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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True Love

First off, I just have to share what a freak I am. Seriously. You think you know me, and that I'm a normal person (OK, so not quite normal, but you know what I mean!). But really. I'm not. Who does this? I sat around the other night playing with the camera, taking funny pics of myself. And I had SO much fun - hehehe. Here are a few of my favorites. (See, I really AM weird. Even if some of you have ever done this, I bet you didn't blog about it for the whole world to see - hehehe)

OK, enough of me being weird. My alarm didn't go off again yesterday. I use my wrist watches alarm, and if I'm sleeping with my arm under my pillow, I can't hear it. Sigh. The kids came and got me at 7:25am. They needed to leave at 7:30am. I helped Joe put on his shoes, threw some toast in the toaster, and they were off. Luckily, Tom always gets ups at 6:30am (he sets his alarm), showers, and gets ready. The others usually hear him, and get up and get ready too. He's usually sitting on the couch reading when I wake up. What a good kid!

I'm gonna have to tell the boy to start waking me up at 7am if my alarm fails to go off. Have my kids keep me on track - hehehe.

I went walking with the girls at 8:30 am. It was slow going, but good to be active. I think I may start jogging for 20 minutes before we walk. I need to get my heart rate up a bit. But I SO enjoy walking with my girls. They're SO much fun. Katy and Andrea and Kim (woohoo - she's back from vacation) and Adela and I. Such a fun group.

I got home at around 10am, and Captain America and I went to Joe's school to talk with the principal. He said that they hadn't yet evaluated the test results (I guess what he brought home the other day was a classroom evaluation, and not a state/district one....), and that he'd call on Friday or Monday for us to come in. Sigh. It sure hasn't been an easy process.

I came home, showered, got pretty, and the girls and I went out to lunch. It's SO nice to have Captain America home on vacation. I can go places and not worry about the kids. Woohoo!!! We went out to lunch at Olive Garden. Unlimited Soup and Salad. Mmmmmm. I got the minestrone soup, and Kim and I got salad with no dressing, light on the cheese. I even avoided the croutons. I had 2 bowls of soup, 3 bowls of salad, and 1/2 a bread stick. And 4 Diet Cokes. I know, I know. I'm in for more caffeine withdraws, but it was worth it :)

Here are a few pics from our fun lunch

Kim and Andrea

Andrea and her Mother-In-Law, Kathy (is that right, Andrea? I just know her as "Mom". hehe)

Katy and Tori and Adela

Adela and I (how come I look almost translucent. I'm SO white - hehehe)
I think I realized why this picture looks funny to me. My head is WAY too big for my body. What's up with that??? Can they do "head reduction" surgery??? I'm just sayin'.....

Lunch was such a good time! After I got home, I decided to clean. I think it was all the drugs coursing through my veins (caffeine), or something, but I was really productive. I took all the removable parts off the stove top, sprayed them with oven cleaner, and scrubbed them real good. The stove top was SO disgusting! I'd cleaned it a while back, but it SO needed done again. It was nasty. I should have taken a picture, but I would have been too embarrassed to post it.

Jake even helped out. And Captain America too. Jake helped me scrub, and Captain America organized the bookshelves in the dining room. It looked SO much better when it was done. I even tried out the "self clean" option on my stove. Who knew it was so cool. I'd never had a stove that did that before.

I did the dishes, and cleared off the counters in the kitchen. I moved all the chairs outside (it was SO beautiful outside - cooler than inside - that I opened up all the windows in the house to get a nice breeze and some fresh air moving around) and swept the dining room/kitchen really well. I reorganized the computer areas, and made it a little bit better looking. I cleared off the table, and had it looking pretty good when the kids got home from school.

They did their chores, did their homework, helped me fix dinner, ate dinner, then we went to the park. We were there for about 30 minutes, came home, read a chapter of "The Hunger Games", and I put the little ones to bed. The big ones got to stay up and play computer. And here I sit, blogging, and listening to them play on the computer. It's about 8:39pm, and I need to go kick them off the computer and put them to bed. They won't be happy, but they've gotta go. 6:30 or 7am comes pretty early..... Me? I think I'm gonna design a freebee real quick, then go take a bath and read my new book. Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". It's getting pretty good!

Well, since I'm SUCH a huge fan of Masks, I decided to make one for you guys! Isn't it pretty. AND, if you wanna grab the brush I used to make it, head on over to Obsidian Dawn. They have some GORGEOUS brushes.

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, leave some love if you like my work! Thanks :)

I used Irene Alexeeva's kit, Fresh Delice


The Paper Artists' Boutique said...

Are these freebies just for digi scrapping or can they be shrunk and used for cards? They are great and you are funny!!...in a good way! Sherry :)

Bethany said...

Well, you can use them for Personal Use cards. I think that my WordArts are great for Paper Scrapping also. I even have a "Hybrid" girl on my CT. She makes WONDERFUL cards and such.

Graham Like the Cracker said...

Bethany that LO is GORGEOUS!!!! What kit did you use?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the freebie

Rose said...

Wow, you make me laugh so hard Bethany!! I have taken photos of myself like that, but I delete them immediately after so there is no evidence!! lol And think, you're almost white in that photo like marble, like a Cullen. {insert girly squeal here}. Also I totally love that mask, and your layout is beautiful!!! I have that kit and may just have to do a scraplift!!

sueal tasmania said...

adore photomasks ... love this one especially ( your layout is just gorgeous) ...thanks so much.... love your word arts too you're very talented..and generous to share