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Thursday, February 11, 2010


OK, so today really WAS the longest day ever - hehehe. Up at 7am, got kids ready, out the door to school, back home, waited for my Visiting Teachers to come and visit me. They came at around 8:15am. And brought chocolates. Mmmmmm. Not good for the ole diet, but Mmmmmmm!

I had Jake play Wii fit while they were there, and Jimmy played with Chelsie's kids. He seemed to be having a blast :) Kids are always fun to play with. They gave a really nice lesson on Self Reliance. I really enjoyed the message. Being self reliant is something that we each need to work on, in a variety of different levels. Spiritual self reliance, temporal self reliance, emotional self reliance, financial self reliance. LOTS of different things.

After they left, I proceeded to eat about 1/2 the tray of chocolates. And I hadn't had breakfast, so I was on a TOTAL sugar and chocolate high. Not cool. I went to exercise at Andreas house, and told Jake and Jim that they were free to eat the chocolates. Jake started on school, and was excited because he only had a few classes.

We did our 25 minutes worth of exercise video, then headed out again. I went back home, grabbed my purse, and Andrea picked me up, and we went to the thrift store. She had consignment stuff. We'd never done it, so it was a learning opportunity. hehehe.

The girls at the store were having WAY too much fun. One of them mentioned something about us coming and volunteering too. They said that the army would reimburse you up to $100 in child care fees every month. Really? Andrea and I could volunteer at the thrift store 2 days a week for a few hours, and Jimmy would get FREE preschool, in essence. DEFINITELY something to look into further. He'd be SO excited.

We came back home (really, it was a quick trip), and I helped Jake finish up school. I'd bought a new Over the Hedge DVD game for Jimmy, and Jake and Jimmy and I played it for a little while. IT was different. hehehe.

Around 12;30, Andrea and I and Veronica went out to lunch at Olive Garden. We invited a few more people, but everyone else had something more pressing to do. I'm almost out of fun money for the month, so I'm gonna have to slow down on the "going out". hehehe. BUT, it was a lot of fun. Those girls are the best :) I always have fun when I'm out with my friends!

We were home by 2:45pm, and I had Jake and Jim get ready, and took EVERYONE to pick up the kids and play at the park. Jake was excited, and Jim was excited. We stayed and played for about 30 minutes. On the way back to the truck, Jake realized that he'd left the house cell phone in his hoodie, and then proceeded to lose it. I was SO mad.

I told him that if he couldn't find it, the cost to replace the phone was coming out of his babysitting money. He hung his head and said that he understood. We all started walking to the truck, and he asked if he could go back one more time and look.

I got the kids buckled in the truck, and drove back near the school to wait for him. I saw him running towards me, happy. He'd found the phone. He said that when he got to the park, he said a prayer, then some other kids came over, and helped him look for the phone, and they found it under the monkey bars. He'd hung upside down, and it had fallen out. I'm SO glad that he thought to pray. What a sweet child. He was happy, too, that he didn't need to waste his hard earned money on a replacement phone.

We got home, and I vegged for a while. It'd been a long day already. We had bologna sandwiches and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. I helped the kids do their chores, and decided that today was the day to mop. I moved all the furniture in the living room aside, and had Eme sweep real good, then mop. Then I went back, and re-mopped. She'd loosened up all the junk, and I finished it off.

Things dry real fast here in El Paso, so by the time I helped Tom sweet and mop, Eme's room was dry, and I was able to put it back together. The living room, kitchen, and dining room all got swept and mopped. My whole house now smells like Pine Sol. I also refreshed the fake "scentsy" and added a new air freshner plug in to the downstairs bathroom. I did some laundry for the little boys, and had the kids clean up the backyard. It was in serious need of some attention. BUT, my house is well on it's way to being clean for the party on Friday.

At 6:30pm, Andrea came by and picked up Jake and Tom for Scouts, and left Luke and Ben to play with my kids. Captain America came home about that time, ate dinner, and laid down on the couch for a little nap. By 7:30pm, he'd moved to the bed, and was fast asleep.

I helped Joe and Ben with their homework, and then the boys played. We had some popcorn, and watched part of a movie. Mostly, though, the boys played lightsabers. They were playing in Joe and Jims room, until I had to put Jimmy to sleep. He was getting tired, and wasn't playing nicely. It was time for bed.

Andrea came back with my kids at 8:30pm, and we did the switch off. I put Joe and Jake and Eme and Tom to bed, then sat down to answer a few urgent emails. I went and checked on Captain America, and he was feeling a bit warm. He'd had the H1R1 shot today, or whatever the silly thing is called. I guess that his groups higher ups wanted to have 100% shots. So he got one. I'm not a big believer in the flu shot thingy, personally. But then, he doesn't have a spleen, so I guess that he needs it more. But then, he may end up sick. We'll see.

Anyway, I got him some meds, and some water, and made sure that he was nice and asleep, left him a note, and snuck out. Laurie was hosting a Girls Movie night at her house. I picked up Andrea, and we were there by 10pm. About 30 minutes late, but there, none the less - hehehe.

Laurie had made Chicken Cordon Blue in honor of the movie, Julie and Julia. Me and Andrea and Laurie and April and Hilary and Jessi and Kayley and Chelsie and Veronica were all there. It was SO much fun. We didn't even start the movie until 11pm, I think. We had CHOCOLATE and chicken and drinks and salad and OMGosh, it was a blast. Laughing and carrying on like we were. I'm surprised that Laurie's kids were able to sleep - hehehe.

We moved to the bedroom that is the TV room, and started the movie. But we never stopped chatting. At some points, we were ALL talking so loud, that we couldn't even tell what anyone was saying. I'm definitely gonna have to go and watch that movie sometime without distractions - it looked like it would have been pretty good. But the social interaction was WAY more important.

After the movie, well, even before, people started to trickle out. By the end, it was just me and Andrea and Laurie and Veronica and Chelsie. We stayed and chatted until 2:30pm. And had a BLAST doing it.

So here it is, 3:13pm, and I'm tired. I need sleep. 7am is gonna come mighty early tomorrow.

So today when we were inviting people to lunch, and getting turned down by people who were too busy (ROFL!), Andrea and I came up with this saying. TOTALLY in jest. We LOVE our friends, and of course, people get busy. We just like to joke, so I thought that this would be a PERFECT WordArt. I can just see it on layouts of someone working at a desk, or something like that. Studying really heard. As a joke. An attitude WordArt, you know. OK, maybe I shouldn't be funny at 2:53am. Maybe I'm not the best judge. EVERYTHING seems funny....

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the pNG file, and leave some love if you feel sorry for me being tired after staying up late and playing. Thanks!


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Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today (look for timestamp: [11 Feb 01:07pm GMT]).

A said...

you and Andrea are RIGHT! I love this! you have a great "eye" for putting text together --


bj said...

thank you!!

IvoryKeys said...

This is great! Thanks Bethany!

linnie-818 said...

Love the grungy texture of this word art. Very, very well done. Thanks for sharing!