, you managed to keep an optimistic outlook.

And I LOVED the pictures of you and Brent with the "How to Train Your Dragon" cut-out. Too funny!!

Marilou said...

You can do it...and you did! Hang in there and enjoy each day, whatever comes! Thank you for the word art!

helen scott said...

Woowee but you had a one heck of a day - well done for coping with the world at large. You are really doing well Misuss!

deb said...

Glad you were able to get into the doctor so quickly! That's amazing with the military system (I speak from experience too!). Thanks for word art.

LesleyfromWI said...

I so had to laugh. When you commented about you not being able to sleep if your hubby touches you when you are in the sleep mode is exactly how I am. My hubby thinks I am the only female who does not like to cuddle throughout the night (only when I am trying to sleep) but I just proved him wrong thanks to you. I read your blog to him concerning this situation and told him "see I am not the only one." He just rolled his eyes at me! Love your blog and word art! Have a great night!!!!!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

TitanThirteen said...

I want a picture with the cut out tooooooo!!
I have a son who would kill for that Spongebob hat!
Thanks for the freeb :o)

benziengirl said...

Thanks Bethany! And thanks for the entertainment too!