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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey girls! Another whirlwind day at the Harty Household! I woke up at 7:30am, headache free! Yippee! I went to bed around 10pm last night, so I got a lot of good sleep, thankfully :)

I got Eme and Joe and Jim and Tom ready for camps/childcare, and headed out. I dropped Tom off first, then Joe and Eme. They were going on a Field trip and wouldn't be back until after 3:30pm. So I guess that's when I was gonna come and pick them up. Works for me. hehe.

And then I dropped off Jim, and it was 8:30 am already. Which was the time that registration opened at school. So I just drove on over to the elementary school to chat with the principal.

I went inside, and got to talk with him right away. I explained how Joe had a bad experience in the first grade with school, and that I wanted him to start 2nd grade off fresh, no preconceived notions by the teacher. And that I knew that there was a slot opened from Kayta moving. ha! It's good to know people. hehe.

Luckily, he agreed without any resistance. I didn't have to pull the "She's a bad teacher and no one likes her" card. I left happy, and headed back to the truck. Captain America was on Skype, so I called him from the truck, and plugged in the volume to the radio, so I could hear him really good.

We got to chat for about an hour, and it was nice. But it was SO hot in the truck. hehe. We talked about kids starting school, and upcoming plans, and his masters classes, and all sorts of stuff. It's good to just chat and visit and catch up :)

And then I drove home, got Aunt Sue, and she and I headed to the beauty college. Terra had found it, and said that they had great prices. I decided to try highlights. Because I've never had them before. What the heck, right? I wanted to be pretty :)

And, I ended up with a student who spoke NO English. Next time, I'm requesting someone who speaks English. She did a fantastic job, but I had to sit in the chair and be quiet for 3 1/2 hours! And if you know me, you know that that was torture! LOL!v And my phone died. So I really had nothing to do. LOL.

This chickie was SO good! Very thorough. I thought that I looked like I had silver dreads. LOL.
Not only could I not understand a word that anyone around me spoke, I spent most of the time with my glasses off. Sensory deprivation is SO not cool. hehe.
Finally, it was done. And it was after 1pm. Holy cow! Terra and her friend had come and gone, and I'd only been able to wave from a distance. They'd gone off to lunch, and Aunt Sue and I were gonna go and meet Amanda later. Terra's friend had to pick her kids up from childcare earlier than me. So their time frame was shorter.

Anyway, Aunt Sue got a CUTE new cut. Not quite the one that she wanted, but it was still cute! And hair cuts were only a buck. hehe. Gotta love that!

We paid (I about had a heart attack when I found out how much a real color job cost - hehe) and headed out. I texted Amanda and told her that we were going to Chilis, and she met us there. I was SO happy about my hair and excited to show it off :)

Check out my chicken nachos. OMHeavens! So tasty! And I had about 1/2 left to bring home for later ;)

We headed back home, picked up the truck and Jake, and headed to the CDC to pick up the kids. We got Jim first, then Joe and Eme, and then Tom. Then headed to the PX to buy backpacks. I knew that they'd be expensive there, but you get what you pay for. And we usually buy those cheesy character backpacks, and they break 1/2 way through the school season. So we were getting good one this time.

And yeah, the kids were being fiesty again. Not as bad as yesterday, but still. My head was starting to hurt slightly. We went to the PX and found each of the kids a backpack for under $25. After the no tax weekend rebate. I ended up paying $120 for 5 backpacks and some Twizzlers and some sugar free candies. ha!

We stopped at the Food Court at 5pm for dinner. Taco Bell for the kids, and Subway for me. Aunt Sue just got a soda. She was still full from lunch. hehe. The kids were excited because I got them soda. ha! They're too funny :)

We ate, and headed back home. Aunt Sue broke a fingernail earlier in the day, and we left the kids watching TV, and headed on up to the Salon to get it fixed. The girl worked us in, fixed the nail, repainted it, and we were on the road again. And she was so sweet, that she didn't even charge Aunt Sue for it. Awe, thanks, girl!

We headed back home, made sure that the kids were good, got Jim and Joe in bed, left Tom and Eme and Jake with a movie, and headed to Walmart with Amanda. Jake wanted a watch battery, and we needed dog treats.

We stopped off at Sonic for a milkshake first. And yeah, I ate WAY too much of my Oreo sonic blast. hehe. Later, I realized that it was the bag of Sugar Free candies that I'd consumed that made me feel sick. hehe. I'm not suddenly lactose intolerant, thank goodness!

And we stopped at Albertsons so that Amanda could buy some green chilis. 30 lbs of fresh, green chilis, to be exact. But they stopped roasting them at 7pm. So she decided to come back in the morning, buy 2 bags, and get them roasted. One bag is for her mom, and the other is for her. Then, she peels them and freezes them for use during the year. What a smart girl
. hehe :)

What pretty flowers these are :) A dozen for $6.99. What a great price!

We headed to Walmart next. And grabbed a few price matching things, and the few items that we needed for our houses. And went to look at watch batteries. And realized that a battery was about the same price as a cheap new watch. So we just got one for Jake that was new. A big and chunky one that I knew that he'd like. He was gonna be SO happy :)

And it was funny, because some little man wanted to cut in front of Amanda at the watch counter, because he only had 1 item. He asked, and Amanda jokingly said "No Way Jose!". And he was like, Actually, my name is Jesus! ROFL! It was the funniest thing we'd heard in a long time :) That, and the fact that some little man riding a bike almost fell off of it on the side of the road as we were driving to Walmart. It was quite funny. For us, not to him.

We had fun wandering around Walmart, getting what we needed. Which did NOT include this. What the heck is Tripe. I thought it was fish, at first, but then got looking closer, and I don't think that's what it was. And I thought I saw something about it being boiled and being beef. Um, ok.... Anyone now what it is?

Here's all the stuff that we were going for! Unfortunately, we saw that the copy paper was a rebate. Oops. So we didn't get that. But we got everything else price matched. Yeah for penny and quarter school supplies!
After Walmart, we headed to Terra's house. She wanted to buy some of Aunt Sue's jewelry. She really does a great job! And Terra gave Amanda and I some of her old Sentsy bars. One that were for samples, and no longer used. I'll take it! hehe :) I was pretty excited.

We finished up and headed home. And I blogged, and we watched Eclipse. GREAT movie :) Both Aunt Sue and Maddie leave tomorrow. I'll be sad to see my family leave, but am SO excited for school to start again that I can hardly stand it. hehe :)

OK, night ladies!

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Great use of the song, Sharon! SOOO cute!!!


Danesa said...

What a great wa...so "bubbly" :) Thank you so much!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Ewww @ tripe....its actually cow intestine......well, the lining of tghe intestine. Aren't youglad you didn't get it? LOL

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Aug. 20, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Your hair turned out beautiful, Bethany! I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Thanks for the terrific word art. hugs!!!

Tammy said...

Your hair looks great! But you didn't show us Aunt Sue's hair :)

Sarah said...

Love, love, love your hair. Thanks for all the WA you give us :D xx

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [21 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria