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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Expletive Deletd

hehe. Yeah, this WordArt STILL cracks me up - hehe. You know what it means, right? Cause I had to explain it to my kids. Not that I think that you're like my kids. See, now I'm digging myself into a hole. Expletive can be a broad term for "Bad words". Anyway, you get the idea....

So, last night, I finished up my blog, and went to bed a little before 11pm. And yeah, JUST as I laid my head down on the pillow, Captain America called. hehe. So I chatted with him for about 35 minutes, then hung up, and yeah, I was WIDE awake. So I decided to clean the bathroom linen closet. Which doesn't actually hold linens. It holds drugs. LOL! Well, medicines and lotions and such. We call it the medicine cupboard. Works for me.

So I went through there, and looks for old stuff, or stuff that I didn't want, or wouldn't use, or no longer needed, or was tired of, and threw away a WHOLE bunch of stuff. And it looked SO nice when I was done. I was listening to Lady Gaga as I was cleaning, and decided that her music may be catchy, but there's not really good messages in there. hehe. Yeah, may have to rethink that one as a permanent listening choice...

Anyway, it was 1am, and I was finally tired. So I laid down to sleep. And Captain America calls again! ROFL! He'd JUST hooked up Skype on his computer, and got it working, and called my Skype Mobile with it to test it out. hehe. So we chatted for a few minutes, then I got out my laptop, and saw his CUTE face, and then, about 10 minutes later, it was bedtime.

And yeah, I couldn't sleep. hehe. But I pushed through it, and finally dozed off. And woke up at 8:15am. Captain America called, and we chatted on Skype some more! I hooked it up in the living room computer, so the kids could see him! Our connection wasn't the best, but we could see him, but not hear him, and he could hear us, but not see us - hehe.

So after chatting with Captain America, we had Breakfast. Well, they did. I had my yogurt, but not the pancakes. Anyway, I added lemon extract to the batter, and green food coloring, and my kids called them Key Lime Pancakes. Sure, works for me - hehe.

And then I showered and got all ready, and the kids got all ready, and we headed out to the zoo. We were meeting Kari and kids there at 10am. And yeah, we were a few minutes late. But so was she, so it was all good! hehe.

Tom had an MP3 player and headphones, PLUS a splitter, so Eme let Joe borrow a pair of headphones and they listened to Tom's music all the way to the zoo (5-10 minutes)

Yeah, when we all loaded up in the truck, we realized that Jake was no where to be found. He was walking Boxer around the block. Sigh. So that's why we had SO many pictures from inside the truck. I take pictures of myself when I'm bored - hehe.

So he finally came back, made sure Boxer was situated inside the house, and off we went. We got there before Kari and kids, so we walked around a bit. hehe. Here's me at the Rail Road crossing :)

Tom and I at the lions
Me at the lions. Silly wind. It wasn't blowing much, just enough for my hair to get in my face. hehe,
Eme at the Lions
And this is about where we caught up with Kari and her kids. Jimmy and Joe both wanted me to snap a photo of the "2 headed bird". ROLF!
Jake came too, but he had wondered off by this point. He had a phone, so it was all good :)

This is Jim's most FAVORITE hoodie :)
The kids like this place too. The Groundhog place. But we've yet to see a groundhog there...
Kari and I
Leo and Tom
And at 11am, we went to the Sea Lion show. Good thing it's only 15 minutes long. The kids had already seen it 3 times or so, so they were a bit bored with it. hehe.

Joe is such a freak - ROFL! (Leo look bored in the background, and Josephine is hanging all over Jake - hehe)
Yeah, if we ever gave them quarters to use in here, they'd REALLY be impressed - ha!

hehe Jimmy butt crack!

We stopped in this place right before heading home. Yeah, the kids were STARVING. And they were trying to convince us to take them to McDonalds, but that wasn't happening. hehe. We were making Pigs in a Blanket at home, cause I already had everything for it. Much cheaper :) Plus, I was SUPER sleepy, and needed a nap. Then watch some TV on the couch and design. A very nice, relaxing, restful afternoon :)

And we drove home, and headed inside, and it wasn't pretty. Apparently, Boxer had managed to get my bedroom door open, went inside, and shut himself in there. And panicked. And tried to dig himself out. And when that didn't work, he tried to go out through the window (blinds and curtains included). And then that didn't work either. My desk was overturned, and bills were EVERYWHERE, and books knocked over, and yeah, it wasn't a pretty sight. But on the upside, there was no poop.....

Hence the WordArt for today. And yeah, I didn't really say bad words. Or even think them. It was more like "What the crap did that freakin' dog do!!!". hehe. That's a profane as my vocabulary gets, my friends! hehe.

It took a while to sink in what happened. And how I was gonna fix it.... I was pretty upset. We needed to have a talk about "securing the house" before leaving the dog alone inside of it. He's not even allowed inside of my room...

Anyway, I got myself lunch, and got the kids lunch, and went to survey the damage. The blinds (2 of them) were shredded. Non salvageable. And the curtain rods were destroyed and pulled out of the walls. So I took them down, and threw away the blinds. And measured them.

And tried to piece back together the carpet pad, but yeah, it was SO lumpy. This wasn't gonna work. What I needed was a new chunk of carpet pad.

So as I felt myself getting more and more angry, I realized that i needed a break. I told the kids that I was going to the store to buy the supplies to fix my room, and that they'd better have the chores done and the house clean when I got home. They assured me that they would. Normally, I would have been yelling and crying and falling apart, but I realized that taking a break would be a much more healthy alternative...

So off to Walmart I went. I found 2 35 inch blinds, and 2 more curtain rods, and some cute head bands for myself, and a new purse, and a few other "half to have" things :) See, I was feeling better already!

Then I headed to Lowes, and got a 2ft x 6ft chunk of carpet padding and a staple gun and some staples. Just because I've ALWAYS wanted a staple gun - hehe.

And then I headed home. But stopped at Goodwill on the way home. But there was nothing there. So I went to Family Dollar, which was right next door. And got Eme a little reading lamp for $3, and some light bulbs, and a few other things. And felt much better.

And stopped at Circle K, grabbed a 32 oz Diet Dr Pepper (SO tiny...), and headed home, singing loudly into my straw the whole way. And felt SO much better.

And by the time I got home, I was ready to work. The kids had done a MARVELOUS job on cleaning the house, and were playing nicely. Noah (Leigh's boy) was playing with them, and ended up staying the rest of the afternoon to play with the kids.

I cut a rectangle out of the ripped up pad, and then the same size out of the new pad, and replaced it. I smoothed the carpet back over it, and shoved it into the wall (there was a gap). And stapled gunned it to the wood where there was wood. And didn't quite know what to do about the door part. See, the carpet was already sucky there. It was pulling away from the metal strip there before the dog got it.

So I pulled up that part, and tried to lay down another one. But it was just a concrete slab. And you know what? Nails don't pound into concrete. Neither do screws. So it's not in there very good. I kinda screwed it in, then pounded the screw down with the hammer, and eventually the things kinda stayed. Yeah, it looks like crap, but it's somewhat fixed. Good enough, I'll say :)The bolt cutters are because the metal strip I bought was too long. Oh yeah, I had a fix for that problem! hehe. And yes, Captain America, I put all of the tools back nicely and neatly into the trailer :)
And Jake and I cleaned up that mess and vacuumed up the nasties, and I started on the "stuff" on the floor. I went through the bills and the books, and all of the other stuff. And had a HUGE bag of stuff to throw away.

But the room looked MUCH better when I was done. Not so cluttered. I got rid of a ton of stuff :) I kinda like doing that.

And then I hung up the mini blinds, and then the curtain rods. Those things are a PAIN in the butt. Especially since my ladder is STILL at Maggie's house - ha! I still need to get that back from her :) I managed, though.

And sometime in between cleaning, I started dinner. I made a tuna casserole, and popped it in the oven. So it was done and ready for the kids to eat at 6pm.

Noah went home around then, the kids turned off their electronics, and I took a break. I chatted on Skype with Andrea for a bit, and just hung out in my room. I was SO ready for some quiet time.

And take a look at Jimmy. The longer the day went on, the more red the under part of his eyes became. They're not red on the whites of his eyes, just underneath them. Poor little thing. I finally let him soak in a bath, then gave him some antihistamine.

Hopefully he'll be back to normal in the morning, right? Anyway, I put the little kids to bed at 7:15pm, and Jake took Boxer on a short walk around the neighborhood. And then Tom and Jake and I watched one episode of Fringe. It's getting pretty good!

And sometime during Fringe, I started blogging and made myself dinner. And after Fringe, Tom went to bed, and Jake grabbed a book to read on the couch with Boxer, and I finished up blogging. And here it is, 8:46pm. I'm exhausted! Not sure what I'm gonna do when I'm done blogging. Watch a movie? Maybe. Read? Probably not, I'd just fall asleep. Design? Probably not, cause I'm SO sleepy. I could just go to bed - hehe. But where's the fun in that! LOL!

Check out this funny layout Sharon made for me! No, that's no Boxer. ha! But you get the idea!!!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Jan. 18, 2011. Thanks again.

Marilou said...

Thank you!!

Kim said...

Have you thought about crate training the dog so that you can leave him in his crate while you are gone? Our dog is crate trained. He sleeps in his crate and stays in their when we are gone from the house. He LOVES his crate! It does take a little time to train them to stay in their crate without "crying" or barking but once they realize it is their own personal space, they will begin to like to go in there. We give our dog a treat each time he goes in for the night or for when we leave the house. All we have to say is "Go crate" and he runs enthusiastically, pushes the door open with his nose and gets in and waits for his treat. He LOVES it! I'd highly recommend you look into it.

faithful2Yah said...

ask Brent which drill bits are for concrete (don't ruin his wood bits) and drill holes (in concrete) where you want the nails to go in on the floor stip.. then insert a piece of dowel rod that size and waaalaaa.. screws/nails go in nicely.. been there done what you did.. in last resort pinch, you can get some liguid nails and put on bottom of that strip (i did on part that flipped up) put heavy, heavy and heavy books or something on it for a couple of hours (overnight?) and you are good to go. hope that helps, thanks for ALL you gift us with, blessings and smiles, just me

Beth said...

I was going to make Kim's suggestion. We, too, have a dog that is crate trained. She loves her crate - it's her security blanket, especially during stressful times (like fireworks). All we have to say is "crate" and she runs to it! Might help Boxer to transition better to the new surroundings. Thanks for the funny wordart. Love the layout (again).

joyce said...

We had the same trouble with Skype when your son was out in Oklahoma for a month I bought it to keep in touch. Lucky for us we could just use the cell phone to talk while we looked at each other on the computer. We still have it but have not used it sense Aug.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [19 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

benziengirl said...

Sounds like a long day! After the zoo, I would have just gone to bed! Thanks for the cute word art!

deb said...

wow! Boxer had a field day in your bedroom! Great word art!