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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So I'm lucky I woke up this morning! ha! I took my migraine meds last night, then, because I was feeling like such crap, I took some Niquil. And I used the little measurer cup with it. And after I sucked it down, I looked closer at it, and realized that it wasn't the cup that it came with. It was 4 TBSP, and it was supposed to be 2 TBSP. Oh crap! I was gonna die!

I laid down on my couch to blog, and watched an episode of Grimm. I tied it up as quick as I could, and I don't even remember how it ended. Cause I was out. Next thing I remember, it was 2am. I stumbled to the bed somehow, and was out.

Jim must have come in at some point in the night, because I remember waking up with him asking to sleep with me. And if I said yes, it was the drugs speaking. I don't let kids sleep with me! I woke up at 6am with his fingers tangled in my hair! SO not cool!

And then I woke up again at 7:55am, and realized that I was supposed to go after Christmas sale shopping with Kari at 8am. OH CRAP! So I got up real fast, threw on some clothes, and texted Kari. I was only 5 minutes off schedule :)

The kids were doing well, and happy. So it was good :) They had electronics, and the phone, so I could keep in contact with them. And off we went.

First stop, K-Mart. I found a box of Cardinals glass ornaments, and a guitar ornament for Captain America. Nothing much else at Kmart, though...

Next stop, Big Lots. To try and return Jake's MP3 player. I asked for a Manager, and he came up to help. I played the "I'm a VERY frequent customer who spends a lot of money here" card (which is SO true), and they worked with me. I was just very persistent, and wasn't leaving. I ended up getting an MP3 player that was $10 more expensive than the one that I'd originally bought for him. He'd be happy. And it should work better, too :)

Kari looked around, and found a few things, and I spent the whole time finagling with the employees. Then we loaded up, and headed to the West side. To go to Crackle Barrel. Because they had their ornaments 50% off.

I ended up getting a Cardinals cookie Jar, and a few Cardinals ornaments. And a Cardinals plate. Oh yeah! hehe :) We paid, and down the road we went across the street to Walmart.

They had ALL of their christmas stuff 50% off. And there were people everywhere. It didn't bother me, but Kari wasn't liking the crowds. hehe. I got quite a bit of good stuff. I got gift wrap boxes, and some Axe gift sets, and tooth brush sets for only $3. I was pretty impressed with all of my good finds! We can use some of it for "Second Christmas" with Captain America! Oh yeah :)

We eventually looked at all the stuff we could look at, and got in line to pay. And headed to the car. Yeah, we were gonna need a bigger vehicle. ROFL! And down the road we headed.

We were looking for a Walgreens. But I wanted to stop at the Big Lots first. Cause I didn't get to look around at the last one, you know. ha!

And this one had a TON of clearance Christmas stuff in it!! I bought a bunch of gift bags for next year. So that in case I get sick again, "Santa" can have something to put presents in. That would have been SO good - ha!

Naughty, naughty sock monkey...

This was my best deal find of the day! $0.50 dog food bags!!! I bought 7 of them!!

We paid at Big Lots, I got my rewards purchase for the day, and off we went. And we stopped at Savers, just down the street. The Super Saver Card deal of the day was all the Brand New stuff was 75% off! Wow! Granted, they didn't have a lot, but still! I ended up getting Eme a new pair of white slippers for $1.75, and some lip gloss for $1.50. And I got some generic Pillow Pals for $3.75. They were such a great deal that I went back and bought one for each of the kids. Score!!! I was impressed! I got a few things for the kids (cant remember exactly what I got, but I know that I found an Arizona Cardinals Football hoodie for Jim), and we paid and we headed out.

And we headed back towards post area. Next stop was Family Dollar. I got a Fruit Cake, so my kids could see what it was like! ha! It was only $0.88. And a few other things. Then we walked down to Fallas Parades. Their Christmas stuff was 75% off, but they didn't really have much. And the line was SO big, and it didn't warrant standing in the HUGE line. So we just left.

We hit Walgreens on the way back. It had some good deals there. I ended up getting my Cardinals for 50% off! Speaking of which, I should go and put them up! hehe :) I bet they are cute :)

Check out this NASTY find of the day.... LOL :)
Kari and I headed back to post, and went to the PX for lunch. We ate at Spudnicks, and had Paninis. I got the BBQ something or another. It was FABULOUS!!! Just perfect! I would definitely recommend it, and would get it again! SUPER yummy. We peeked our heads into the PX exchange, but their deals weren't really that good on Christmas stuff...

Kari dropped me and all my stuff off at home, and she helped me hide it in my car. ha! I brought inside the stuff I could, and left the other stuff in the trunk. When the kids are asleep one night, I'll go through it, I'm sure :)

Check out some of my new stuff!

I spent the whole afternoon with the kids. We sat on the couch and watch movies together. Jim and Joe and I snuggled, and had a great time. They're my snuggle bugs :)

Tom let me try on one of his Mustaches. Aren't I lovely??? hehe :)

So after the long afternoon with the kids (concentrated family time!), I was done. And they were even being good - ha! I'd napped a little bit on the couch with one of the kids, and was ready to go somewhere else. Kim and Tim were off to the mall, then Dollar Tree/Barnes & Noble, and it sounded like a fun trip to me.

We left around 7, and headed to the mall. Kim had a Macy's gift card, so we looked around to see if there was anything that she needed. We didn't find anything, though...

Next store, we looked at Old Navy for a while. I'm not really an Old Navy girl. This hat was cute, though. But it's an XL in mens. And is still a tad bit small... Rude!
Next stop, Spencers! They had great hats! What do you think? Do I need a mohawk hat? I think I do!! hehe :)

I thought these Santa hats were super fabulous on Kim and I!

Is it because i have boys that I think this is funny, or am I just nasty at heart? hehe :)

After the mall, we loaded up, and headed over to Barnes and Nobles. We dropped Tim off, and parked down at the Dollar Tree. And we were excited to see that their Christmas stuff was 50% off too! Just lie the rest of the stores in El Paso! Check out all the wrapping paper I got for $0.50 a roll!!!
Really? Sigh...
We met Tim in Best Buy 10 minutes before it closed, and I looked for memory cards for the kids' new electronics. 4 of the 5 of them needed them. They were relatively cheap. Relatively. I'm gonna make them earn them, though! Cause I'm mean mom - hehe :)

Tim was hungry when we were done eating, and wanted to go to Appebees. So we headed over there. Kim and I opted for Dessert instead of dinner. We had already eaten. Or I had, at least. Maybe she just was't hungry?

Here's my chocolate explosion cake type thing. It was super yummy :)
Kim's blonie thing.
We ate and chatted and played on our phones. It was a good time. Then we loaded up, and headed back on post. They dropped me off at my house, and my kids were still awake. So I worked on getting them to bed, then sat down to blog. Oh yeah, and I found this STILL on my new hat. Sigh. Looks like I"ll be coming to the mall tomorrow. So not cool...
It is now 1:08 am. I'm super sleepy. Lets home that I can get some good rest tonight. Kari and I are meeting Laurie in Las Cruces. They moved to California over the summer! She's back in Demming visiting family for Christmas. So we wanted to meet 1/2 way. I'm so excited to see her :)

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Ha! It's my horn hat! I love it, Sharon! Thanks, hon!!! You rock!!!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Dec. 27, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

I love all of the cardinal stuff you bought. You gals found some awesome sales.

Thanks for the fun word art. Hugs!!!