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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Blessings

Hi all! Well, I'm feeling a bit better than I was yesterday. Not 100%, but better. At this point, I'll take better. Andrea and I were supposed to go walking, but she had to take her father in law to the dealership instead. And it was probably better for me. Give me another day to feel a bit better.

I designed for a bit in the morning, then Jimmy and I packed up and left for a baby shower at 11 am. Oh yeah, right before we left, I made up some more of my cake truffle chocolate thingys. I put the chocolate for melting in the microwave, and when I opened the door to stir it 30 seconds later, I noticed that there was a pink bubbly spot on the rotater tray. Hmmm. Jimmy must have put gum or candy in the microwave.

I removed the tray, and put the bowl of chocolate back into the microwave. About that time, Jimmy put his finger into the pink bubbly stuff. And screamed. And ran. Sigh. Once I caught up with him, and put his finger under running water, it was white. The tip, that is. Poor kid. He was crying and screaming and clearly in pain. I filled a baggie with ice and water, and had him hold onto it.

We got to the baby shower about 20 minutes late, but we go there. Andrea met me there, and she was 30 minutes late - hehehe. It was a nice baby shower. We played a few games, won a few prizes, and at a bit of food. I tried the pumpkin soup, and it was DIVINE! Mmmmm.

Andrea, me, Jimmy, and Andrea's mom-in-law jetted out early from the baby shower, and were gonna head to Olive Garden for lunch. Mmmm, soup and breadsticks were calling our names!

Just outside the baby shower house, we saw this entertainment center sitting in someones trash. Sweet! I'd been looking for one. hehehe. I know, I know. Dumpster diving. It's actually one of my specialities! I backed up my surburban, and Andrea and I loaded it up. Sweet! It had a spot for the TV, 2 glass doors, 3 shelves, then 2 wooden doors below, with a shelf or two on the bottom. Really quite nice. The back paneling was coming off, but I had a hammer and finishing nails at home. Sweet!

We headed off to Olive Garden next. Mmmmm, I SO love their food. I got the potato/sausage soup, then the minestrone soup. I couldn't finish it, so I got a to-go soup container. Did you know they had those? Jimmy got a pizza kids meal, and ate none of it. 4 breadsticks, but no pizza. We got a to-go box for him, and brought it back for Jake. Andrea and her mom-in-law brought home some breadsticks and all the extra salad for her dad-in-law. Aren't we nice - LOL!

Jimmy and I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home, and got the 3 items that Captain America needed, and some clearance Halloween pencils, and a few other things, but got out of there without Tom's seeds. Dang. I told you about that, right? Tom's science project. Sigh. I needed to buy the poor kid seeds so he can start it. Wednesday. I'll try and remember on Wednesday.

I got home about an hour before the other kids got home from school, and had Jake help me bring in the Entertainment center. I took it to the garage, and nailed it back to sturdy. It fit perfectly in a little nook in my living room. One of my favorite quotes is "The Universe will Provide", and it was SO true today :)

Kids came home from school, we did homework, and chores, and dinner, and such, and at 6:30 when Captain America came home from work, we loaded up the kids and headed to McDonalds for Ice Cream. Tom's b-day is on Thursday, and since we have scouts on Wed and Thurs, I figured that ice cream at McDonalds on Tuesday would be fabulous! It was a fun little trip.

We came back home, put kids to bed, let Jake and Tom play D&D online with their uncles, and I helped Captain America with a logo for his company, Charlie Battery. Did I tell you that he's XO of the Battery? They announced it yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what all it entails, but I do know that he's now 2nd in charge, or something like that. So, basically, I won't be seeing much of him. But it was a great honor for him to be chosen. Good job, sweetheart!

My mom was watching a Wedding show the other night, and the photographer gave out these tips for a perfect picture: 1) Never tip your chin up. 2) Square your shoulders back. 3) Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, putting your weight on your back foot.

OK, now you guys need to go out there and try these tips and see if they work!

So, it's WordArt Wednesday again. I found this cute saying while looking online today. And I just HAD to make a WordArt out of it . I hope you all like it! Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Ashley said...

I honestly have been to Olive Garden only 2 (as far as I can remember at least). Now you have me wanting to go try out the soup, salad and breadstick deal. ;)
Wonderful job on the Word-art (as usual!)

MemoryKeeper said...

Thanks so much...may we please have the recipe for the cake truffle chocolate thingys?