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Saturday, December 31, 2011

January 2012

Hey there, you guys! Whats up?? I went to bed around 1am last night, and woke up around 9am. And got out of bed around 10am. I was a bit groggy feeling, but wanted to do something productive today. So I started cleaning my room. I worked hard, and got all of the laundry sorted and hung up! So my bed is cleared and no more clean clothes anywhere they don't belong! Woohoo for me!

The kids were playing electronics, and being good. Around noon-ish, Kari texted to ask if she could borrow the dog. ROLF! What a silly request. I asked if she needed something to poop in her house or eat her trash. hehe.

She said that Josephine wanted to walk a dog, and Boxer sounded like a good choice. So, of course, I said yes. And came with her and Kari and Leo. Here me with my WILD and crazy hair. hehe :)
Come on, Boxer, lets go!
Josephine did really good most of the time walking Boxer. Until the 1/2 way point, when he saw another dog, and ran off to play with him. Luckily, the other dog was non-aggressive, so they just smelled each other. It's when the other dog is aggressive and starts fighting that we run into troubles. But the other owner grumped at us, and it was a bit uncomfortable. We got Boxer back, and let a grown up walk the dog the rest of the way...

We walked to the Nativity scene, and Josephine wanted to pretend that she was Mary. She's so cute :)

We went home, and I spent the rest of the day with the kids. We cleaned up a few times, and mostly just hung out. Crystal is moving in a few days, and Rachel (Jim's age) and Heidi (Eme's age) wanted to come and play. So I had extra kids at the house.

But then Jim didn't wanna play with Rachel, and she was SO upset about it. So I texted Kari and asked if Josephine could come and play with Rachel. So she and Leo came over, and the little girls played for about 30 minutes, but then Rachel was still sad, so she went home... But then, what was I gonna do? I can't really force Jim to play with someone, right?

Anyway, Josephine was still here, and I was just finishing up some designing. And I was a bit sleepy. She had come to see what I was doing, and asked if I'd turn on a movie. Snuggle on the couch with Josephine and watch a movie? Oh yeah, sounded good to me. hehe.

We turned on Rio, and the little boys came in and out and watched with us. Mostly, they were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos in the other room. But Josephine and I watched the whole movie. It was a good time.

I sent Kari's kids home after the movie, and my kids had leftovers for dinner. Then I went out for some errands with Kim and Tim. And Kim's Austin came to play. And Jake went to play at Leo's house. Kid swapping, you know...

First, we went to the barber so Tim could get his hair cut. Then, we went to Big Lots. I've been going through SO many batteries lately, it's not even funny. Those kids and their Wii remotes... So I got some rechargeable ones. And I'm gonna warn the kids with punishment of death (ok, so maybe not...) to NOT throw them away or lose them! hehe :)

We stopped at Howdys for a drink.... But not the one I really wanted... I got a flavored water instead...
Next, we headed over the mountain to the Outlet stores. We went to a few places, and Kim found this cute little shopping cart at the Cooking store. She thought it would be cute on her counter. I thought it would be funny with a sock monkey inside of it! hehe.
We went to the Watch store, and to the Disn ey store, to Hot Topic, and to the coach store, and to Jewelry Box, and finally to Areopostale. Or however you spell/say it. I say it wrong. I don't care. hehe. I wanted a new sweatshirt for tomorrow. A cheaper one. We were gonna just pop our head in and see if they had any sales. And they did! I got one for only $15. And a t-shirt for $5! Oh yeah :)

Tim was hungry, so we went to grab something to eat. I wasn't overly hungry, and neither was Kim. So we got one meal to share. And each got a shrimp cocktail. They were yummy. Not like that one place on Montana, but still good. Minus the Avocado. Had to give that part away. Yucky!
We had steak and shrimp and veggies and a roll. And it was super yummy! We ate, and visited and played "Family Feud" on Facebook. We're such dorks.

Afterwords, we headed home, and took Rim Road home. It's pretty that way at night. They dropped me off, and we decided to let Austin spend the night with Joe. They were excited. I got the kids to bed, and started blogging and watching an episode of X-Files.

Tomorrow, I'm dividing up my kids with friends/brothers, and Kim and Tim and I are going to the Sun Bowl! I'm excited, even if I don't necessarily love football. I like live sporting events. They are a good time. And hanging with Friends is good, right? hehe :) Isn't that a game? LOL!

Anyway, the game is during the day, so I'll be home with the kids for New Years Eve. We are just gonna be at home. Church isn't until 12:30pm on Sunday, so we can stay up late and not worry about it. Nice, huh? hehe.

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Awesome, Sharon! I love how you used the WordArt to frame the layout! Super cute layout, with the winter and snow and pink! Awesome!


Stephanie said...

Awesome frame... Although it's not a calender! ;) Happy 2012 to your family! I know one of the first blessings it will bring is Captain America home!!

jls said...

Love these!!!Thank you

deb said...

I like the January frame! Thank you!