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Friday, February 12, 2010


OMHeavens. Yeah, my 3:30pm night REALLY caught up to me. I'm not in my 20's anymore, you know - hehehe. And did I tell you that I was the OLDEST one at the party last night. How the crap did that happen? *sigh, and rolls eyes* I've ALWAYS been the youngest one. But the last couple of years, I think people started getting younger or something....

Anyway, I got up at 7:00am, and I was a zombie. I went to the bathroom, and Captain Americawas awake and hadn't left yet for work. Self release PT time, I guess (Physical Training - exercising). Anyway, he was like, "um, late night?" hehehe. He hadn't even know that I'd left for the evening.

I reset my watch for 7:15am, and went back to bed. Jim and Joe kept coming in, needed me, though. I got up, and got Joe dressed, and kids cereal started, then reset my watch for 7:35. I went back to bed, but this time had people coming in and tattling on each other. Sigh. The universe was conspiring against me to not let me sleep. I just know it.

I somehow managed to drive the kids to school. Sweats, sweatshirt, no bra, broken glasses, droopy eyes, and I didn't even have the presence of mind to grab a bandana, so WILD hair. I'm sure the gate guard thought I was SUPER hot - ROFL!

I came back home, grabbed my puter, and hopped back into bed. Jake started on school and breakfast, and I turned on PBS cartoons in my bed for Jimmy. I couldn't really fall asleep all morning, but I didn't really move from the bed. I read a chapter, I watched the latest episode of "The Bachelor", I talked with Jakes Science teacher on the phone for a minute or so, then passed it over to Jacob.

Realy, I just lounged around until noon. I needed to go to the store, but I was still feeling lazy. At 12:15pm, Joe and his teacher called to tell me that he'd had an accident at school. Would I please come up and bring him a change of undies and pants. Poor Joe. I could TOTALLY sympathize with the child. I had accidents all the way up until 5th grade. Heck, what am I talking about, I still have horrible bladder control. PLEASE don't make me laugh too hard - hehehe.

I got Jim and Jake ready, found some clothes for Joe, got myself somewhat presentable, and headed out. First stop, school. We all went in, and found Joe in the nurses office. He changed, we took the dirty clothes, and walked him back to class. No worries, Joe - I still love ya, hon!

Next, we went to Big Lots. I was on the look out for a 10 Quart pot with lid. I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. We walked around Big Lots for a while, and realized that it wasn't there. Back in the truck, and we stopped at Game Crazy. Jake had saved up 75% of the money needed to buy a PSP (play station portable), and asked if I'd loan him the rest. We were looking for used ones.

No used ones at Game Crazy, but some decent prices on used PSP and Wii games. We'll have to come back soon.

Next, on to the Family Dollar. Bingo! I got a 10 quart cooker pot for $9.00 Not bad. And now I won't have to cook soup in my galvanized bucket anymore. Yeah, don't ask - ROFL!

Next, we drove to Walmart. I got plastic spoons, plastic forks, new air fresheners, paper bowls, and plates, some new Wart freezer stuff (for Jimmys hand and my feet), and some plastic Valentine's cups (5 for $1.50) to put cookies in for the teachers. Little cookies. And, I found Dark Chocolate and Mint chips for $0.97. I got two. I could make Mint Chocolate Chip cookies for the teachers. Sweet!

Next, it was off to the PX. Game Stop is in there, and I know that they had a Used old PSP a few weeks ago. It was worth a shot. Nope. No old ones. They did have a TON of Nintendo GameBoy Advanced. My kids ripped the flip screen right off the old one we had. Yeah, they're rough. That's an understatement!

Anyway, they had a bundle, which came with the PSP 3000, a memory card of 2GB, Assassins Creed (not as violent as a PSP game as a PS game), a free download of Angels and Demons. All that for $199. Is that a good price? I thought it sounded reasonable. He was SOOOOO excited about it. He was beaming from ear to ear. LOL! He also bought a car package. Came with a charger, a hard case, a game case, and headphones. Should be pretty good. See, Jake wanted to get the PSP before our family trip to Ruidoso New Mexico next weekend. Can't say I blame the child :)

By the time we were done at Game Stop at the PX, we were out of time. No stop at the commissary. I needed to get supplies for my soup. Crap! It was time to pick up the kids. So we hurried back to the truck, and drove across post and out the gate to get the kids. Andrea and I and Laurie and Veronica and Becky stayed and played on the playground while our boys did AQ. It's quite the nice routine.

Also, while sitting there, we got a call from the school (automated - do you get those?) saying that on the Tuesday night Board meeting for the district, our bus request was approved. Well, Andrea and I already knew that - hehehe. The message also said that the bus would be ready on MONDAY! Isn't that awesome :) We just need to stop by the office on Friday and pick up a "Pass" for the bus. Or something like that :)

We were home by 4pm, and after getting everyone situated with snack and homework and chores, I took Joe (who was having a rough time for some reason) to the Commissary. We got potatoes, and onions, and kale (for the Olive Garden soup), and bullion cubes, sausage, and bacon, heavy cream, salad and dressing, and something for dinner for tonight. It was a quick trip, and we were able to use the self-checkout line. I'm telling you guys, if I had to work in that self check out place, I'd have nightmares.

"The item you scanned does not match the weight placed in the bad. Please remove the item from the bagging area". Why must they make the voice SO annoying?

I was home by 5pm, and got dinner ready for everyone. I unloaded everything I'd bought today, and got it sorted into "food for the party" and "paper products for the party".

At 5:45pm, Joe and I headed up to Cub Scouts. Ben and Andrea met us there. We worked on Placemats for the Blue and gold. They're just Adorable! I'd printed out Cub Scouts stuff a few weeks ago, and had it developed at Walgreens.

After scouts, Andrea and I and Joe and Ben went to the On Post Burger king, and got some food. Joe had some fries, but didn't really eat a burger. He'd had a hot dog after school, so that's probably why he didn't eat much. Andrea and I both got Whopper Jrs. They're SO tasty. I just LOVE The Whopper.

I was home by 8pm, and Captain America was already there. He put the little boys to bed, and I started cleaning/arranging. First, I moved the chairs around. I have a couch that should hold up to 4, one that holds 2, a wooden box, 4 metal folding chairs, 6 dining room table chairs, a camp chair, 4 tiny folding chairs, and 3 wooden stools. How many seats is that? Hopefully enough. That's seriously all the the seats in our house :)

I asked Captain America to clean the downstairs bathroom ,and OMGosh, it looked BEAUTIFUL when he was done. He turned off the light, turned on the fan, cranked up the plug in air freshener, and locked the door. ROFL! I sure hope no kid has to use the bathroom tonight. They'll come to mine, right? It's close.....

Jake and Tom and Eme and Captain America and I played 3 rounds of Train Dominos, then sent the big kids to bed. I went in the kitchen, and taped a red table cloth to my counter, cutting off the excess. With the excess, I was able to cover our shrunken kitchen table with it. It's only a little trashy, with the BIG ole tape line down the middle. I think I made up for it with the rest of the decorations on the table.

I set out the plates, the bowls, forks, spoons, cups, napkins, and a punch bowl. What do ya think?

I didn't really clean in the kitchen, but I did make some cookies. WAY too many batches, in my opinion. But they were tasty. I liked them a lot. Just a hint of mint.

I lined the teacher cups with tin foil, then filled it with cookies (8, I think), and wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap, securing at the top with some curling ribbon.

I looked at the clock, and it's now 12:34. Dang! I SO wanted to go to bed early. I'll wake up in the morning, get the kids off to school, then come back and clean. My kitchen needs deep cleaned, and I need to securely block off my stairs. I didn't wanna clean upstairs - ROFL!

So I'm still kinda a zombie today, and it's almost midnight, and, well, this is your freebee. It's cute looking, if nothing else. I thought that you could use it on a picture of a messy room. Or a messy kid, for that matter - ROFL! Or a messy mom (because of a kid, I'm sure!). hehehe.

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my MAD decorating skills :)


Sabrina said...

This Word Art is so me!!! I just said that yesterday! With a 22 month old, it never seems to be clean. lol Thanks!

Adriana said...

Love the decorations and you can always turn the table cloth with the tape side down!!!

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today (look for timestamp: [12 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

LucindaJ said...

This is a perfect expression of my daily frustration and just the pick-me-up I needed today. Thank you!

bj said...

ain't it the truth! thank you!!

sanhizanne said...

Thank you for this WA ! I get a pic with my daughter doing the cleaning (she is 5 yo) so I can use it now ! (Sorry for my bad english !!! I don't practice for years ! )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

CynR said...

LOL!!! Thank you very much! I love this!

linnie-818 said...

This is too funny. It is so me right now. Although we have no at- home children to point to, I never seem to get ahead of things (or even caught up with things). Always more to do than I have time or energy. Thanks for sharing!

PS...Originally posted to wrong day. Sorry.

Just A Mommie said...

LOVE it! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

this one just matches me perfectly!

loving your work!

StampDancer said...

I love your word art! It expresses my wry outlook on life. I am into keeping my house organized but it is a never ending battle but I keep fighting.

Peggy S said...

Oh how true true true true true! Love the way you scattered the words all over.