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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Wasn't Me!

Hey there! It's almost midnight here, and I'm getting sleepy. SO should have blogged a little before I went out - hehe. But it was worth it - had a FANTASTIC evening!

I'd taken a decongestant before bed last night, and I was still feeling a little sleepy. So I made sure the kids were organized for school, and went back to bed. And woke up around 8am, feeling MUCH better. Kari texted to say that Leo was sick, and wasn't going to school, so she couldn't come to exercise. So I now had the morning open :)

So, since I needed to re-register the kids for CYS anyway, I grabbed my folder of important documents and headed over to the CYS office. And yeah, it was closed. They were in a training meeting until 11am. Wonderful. hehe. So I popped over to the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a few things for a care package (St. Patricks Day) for Captain America, and a broom, and headed back towards post. Stopping at Howdy's, of course!

And since I"m such a nice mom, I got a soda for Jake too (Jim had gotten cars from the dollar tree).

This soda is almost bigger than me - ha!
I couldn't resist - hehe. Weird faces are my specialty!
Jim was SO excited for his cars, and Jake was SO excited for his soda. I did good :) hehe. Eventually, it was time to take Jim to the bus, so I drove him on up there, then headed to Terra's house for the afternoon. I brought stuff for sewing, and we were planning on making dresses and aprons.

The twins were pretty excited to see me. They've both decided that they like me now. Yes!

I'm pretty, huh?

At lunch, Terra treated me to Applebees Curb Side to Go. We got the Southwest Chicken Salad, and it was SOOOo incredibly good! Thanks, my dear!

Girls in the car
And we headed back to Terra's house, and had lunch. Her hubby, Ryan, came home for just a few minutes to grab lunch, then headed back to work. Busy guy. He's getting ready to deploy here soon.

And instead of sewing, I made Terra make me do the Dave Ramsey plan. Captain America and I had done it back last year, but got "off the wagon". So I told Terra that she had to get me back on it. So, we sat down, and figured out a budget.

And I picked something on my face, and it started to bleed, so I put some tissue on it. Poor Terra, just shook her head...

Captain America, you'd be SO proud of me! We have a budget worked out, and I transfered money over to the savings, and we're well on our way to having a GREAT savings reserve and money for our CRUISE!!! I'm going tomorrow to get cash for the envelopes :) Thanks, Terra, for making me buckle down and doing it! You rock!

I headed to the bus at 3:00pm to pick up Jim. Cause our school district decided to add 30 extra minutes to the school day for the month of March. And we headed back home. Jake was almost done with all of his school, and Jim had fun playing with his new toy. And I helped him clean up his room a little bit.

And soon, the other kids were home from school. Around 4pm. And Pehrson came over (Laurie's son) from the bus, while Laurie drove to pick up Elise across town. I told her that while they have "late" school, that rhe kids could come over until she got Elise and got back to post.

Anyway, I had the kids start on their chores, and I was SO tired, that I went to lay down for a little while. Even just 30 minutes would make me feel better. So I laid down, and Jake said that he'd keep people from bugging me. Little did I know that that meant that he was gonna be mean to those who tried to come in my room. So it caused more problems than it fixed. He meant well, I know that he did...

So I finally gave up ,and came out, and helped the kids do their chores, and got some dinner cooked. And had my diner, and helped Joe do his homework. And everything was peaceful and calm. So I tried once more to take a nap. And finally, they let me sleep for about an hour. I felt SO much better when I woke up!

And I re-fixed my hair, put on some fresh make up, and a new outfit, and I was ready for the concert! Randy Travis was having a free concert in El Paso.

I left Jake with directions on how and when to put the kids to bed, and Kari came and picked me up at 7:30pm. And we headed out. She has a TomTom, and it has the FUNNIEST little pirate guy giving directions. She told me that he was supposed to be a British general, or something like that, but IT thought he sounded like a pirate. hehe. I didn't know what it was at first, and couldn't figure out where the little pirate man was coming from - ROFL!

Anyway, we made it to the place, and parked, and walked. And walked. And found the casino part (dude, I'd never been inside a casino before!), but that wasn't the right place. So out we went, and we kept walking. And finally found the right place.

We had about 30 minutes before the concert started, so we stood and chatted. And some cowboy dudes behind us noticed "how good Kari looked in her Wranglers", and had to compliment her. hehe. We assured them that we were both "taken", but chatted with them for a little bit. Laurie and her hubby came about that time, but drifted away into the crowd. Whaaaat? They ditched us with the cowboys? How rude. hehe :)

And then the cowboy dudes wandered off too, and the concert started. Randy Travis was SO great!

There was a group of 3 girls next to us, and one of them tapped me on the shoulder, and seemed a little embarrassed, but said that her guy friend thought that I was very attractive, and sent her over to see if I was "attached". Yup, Married. But thanks, I said. hehe.

We enjoyed the rest of the concert, singing along, and freezing. Well, I was freezing. hehe.

The concert was over around 10pm, and we walked back to Kari's car, and we headed home. I got home around 10:30pm, and Jake was waiting up for me. What a sweet boy :) I put him to bed, and sat down, and eventually started work. And here it is, 12:36pm. Yeah, I put on a movie too, so I've been a little distracted. hehe.

All in all, it was a great day. Busy, but good! And I bet that tomorrow will be just as busy and full. hehe :)

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What a cutie!!!


Sue said...

This is so cute! Thank you for the fun word art! :)

Brent said...

glad you had fun at the concert. Not fun to hear that you had guys trying to pick you up. But of course, who wouldn't think that about you?! I'm sure there were more than a few admirers in the crowd.

I'll be able to go some with you in the future when I return...free concert, that is neat!

Love you...& really miss you right now. Especially after hearing about guys trying to put the moves on you.....

Carley said...

Thanks for another great wordart. Your blog rocks, thats why I've passed on an award to you from my blog. cheers, Carley www.carleysdigiscraps.blogspot.com

Mary said...

Sounds like you had fun at the concert. You looked awesome all dressed up with fresh make up on. It's hard to elieve thatyou have 5 children.

Thanks for the Word Art. :)


Marilou said...

Such a cute WA! Thank you!!

Glad you had fun at the concert and that your ego got a bit of a lift. Don't they know your hubby Brent is the bestest?? No worries Brent!!

Jennifer Moore said...

Too cute. Thanks!

deb said...

I really like Randy Travis. It's been a long time since I've heard anything by him. Maybe I should go look something up! As for Dave Ramsey, I really need to get on that. I need a budget. *sigh* Thanks for great art work!

GrammaR said...

Now this is familiar! Thank you.