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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I did it again. hehe. I waited until after 11pm to START blogging. Oops. Late night. But remember way back when, when I'd start at midnight, or 1am? And still need to design? At least I'm progressing, right? ROFL!

And at least I was having fun, and that's why I wasn't blogging until late. I can never be accused of leading a dull life, right? I always try and fill it with fun. Because, honestly, if you're not having fun, than what's the point. Even if you're not doing things that typically seem like fun, try and find the fun in it. I think the biggest key to being happy in life is finding happiness where you are, at the time that you're in.

Take me. I have 5 kids, and my hubby is deployed overseas. Yeah, I could be having a HORRIBLE time right now. I could be sitting home, sad. Depressed. Bemoaning the fact that I'm alone. And stressed. And withdraw. But do I? Nope. I look for people to chat with, or hang with. I got out. I make new friends. I play. I take my kids places. I have fun with them. I make the most of the current situation that I'm in. There ya go, the key to being happy is choosing to be happy where you are :)

Anyhoo, I got up a little after 7am, and was super tired. I SO wanted to go back to bed, but the kids needed a little help getting ready, and I promised Kari that we'd swim today. So, I dragged my sleepy butt out of bed, got the kids ready and out the door at 7:35am, and put on my swim suit. And grabbed a Diet Dr Pepper, and drank 1/2 of it. I needed a little pick me up, but knew that if I drank the whole thing, I'd have to pee 1/2 way through my swim - ha! Glad you know that, huh? hehe.

Jake was doing school, and Jim was SUPPOSED to be cleaning his room. No electronic privlidges until kids got chores done and room cleaned. And Joe and Jim's room was trashed. I know, it's ALWAYS trashed, huh? I don't know how/why they let it get that way!

Anyway, off I went. And totally took the truck because my goggles were in the middle console, and then forgot to take them into the pool. ha! My bad :)

I told myself that since I hadn't swam in a while, I was gonna just do 8 full laps. 1/2 a mile. But I ended up doing 10 whole laps! Woohoo me :) Kari stayed a bit longer than me (I'd got there before her), and she said that she didn't end up doing a full mile either. We're easing back into it :)

Here's me after my swim :)
I rinsed the chlorine out of my hair in the pool showers, then headed home. And while still in my suit and wet pants, I colored my hair. Leslie taught me how to do it before she moved, but I couldn't remember exactly what I was supposed to do, so I bought a box. And did an OK job. It covered the gray, so it was all good :)

Jimmy "helped" me, and seem fascinated by me putting the color in my hair. hehe. A tip I did pick up from Leslie was, if you get color on your face/neck/skin, just dab a bit more color on top of it, and it'll take it right off. Color takes off color, she would always say. Good trick, and it works PERFECTLY! So no black/brown smudges for me today!

Sexy, aren't I! And to make it even better, the 40 minutes that I left the color on my hair, I went and played Just Dance 2. Ha! In my swim suit and wet sweats. Yeah, REAL sexy! Amazing that I married and reproduced, don't you think?

I hopped in the shower, put on fresh make up, and fixed my hair, and got dressed, and it was time to take Jim to the bus. We made it JUST in time!

I got back home at 11am, and realized that my phone said that I had my therapy session at 11am. Whaaaaaat? I thought it was noon! I texted my therapist, and low and behold, my texting was messed up. Couldn't receive texts. Sigh. I hate it when my phone malfunctions. So I decided to just drove over there, and get part of a session in.

I showed up about 20 minutes late, so go 40 minutes instead of an hour. But it was still good. We talked about my eating, and my body image, and how I was dealing with Captain America being gone, and the kids, and how to best help Jake in a few situations, and a few other things.

I really enjoy talking to my therapist. He's a great guy, and has such GREAT insights on things. I'd been pondering a situation from last year, and was feeling taken advantage of in a situation. So I talked to him about that. We had a discussion about how really, as an adult, you can't really be taken advantage of (in a way), because we should be in control of what we do. That whole personal responsibility thing. But yeah, that I was justified in feeling a little taken advantage of, because I most likely would not have created those circumstances on my own. Anyway, without going into details, it made me feel good to have my feelings validated, and to know that I was thinking "right" about the situation. Anyway, therapists can be really good. I'd recommend going and finding one that clicks with you. We all have issues, you know. Some people are just better at hiding theirs. But really, we all have problems. And sometimes, those that let others help are the ones that deal with them the best.

ANYWAY, I was supposed to watch my friend Charlotte's little kids today so she could go to an appointment, and when I called to confirm, she said that her mom had JUST got to town (a little earlier than planned), and could watch the kids. Fabulous! So, since I had an extra hour, I headed to Verizon. Time to get a different Droid. This one was defective, I'd say. The camera kept stalling, it was force closing, and wasn't receiving texts, and said that my memory was full (when I knew that it wasn't)

I walked in, and was prepared to wait the typical hour to be seen. And GUESS WHAT??? There was absolutely no line! Miracle! Never happened to me before - hehe. Roger, the Verizon dude, helped me. He seemed confident that he could get it to work. And I kept telling him, yeah, it's not working for me. I've replaced the phone like 8 times. And yeah, some of those times were because I'd broken or lost it, but not the others! It kept freaking out.

And eventually, while trying to figure out the solution, he came to see what I was talking about. He said my phone was possessed. ROFL! He tried to hard reset it, and yeah, it wasn't working. What we finally decided, was that I just used it too much for the processor. ROFL! I needed a "faster" phone for all of my usage. With 1500+ contacts in email (because of my business), and frequent Facebooking, and what not, my little .5 GB processor in my Droid was getting taxed WAY too easy. He recommended a newer Droid, or an iPhone. Either was fine with me. Captain Americahad an upgrade coming on his phone, and I could use that. Still, it was gonna cost me money out of pocket, but if the new phone worked better, it would be worth it!

I decided on the iPhone. Now I'm gonna have to learn how to use the silly thing! Hopefully I learn fast! Roger and I had fun chatting for the hour it took me to get the phone. And me, ever shy, chatted with the lady in line next to me, and the other 2 employees working behind the desk too. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Funny, because I really do think I'm shy sometimes. Ha! I talked about my business, and my blog, and Roger was like, "So, am I gonna be on your blog tomorrow". Yup, you're on here, Roger. Wish I'd gotten a picture of you - LOL! That would have made the story complete!

And then I headed home. And got back in time to watch an episode of Fringe with Jake, and eat lunch. Yeah, the phone was gonna be hard to learn - hehe. I needed an iTunes account. So I spent my "lunch hour" getting that all ready. And then I was able to get Facebook on my new phone, and I was feeling a bit more confident with it - hehe. Gotta have my priorities, right? hehe.

And I walked to the bus stop to pick up Jim, then Maggie gave us a ride back home. Because a block and a half is SO far to walk sometimes - hehe.

Still no electronics for Jim, because he hadn't cleaned his room. Jake finished up his school work, and I finished with my phone. I got it mostly the way that I wanted it. I was slowly, but surely, getting the hang of it.

And soon, it was time to go and get the kids from the bus. Jake and Jim and I loaded up in the truck, checked the mail, and got the kids from the bus. Jake was SO excited that the new laptop sticker/skins came today! He skipped the library, and came home, putting on his sticker, and cleaning his room (so he could get electronics time).

I took one of Laurie's kids to the library with me, and she took Jimmy with her to pick up her daughter from middle school, and we headed to the library. I'd brought banana bread for snacks, and Kari had brought Popsicle for snacks. And yeah, since we brought stuff, the library lady (different lady than normal) wouldn't make popcorn for the kids. Whaaaat? We brought extra snacks as a suppliment to the library snacks, because our kids always wanted more. Not so that the library didn't have to give out snacks. The free snacks are the main reason we go - hehe. Hopefully the normal library lady is back next week...

At we headed back home. And my eye was doing funny things again. Remember how I said that it gets this skum thing on it? Can you see it? It's on the left, that lighter area... (ignore the hairy eyebrows... and zit)

Stupid contacts! I washed it off real good with baking soda (did you know you could do that?), and it was a bit better. I got the kids dinner ready, and left Jake with explicit directions on how the evening should go, and I got ready for my girls night out. I need those, you know. With 5 kids and no hubby at the moment. I'm SO glad that Jake and almost Tom are old enough to babysit. SUCH good helpers!

At one time, I had 4 friends coming with me to dinner from post, but as I headed out, no one was going with me. hmpf! Oh well, I'd still have fun! There were girls from church meeting at the restaurant. Casita Linda. I pulled up, and Paige said that she was running late. Someone texted me, and said that they were there, and that it smelled good. And since I had a new phone, yeah, no clue who it was.

Turns out, it was Terra! She'd come! I was SO excited :) I don't know why her phone number didn't transfer over, but most other people's did. Strange, huh? Anyway, she and I went in, and saved a table for about 6 of us.

Crystal from the new ward was there, and I don't know if I've ever spent any time with her before. She seemed pretty nice. She has 5 kids like me, but I think she's a bit younger than me. And Paige was there (about 10 years older than me), and Lynette (maybe 5-8 years older than me). Those girls are AWESOME! We had a TON of fun.

First of 5 Diet Cokes!
Lynette and I
Paige SO didn't wanna be in the picture. So I had to do a candid shot so she didn't hide - ROFL!
Beef Fajita Taco Salad. SO yummy! And yes, I ate the WHoLE thing...
We were at the restaurant from 5:30-7:30 chatting and eating and having a grand old time! I really enjoy hanging with the girls. Even if it's different girls each time :)

Terra headed home, and so did Crystal, and Paige and Lynette and I headed out to the movie theater. We were seeing "I Am Number Four" at 8pm. They'd both already seen it, but I hadn't. And I'd just finished the book. AND, they'd already seen all of the non rated R movies at the theater (and I thought that I liked movies.... hehe). But, they said that they liked "I Am Number Four" enough to watch it again. Sounded good to me!

Here's me on the way to the theater, trying my hardest not to pee. And I must say, I was TRULY doing a pee dance. Seriously.
Scary looking, aren't I?
The movie was really very good. They kept pretty close to the book. Changed a few things, but mostly, it was the story line. I liked the book better, for the fact that you get to know what the characters are thinking, and the story/character development are SO much more indepth. But all in all, it was a pretty good movie. Lots of action, and sci-fi. Both right up my alley.

The movie got over around 9:30pm, and I headed back on post. Jake was still up when I got home (but everyone else was in bed), and he helped me take the trash to the curb (since Tom had forgot). The house was pretty clean, too! Kids had done their chores, and gotten their rooms clean! Even Joe and Jim. I was proud of them.

And I sat down ,and started to blog. And here it is, 12:00am. Sleepy. Do I have anything going on in the morning? Hmmm, I think that yoga at 11 is the first thing. Oh wait, I'm watching Maggies kids at 10:30am. She has a Well Womans appointment (joyous, huh?). Jake is gonna finish watching Hannah after I get the boys to the bus. He just ADORES Hannah.

And Maggie and I were tentatively planning on going to Big Lots tomorrow to look at Patio furniture for her. And they have car chargers there, and I wanna get the iPhone one. Hopefully they have one there. Because it would SURE be cheaper than getting one at Verizon, even with the 20% discount... I did buy the screen protector and case at Verizon, though.

Well, I guess I should tie this up. I find myself going ON and ON and ON. And I know that I got the chance to talk a lot today. hehe. I usually find myself chatty when I didn't get enough opportunities to talk. I take it all out on y'all, you know... hehe.

Hopefully I get to talk with Captain America here soon. Seems like it's been forever. We did trade a few Facebook comments, but really, that's not cutting it - hehe. His crazy work schedule, and the crazy time difference is killing me!

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LOVIN' this one, Sharon! Those yellows and greens together are terrific!


Denise said...

Thanks for the March wordart-Happy Texas Independence Day!

sdwrdt said...

I really love these month wordarts you've been doing! Thanks so much for sharing!

Hot Pink Pansy said...

Thanks so much for your reminder to live in the moment and choose to be happy. You're so fun and I wish we lived closer, we would so hang out. Hugs, Andi

Brent said...

Nice post Sweetie. Yea, the time difference stinks. Of course, the 16 hour work days aren't helping out either. Work, sleep. I have been missing out on my PT time even....not good!

love Brent

Sandy_in_MD said...

Thanks for the March word art and for the hair color tip - never knew that one!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [03 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Jim said...

I think you'll love your new phone. I've had one for a few years now, and don't know what I'd do without it. A little tip - if you should happen to have any problems with it, AND if you have an Apple store nearby, go directly there for help. Chances are you won't have any hassle, and little to no wait.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the word art. And just a tip, hair color actually works better when you start with dry hair. See, I did learn SOMETHING in cosmetology school! lol :)

Marilou said...

Thank you for the March WA!

Mary said...

It sounds like you had a great time today. I love your attitude about being happy. It'so true!

Congratulations on getting an Iphone. :)


deb said...

I really like the monthly word art. It's awesome. And maybe one day I'll have an iPhone. :)