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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Madness

Well, after going to bed at close to 1am, I was SUPER tired when I woke up, and tried to sleep as much as I could in the morning. I did manage to get the kids out the door and to the bus, and get myself and Jim and Jake ready to go to exercise group by 8:20am. Not too bad - hehe.

I filled up my 64 oz Howdys cut with water, and brought along my Howdy's "envelope" for after. We got the the church right on time, and the girls decided to do Turbo Jam. Oh dear. I'm SO not a dancer/jammer. hehe. About 1/2 way through, I gave up, and just did my own thing. But I kept moving, and was sweating, so it's all good!

I chatted with the girls for a while, and found out that they were having an unfinished crafters luncheon at church tomorrow. Sweet! I was gonna try and come too.

And then Jim and Jake and I loaded up, and headed to Howdys. Jake and I got a refill, and Jim got a gum.
Isn't he adorable!

And then we headed home. And had about 30 minutes before Jim's bus. So I printed out my shopping list, and gathered the stuff that I needed for CYS, and got Jim on the bus, then headed out. First stop, CYS. Last time I was in there, they TOLD me that I didn't need an appointment. So I showed up without an appointment. And guess what? I needed an appointment. Great...

But I didn't feel like going home, so I insisted that they see me. They asked if I could come back at 2:30pm. Nope, I said. I had to get Jim from the bus. What about tomorrow? Nope, I said. I'm busy. She looked a little pissy, then said that they'd squeeze me in. Good, because I didn't feel like scheduling an appointment! I mean, come on. They need to get their stories straight! You can't tell people you don't need appointments if you really do.... How rude.

Finally, they got me in, and I got all 5 kids re-registered. Eme had another step in the process, but the other kids were all set. And I got Jim signed up for T-ball, and Tom and Joe signed up for baseball. Eme will get signed up in a few days. Baseball season starts in April. That should be enough time to finish up hockey. And I like to go and sit outside in the sunshine :) Should be a fun time!

Then, I headed to the commissary. And yeah, I totally forgot my shopping list in the car. But, since it's the same list (practically) each week, and I'd JUST gone over it a few hours ago, I thought I could remember what I needed. And I did a pretty good job.

I ran into Amanda (Went to Olive Garden with her on MOnday) in the Cereal Isle, and we chatted for quite a while. She's a fun girl :) And finally, I had all the food that we needed for the week. And I used my envelope! I had $200 for food, and $100 for household items stuff. So the toilet paper and the paper plates came out of the household stuff, and the food came out of the groceries. And I came in $40 under budget! Yes! Gonna save that for next week :)

I was starting to feel kinda icky. I think I'm getting a sinus cold. Congestion. Headache. Not so good. I got home, and Jake and I had lunch, and put away the groceries. And we watched an episode of Heroes, then it was time to get Jim from the bus.

And I took some meds when I got home, but couldn't seem to fall asleep. I did try, though. My head was starting to hurt. I came out of my room when the bigger kids got home from school, and laid on the couch for about 20 minutes, then had to go back to my room. And I finally took a migraine pill. And about 30 minutes later, I was feeling better. Not good, but better. And I knew that I needed to make Cookies for some troops coming home tomorrow-ish. I was helping out a friend. (not my soldier, unfortunately...)

Anyway, I made my "famous" (hehe) banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. But I omitted the chocolate chips, and added M&M's to the top. They looked pretty cute, if you can call a cookie cute - ha!

I put 2 to a bag, and made 30 bags. Then STILL had 5 dozen left - hehe. I put 3 dozen away for the unfinished crafters luncheon tomorrow, and gave 1 dozen to the kids, and let the kids bag some up for their teachers for tomorrow. All cookies gone and accounted for! Yes!

And I made taco's for the kids for dinner, dished it up, and retreated to the couch. With my phone. And felt like I was gonna die. I was sweaty, and wasn't feeling good. I just laid there for about an hour. And eventually, I had Jake make me some yogurt for dinner. And an apple, and a microwave popcorn. See, here's me, feeling crappy...
But after I had some food in my system, I started to feel MUCH better. I texted with Terra and Andrea for a bit, and I put the little kids to bed, and started on my blog while watching episodes of Chuck with the big boys. I haven't gotten off the couch yet, but I'm feeling a lot better. I've gotta be better for tomorrow. I've got plans, you know - hehe.

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Love this one, Sharon! That black and white and RED is great! Pops!


Dinphy said...

Thanks so much for the great WA!

Sherry Out Loud said...

Love the WA! Hope you feel better soon!

Hot Pink Pansy said...

Thanks Bethany. Love your WA. Hope you feel better today.

Shannon-Lee said...

thanks so much! now I want cookies, however...they looked delish!

Marilou said...

Thank you for the WA!

Misty said...

Love your blog. I'm a new follower and get a kick out of you. Tooo funny. Thanks for the laughs and all the the wonderful word art. BTW I lived in El Paso for 11 months back when you were still allowed to visit Juerez. Too bad it's a crap hole now. My husband and I enjoyed shopping over there! Oh, and my husband was Army. We moved up to CO with the unit he was assigned to, but it was a welcoming move, I didn't like El Paso much! Anyways, thanks again.

deb said...

Wow, that was a lot of cookies! Thanks for the word art!

NittyPearl said...

Thanks much