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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Day 11: Miracles

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Hey there you guys! So I woke up this morning, and after getting kids off to the bus (well, the youngest 4 anyway), I started designing. I was frustrated with Jake. More like over the last 4 days of trying to wake him up. More like over the past few weeks of trying to wake him. I was tired of trying.

So when CPT got home from PT, I was glad for the help. He wasn't so happy getting roped into helping, but I was happy for the help, none the less. But the stress of it wasn't good for me, which led to had headache. Sigh. So, after Jake went to the bus 5 minutes after waking up, and after CPT went to work, I designed my 5 Wordart packs with a developing migraine, then took a bunch of meds, and laid down.

My goal was for my migraine to go away by 11:30, so that I could go to dance lessons with the girls. They had had a bunch of fun last week, and I'd missed it. And I SO wanted to go this week. And yeah, when 11:30 rolled around, I did feel a bit better. Good enough to go out, at least.

And CPT and I had texted, and we felt better about the situation from the morning. See, from that seminar over the weekend, we'd learned that we are from different "countries". CPT is from the country of Perfect and the country of Control. Nice... And he has dual citizenship. Double great. I'm from the country of fun. And a little bit of Peace. And each country has a National vehicle. Well, this morning, I was using my national vehicle of Peace country. The Gondola. Slow mode. Peacefully sitting on the couch. Composing my thoughts for the day. Getting ready to design.

Anyway, CPT's national vehicle is a combo of a bulldozer and a train! Can you imagine what he did to my poor gondola! LOL. Needless to say, that's where the contention came from. Anyway, that's what had happened.

Julia came and picked me up, and me and her and Kari and Kim and Jenny went to dance lessons. It was on the West side, at a little dance studio. $7 for an hours worth of small private lessons in Salsa. I sucked, but it was ok :) Those mirrors were brutal - LOL.

After dancing, we were STARVING, and we all went to lunch at Chipotle. It was DELICIOUS! I absolutely loved it. I'd never eaten there before. I got the burrito with some kind of meat. Beef, and a sauce of sorts. With pintos and cheese and sour cream and cheese and mild salsa and OMGosh it was divine! I'm going back, and bringing CPT with me!!!

After lunch, Julia dropped us all off. And on my doorstep was my Miche new releases! Oh yeah! And the new purple animal prints are SO PRETTY!! And I'm not even crazy about purple! I absolutely love them! And the Skylar for the Petite. Super cute! It looks furry in the photo, but it's faux leather. But you'd swear that it's furry! So all of the style of fur, but none of the hassle of keeping it clean! Score!

CPT was home a few minutes before Tom got off the bus. Then it was time to go and pick up the little kids from the bus. I stayed and chatted with Kari, and soon CPT came and joined us. He got a call from some of his soldiers who wanted him to come and visit them at Buffalo Wild wings on post. They'd just been promoted, and they wanted him to come and celebrate with them. Awe, they like him!!!

We chatted a bit longer, then headed home. I started loading my store, and the kids did chores. And Jake was in a mood. I think he may have missed a dose or two of meds. I can always tell. Soon, CPT got home from the "party", and I was so glad. I was at my witts end. And I convinced him to take Jake to Hockey practice with him and Joe.

So it's now almost 6pm. CPT and Jake and Joe are off to the hockey rink. Tom and Jim and Eme and I are watching Psych. I'm done blogging and loading the store. No school tomorrow for Easter Break. And I think I need a LONG nights sleep. Oh yeah.

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

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PhotoLee said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the GREAT Easter word art!!!

I hate to be a pest, but I was wondering if I somehow missed the April frame word art. I have the ones for Jan, Feb, and March, but I didn't see one for April.