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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Opening a Can of Worms

Hey guys :) Another day under my belt, another day closer to Captain America coming home :) Gotta look at it like that , right?

So I got up, and got the kids ready for the bus. Tom left, then I walked Joe and Jim and Eme over. Oh yeah, check me out. What do you do when you have a zit gone wild? Bandaid... Oh yeah :)
After the kids got on the bus, I was gonna wake up Jake, but Captain America was on Skype, s we chatted instead. Until like 8:40. So I had 5 minutes to get Jake up, ready, me ready, and us both out the door. Oh yeah, we were rushing! hehe :)

We were about 3 minutes late for Jake's therapy appointment, but it was ok. Still had to wait for about 3 minutes :) LOL :)

And the appointment went really well. Jake's been doing good. Just normal moody teenager stuff. No Aspergers outbursts. Thank goodness!

Here's me drinking my soda while Jake was in his session :)

We got done, and I took Jake to school. Then went to Kim's house. She and I and Corey went to traffic court. Oh yeah, good times. hehe. She got stopped without her license, and had a good excuse why she didn't have it. See, her kids school started taking their license when they went into the school. And since it was a new policy, she forgot to pick it back up. Then she got stopped at an El Paso random checkpoint, and yeah, ticket. So she was contesting it.

Yeah, they totally dismissed it. I watched Corey, and she paid her $10 court cost. Still, that's better than the ticket, right? Sweet!

After that, we met Tim at Carlos and Mickeys. They wanted to buy me lunch for my Birthday. Awe, so sweet! And I love Carlos and Mickeys!!! hehe. Here's my Sombrero Salad! LOVE it!
We had fun chatting and eating and hanging out. It's good to have friends!! I drank 3-4 Diet Dr Peppers, and yeah, by the time we were ready to go, and heading back home, OH YEAH, I had to pee. LOL! Can't you tell from my face. So did Kim. We couldn't get back to her house fast enough!!!
Luckily we made it in time! We picked up what we needed from the house, then headed to ACS. Kim needed to Fax something. I stayed in the car with Corey, and soon we were done, and on our way to the beauty school. We wanted Acrylics. With French Tips :)

We totally would have been done on time if they'd have taken us right when we got in. But we had to wait for a bit... And so we were a bit late to get the kids, and had to make other arrangements. Luckily there were other people to get them. Tim was able to pick up Austin, and Tom was able to get mine. Thank goodness!

Here we are, getting nails!

Pretty, huh? They really didn't like how ouchy my fingers looked, and said that I needed to come back for an oil manicure... Yeah, yeah, I know...
We drove to Scottys school and picked him up, then swung by Sonic for Happy hour, then Kim dropped me off at home. And I had about an hour and a half before we had activities. Tom's coach called, and said that Basketball practice was canceled. So that just left Eme and Joe at 5:30pm. Jake went to the Youth Center, and needed picked up at 7pm. My schedule cleared up a bit :)

My flowers are opening up nicely, huh? Nice!

We should have done more chores, but I was tired. So I just kinda sat and vegged, and I had Joe go and clean his room. It'd gotten super bad again. I'd had Jim go too, but Joe was being mean to him, so I gave Jim and exemption... That's what you get when you are mean, right? You have to clean it all by yourself!

I was gonna make Joe skip basketball if he didn't clean enough, but he cleaned. I was only slightly disappointed. hehe.

Tom stayed and babysat at 5:15, and I took Eme and Joe to practice. I dropped Eme off, and then had a phone call from a girl from church from the North East side who's girl is on Joe's team. She said that today was team pictures (oops) and that their van was getting new tires, and they didn't have a ride.

So I headed home to get Joe's jersey, and made plans to go and pick them up. And as I pulled up at the house, so did the mailman. He had 4 big trunks from overseas for me. Captain America has started to ship stuff back home! And it took a while, but I got it signed for, and in the house.

Then I drove Joe over to his practice, and followed my phones navigation over to Deborah's house. I think that's her name. Ha! If not, we'll just call her Deborah anyway... It took a while, but I found the place. And picked up her and her 4 kids. Her hubby was working and wouldn't be home till midnight or so. Army dudes work long hours, you know. Especially the commanders...

Anyway, we got to practice with about 10 minutes left. I chatted with Kari, then it was time to go. I asked Kari if she'd pick up Jake from the Youth Center and take Joe and Jake home. Cause I was gonna take Deborah to the car place to pick up her Van. My good deed for the day, you know :) hehe.

After I dropped her off and helped to get her and the kids and the car seats situated, I stopped by the Dollar Tree. I chatted with my mom while I looked around, and bought a few ornaments to go on my little table tree. Then headed home.

When I got home, the kids and I decorate the little tree. And it looked SO cute! I totally should have taken a picture, huh? It was all in red and gold, and had cardinals on it! Just for you, Captain America!

Then I worked on getting the kids into bed. Cause it was getting late. And I came in my room and started blogging, and watch a few episodes of "The Office" and one of "Chuck". It's now 9:40pm, and I'm sleepy. It was a super long day.

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment to get my crown put on, and then am meeting the girls at the gym. Rebecca is gonna give us a free session. She's a personal trainer, you know! Fun!

Oh yeah, I got these bandaids at the Dollar Tree too! Captain America bandaids! Sa-weet!!! And I heard from Amanda, and they got a house at Ft Sill!!! And moved in today! Woohoo!!!!

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LOL! That's a cute one, Sharon! Whisper, whisper, whisper :P

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 11 post on Dec. 14, 2011. Thanks again.