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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Morning, you guys! How was your Wednesday? Mine was fun and fast and furious. hehe. I realized that the BDE function that I thought was today was really tomorrow. And I planned childcare for Thursday. But now I had a function to go to... So, when I took Tom to camp at 8am, I swung by the CDC to see if they had childcare available today for part of the time. And to let them know that it would only be for a few hours on Thursday. And to see if they had part of the day on Friday. And they did! Woohoo!

And I stopped by the SAS to get appointments for Joe and Eme also. Woohoo! Gonna have some childcare this week. Oh yeah! I headed home, and got to chat with Captain America for about 30 minutes. He was doing well, and getting some classes tied up. He's pursuing his masters in Military studies. Good for him! So proud of you, honey!

At 10am, I drove over to Kari's house, and picked up Joe. Kari said that it would be OK for Jake to stay longer. Poor Joe, he was SO sad that he had to come home. hehe. He'd had a great time at Leo's house!

I got everyone ready, and we all headed out to childcare. But first, we swung by and picked up Amanda and Austin. And off to Biggs we headed! We dropped Jim and Austin off first, then Eme and Joe. And then we headed back towards home.

We swung by the kids' elementary school to pick up a lunch application, but they were closed for lunch early. So we swung by the Middle school to get one. Right next door, thankfully. And I asked about a bus pass for the Youth Center. And the school didn't know anything about it. They didn't have a military liason. I know that I met her last year, so I don't know where she went... They said to ask at the youth center.... Hmmm.

Amanda and Aunt Sue and I headed for lunch after our stops at the school. Carlos and Mickeys. One of my favorites! We were seated, then moved to a different seat because our table was SO uneven. And in a much better location. ha!

Our waiter was a bit off. He kept getting our drinks messed up, and the food wasn't good today. Usually Carlos and Mickeys is SO much better! I'm just guessing that they were having an off day. That's the theory, anyway... It's never been bad before...

Loving the glasses!

I think they forgot to put the salad inside my taco salad...
After lunch, we headed back to post, dropped Amanda off at her house, and Aunt Sue and I headed out. We needed to get a present for Maggie and Margot for tonight. I found a few things at Fallas, and a gift bag. LOVE Fallas, you know.

Then, since we had a bit of time before we had to go and pick up the kids, we decided to try our hand at Price Matching. Amanda let us borrow the ads, but we'd never done it alone before. hehe. We found the items that were on sale, and picked out the limits for each, and then got the few other things that we needed.

A new fan for Jake's room (the other one got knocked over and broken) and Gorilla glue for my broken shoe and a snack for the kids for this afternoon. And we headed to a check out. And got Moses. He was great! He was funny, too. He wanted to know what stores the ads were from, because he wanted to go and get one so that HE could price match too. ROFL!
We drove to the CDC and picked up Jim. Then to the SAS and picked up Eme and Joe. And then I called the youth center, and they said that Paintball was canceled. Because of the rain and storm. Did I forget to mention that while we were in Walmart, it started to storm? hehe. So we drove on over and picked up Tom too. And headed back home.

Check out this fountain that I bought at Fallas. It was $3.99, 10% off. And runs on AA batteries. But I thought it was SO cute! Joe and I assembled it, and guess what he thought he should do with it?

Drink it. Ha! Funny kid!

I got some food ready for the kids for dinner, and Aunt Sue and I ate too. Chili dogs. Oh yeah! On REAL good buns :) I liked it a lot :)

I totally wanted to take a shower before GNO, but I ran out of time. I did have time to throw on some new clothes, and to get a fresh layer of make up on. Ha! Somedays, that's all I get... ha!

Here's aunt sue and I
Jake got home just as we were leaving. I put Tom in charge, and said that as long as the kids were watching a movie in my room, that he could be on his computer. He said it sounded like a plan. They only had about an hour and a half before bedtime, anyway :) Not too hard of a babysitting job.

And we headed off. Here's Aunt Sue and I in the car.
Amanda and Aunt Sue and I decided to go with a 1/2 price appetizer, and dessert. Oh yeah! ha! Here's me with my soda :) Can't forget the soda.

Virginia and Margot
Me and Aunt Sue
Amanda and Terra
Kari and Maggie
We had SO much fun! It took forever for our food to come out, but it eventually did. hehe. We got lots of pictures, and had Maggie and Margot open presents.

Here's me and Margot.
Margot and her present.
They had full sized desserts, and they had mini desserts. We decided to get one of each mini dessert. LOL! I didn't want the tirrimisu (I know I butchered that one...) so I got 2 of the chocolate cakes... Oh yeah!

Chocolate cake, and cheesecake, and turtle cheesecake. DELISH!

I ate it all...

They were SUPER little portions, but still, my tummy was SUPER full after! Those desserts were pretty rich!

Here's me and Virginia. Between work and school, she's ALWAY busy... I was SO happy that she got to come tonight!
When the waitress figured out that we were having a b-day party, she brought free ice cream to both Margot and Maggie. SO sweet! Here's Margot pretending to drink it with a straw - ha!
After dinner (dessert), we paid, and headed over t o the comedy club. Maggie and Terra had to head home, but the other 6 of us got to go. It was a lot of fun!

I must admit, I liked the first guy better than the headliner. The headliner was WAY to profane. It was way uncalled for. Every other word was a bad one. But the first guy, he was unique. He was a scranny white guy. Young. About 23. And he had tourettes. And was hilarious! He joked about it, and how he's had to live with it his entire life. Really, he was good! He had me belly laughing. hehe.

During the last guy, some drunk lady kept heckling. Yeah, I didn't like it. He made her the butt of his jokes, but really, it was uncomfortable. Why do people have to be like that? We decided that we like the Thursday crowd better than the Wednesday crowd. ha!

After the show, we hung outside for a bit. Then headed back home. All the kids were fast asleep, and Jake was watching a movie on the couch with Boxer. We put Jake to bed, and Aunt Sue and I turned on New Moon, and I started blogging. it's now 12:31am, and I'm sleepy. ha! The movie is only 1/2 way over, and we may save the rest for tomorrow. Not sure. Gonna turn this blog off for now, though :) Night, all! See you in the morning!

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LOVE it! Look at those messy fingers! SUPER cute, Sharon! LOVE it :)


Danesa said...

Thank you so much for the fingerprint wa, Bethany! I love it... (love that sample layout also with those painted fingerprints..too cute) :)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Aug. 18, 2011. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [19 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria