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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Set Yourself Free

Hey peeps! How's your day?? So I was supposed to get up and go swimming. And I was TOTALLY gonna. But Jim acted like he needed a little more sleep, so I let him.

I woke up at 6:45am, read my scriptures, said my prayers (getting back on track!), and laid in bed with Jimmy for a while. He'd come in at 7am, and fell DEAD asleep. He usually doesn't do that. The other kids left for school, I texted Kari to cancel our swimming plans, and I canceled the childcare appointment. And Jim and I slept in till around 9:30am.

And then we snuggled on the couch, watching Phineas and Ferb together. And I didn't have my phone, or my laptop. I was just watching it with him, and snuggling. And I THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself! I really did. I think he liked it too :)

I took him to the bus at 11am, and got a call from Maggie at 11:30am to see if I'd gotten my hat done yet for our Hat Party. Nope. She wanted to know if I would run to Walmart with her after lunch to pick up some stuff, and also help her with some designs for Disneyland shirts. They're going next week. SURE!!! I'm always up for playing :)

So, I had lunch at home, and cleaned for an hour. I got the kitchen cleaned, and the rooms picked up, and it looked TONS better in the house. I changed out the scentsy scents, and things smelled pretty too.

Then Maggie came to get me, and first stop, Circle K. Booya! Unfortunately, the DDP was broken. Check it out. There's not even a nozzle there! RUDE!

Luckily, there was Diet Mt Dew, so all wasn't lost. hehe. Here's Hannah (maggies daughter) in her car seat as we went on to Walmart.
And we had a great time at Walmart. Found a few things that I couldn't live without. I bought stuff to re-do the downstairs bathroom. It's always so messy. Maybe a new towels and accessories will give me the motivation to keep it up? hehe.

And I found some supplies for my hat but still need the big feathers. Hobby Lobby is DEFINITELY on my list of places to hit within the next few days...
We paid, and headed back to post, and picked up the little boys. They were SO excited to be in the car together. But sad that we had to go home. I invited Jake over to play with us, then go to the library with my kids. He was SUPER excited.

We had about 45 minutes before we had to go to the library. I cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and put in the new stuff, and it really did look quite good :) And I somehow forgot to take a picture. LOL. Tomorrow :)

I made a quick batch of Rice Crispy treats, and headed to the library with the kids. They watched a movie about Rain Forests, and I designed a WordArt pack and chatted with Amanda and Laurie and Kari. Fun times at the library :)

We headed home, and got some more chores done. Luckily, I'd done a lot earlier in the day, and it wasn't very messy. I got some dinner started and in the oven, and Joe and Jim and I headed out to Baseball practice.

But when we got there, NO one was on the field. Whaaat? Finally, an lady from CYS came over and told me that practice had been canceled. Crap. Later, I found the message from the team mom on my voicemail, saying that practice had been canceled. Oops. Guess I should check that more often, right? hehe.

We continued on to the Teen Center, and picked Jake up around 6pm. And swung by Terra's house to pick up some treats that her family didn't like. Cause, you know, there's no treats that the Harty kids don't like. hehe. Too funny. I chatted with her for a few minutes, then headed home.I found this picture on my camera. ha! Jake was entertaining himself while I was at Terra's, apparently - ROFL!

And we had some dinner, and had free time. It was a nice and relaxing evening, actually. I took a long bath, and tried out some tanning lotion that Maggie had recommended (yeah, if I turn orange, I'm totally blaming Maggie!) We watched some Phineas and Ferb, and then put the little kids to bed and watched an episode of V. It's now 9pm, and I'm gonna watch an episode of a new show that Amanda or Kari told me about, In Plain Sight. Sounded pretty interesting :) I'll give it a shot :)

So, tomorrow I'm going to Maggies in the morning to help her design her Disneyland T-shirts. And then Yoga with Kari. And baseball in the evening, the Scouts. Should be a full and good day! Thank goodness I"m feeling better!

My mood was SO much more improved today. It's amazing the different starting the day with scriptures and prayer makes! And cleaning, actually improved my mood, too. While I didn't have a terribly great eating day, I DID do other "filler" things that improved my mood, and helped keep me balanced. And if I have enough of these days in a row, it'll help with the eating, I'm sure. I know it will :) Here's to a GREAT day tomorrow, too :)

Oh yeah, I got an email from our FRG leader today saying that they had 2 more slots for a Deployed Spouses Retreat (plus families) coming up weekend after next. Up in Cloudcroft, at the Lodge, where we went before Captain America deployed. I SO wanna go. I emailed the leader back, and told her that we'd SO love to go, if there were still spots. Keep your fingers crossed, girls, that we can go! That would be AWESOME :)

Oh yeah, UPS! I got you all! (U P(unch) S(omeone)).... - hehe)

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Sharon, these colors are FABULOUS!!!


Peggy said...

The links don't seem to be working :( Glad you're feeling better.

Sondrart Designs said...

Links don't work. I will check later, thank you!

Sherry Out Loud said...

Set myself free....I love it! Gonna try that. Beautiful WA!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the WA.
We already played Slugbugs, and now you totally have us playing UPS too! :)

Sharon in MI

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your word art! It seems I pick pictures now just to use them...he he he! Thank you so much for your gifts of your time.

Angelika said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful freebie!
from Angelika from Digidesignresort.com

MiniCooper452 said...

Sorry to bother you, but the links still don't seem to work.....

The Nielsen Family said...

Links still not working

Christie said...

I can't get the link to work, nothing is clickable. This is a wonderful wordart hate missing it.