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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dang, girls. I think I really am sick. It comes and goes in waves. I got up feeling rested at least on Tuesday morning. I got the kids off to school, and laid down for another 3o minutes. Andrea had invited me to go with her while her Suburban was worked on. Sounded like a fun girls time out. Even if it was just to service a vehicle. Hey, us mom's will take what we can get, entertainment wise, eh?

So, we headed for the west side around 8:30am. The dealership had free donuts, diet doctor pepper, and free popcorn. We just sat and chatted and ate and drank for a few hours. It was a great morning! Thanks, Andrea, for inviting me to come along! I really enjoyed the company :)

I got home, and fed the kids, and went to lay down. My medicine was starting to wear off. At 2ish I headed up to the school to pick up Joe. He had an appointment to check out his stitches, and see how they were doing. While I was at the school, I got a call from Ryan, Andrea's husband. Apparently Andrea and her father-in-law were headed to the commissary to go grocery shopping, and some drunk soldier, talking on the phone, ran into the side of their car!!! They were fine, but the drunk guy fled the scene, and tried to hide out. They caught him, and he's in army jail now.

The ambulance came and checked them both out, and Andrea was fine, but dad was showing signs of high blood pressure, so they took him to the hospital to look him over. Ryan wanted to know if I'd pick up the kids from school. Of course!!!

I went to Joe's doctor appointment (his stitches and cut are healing fabulously, by the way), then headed to the school to pick up the kids. They came back to my house and played for a few hours. I'd started cooking chicken at lunch time, WAY more than my family could eat. Now I know why I felt inspired to cook so much! I made mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken, corn, and made an apple cake. Mmmm, it smelled good.

Andrea came at around 6pm to pick up the kids, and I hung out with my kids until around 6:30pm. That was all I could do. I'm in bed now, feeling quite achy. I think I need more drugs. Off to find the Niquil......

Here's the WordArt for the day! I thought it turned out nicely. And I just LOVE Halloween. What other holiday do you get to dress up in a costume, beg for candy, and eat till your sick??? I rest my case!'

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macfandee said...

Hope you feel better soon Bethany :)
It no fun being sick.. especially when you are the mom and are never ever allowed any sick days !!!

Ashley said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! No one likes being sick but when there is so much going on and no time for a time out, it's rough.

Gave you a lil plug on my blog. Go take a look if you have a spare minute. ;)

staging professionals Toronto said...

Hi. I have the same situation. I'm sick for three days and it's not getting better. I'm at home and I have the worst cough I've ever had. I take some anti-cough medicines but they don't help much. I hope that I will be OK before Sunday because there is going to be small private party in our house. Hope you will be fine too soon.

Take care,