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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth

Yeah, I was REAL sleepy when the alarm went off this morning. And yes, I have NO shame posting a horrid picture like this of myself, of my own free will, on the internet. LOL! See, honey, you're safe. No one is gonna be "hitting" on this . ROFL!

Anyway, I finally dragged myself out of bed. See, I'd forgotten to take my anti-depressant until bed time yesterday. So that throws off my sleep schedule. I was WIDE awake at 3am. Not so good. And so when it came time to wake up, I was exhausted. I took the pill RIGHT on time today - hehe.

Anyway, I got the kids ready for school, and sent them to the bus. Tom was home sick AGAIN. Poor kid. His head is killing him. More meds, and I let him lay on my bed and watch a movie. At 9am, Laurie dropped off Rowan at our house, and he played with Jake and Jim while Laurie, Kari, and I went hiking. LOVE hiking. But boy, was it chilly outside! I think it may have got to 40 while we were hiking. I know, I know, that's WARM for some of you, but my blood is SO acclimated to El Paso - hehe.

Anyway, on the drive over Transmountain, Captain America called to say good night. Only it was morning for me. He got his times confused. He was heading to bed soon, but said that he'd call me in the morning his time. So around 9pm or so my time. We'll get these time difference figured out soon. Especially when I get the "Dad's Time" clock up up on the wall!

Anyway, back to hike!

Us at the turn around place. I kept telling them, if you wanna go faster, just someone else jump out in the lead. I don't know why they picked me to go first. hehe.

And here's a little sneak peak of a WordArt Pack getting released this Friday! I thought it was PERFECT for this photo :) It's gonna have all 50 states.

Great rock pics, huh? This was a quarry, apparently... Or that's what the sign said, anyway.

Here's me in the car after the hike. It was a good, steady paced workout. I so love my hiking days :)
I came home, got Jim ready, and drove him up to school again. We'd got home after the bus already left, so I just drove him up. No biggie :)

Jake was doing homework, and Tom was still snoozing in my room. Poor kid. After Rowan went home, I let Tom come back out to the couch, and we watched a movie while I had lunch. Then, I went to take a shower. Boy did it feel good! I know I was in there way too long, but whatever. It felt good, and Captain America's no longer here to use the water, so I just used his half too, right? LOL!

And here's me, sitting on the couch, designing, after my WARM and nice shower.
I bought this sweater at Savers one time that I went with Leslie. But never wore it. Until today! I wore it with my long, orange, new crinkle hippy skirt. LOVED it. So comfy!

I designed a good portion of the afternoon, and went to get Jim from the bus at 2:30pm. I did some chores, straightened up my room a bit, and at 3:30pm, got the kids, and headed to the library. Jake and Tom both stayed home, so I just had the little 3.

The movie today was about Siberian tigers. It was actually a pretty good show. The kids enjoyed it. Except for the part with where the little baby girl tiger died in the end. :( *sniff*

They had capri suns and popcorn for snack, and we were home by 5pm. I made homemade pizzas for the kids, and Jim and Joe helped me kneed the dough. well, kinda helped :)

Luckily, the chores were still mostly done from the night before, so it didn't take long to clean up, then eat dinner, then help the kids with their homework. Then, we pulled out the gingerbread houses again. Joe finished up the one he and Tom were working on, and Eme and Jim finished up theirs. They were SO cute!

And then they broke off the roofs and started eating them. Tom wanted a chunk. I tried to tell him that it wasn't a good food choice for a sickie, but he didn't listen. And yeah, within 10 minutes, he'd puked ALL over the couch. Nice one. I guess sometimes mom DOES know what she's talking about - hehe.

We cleaned it all up, sent him to the shower, and got the little kids in bed. And then I sent the big boys to their room to sleep, and I sat on the couch with the dog and designed and went to a Scrapbookgraphics chat! It was pretty fun! I was supposed to be there at 7pm, but showed up at 8, and stayed till around 9. It was a good time!

Anyway, it's now 9:30ish, and I'm gonna tie this up, and got to bed. Taking my phone with me, so if Captain America decides to call. I'd like to chat with the boy :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Love it, Sharon! I'm gonna send a copy to Captain America so he can see my hike!


MJB said...

Very gorgeous layout and pictures!

Juno said...

Love this Bethany! Thanks so much :)

Denise said...

Love the wordarts, but it's "Texas, since 1836".

Janeil Jones said...

love it. thanks!

Janet said...

A lovely sentiment. Thank you so much.

Janet xx

Bethany said...

Actually, Texas became a Republic in 1836 and a State in 1845. I was going off of Statehood. But, I wonder if it would make Texas peeps happy if I put BOTH in there? What do you think, Denise?

Mary said...

I'm sorry to hear that yyour son,Tom is still nt feeling well. I sure hope that he gets better soon. Looks like you had a really nice nature walk.

I love your idea of making the word art state. Awesome idea.


deb said...

Very nice. I especially like your up and coming state series! Thank you1

Brent said...

Glad you had a good hike. I love the Franklin Mountains. I look forward to more hikes with you when I return. Although the sea level atmosphere of here to the 4,000 - 6,000 feet elevation of El Paso will be a killer at first!

Nice Texas layout btw! Love you!