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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

So much for my slow day. Yeah, if this is my restful day, just shoot me now - hehehe. I was up a little before 7am, getting kids for school. And cooking breakfast. And getting Captain America off to work (no PT today for him).

I got Jake started on school, and then just sat around for a while. I played online, watched a little bit of cartoons with Jimmy, printed my shopping list, but didn't do anything with it. Just being lazy. But it only lasted for about an hour and a half.

At around 9am, Laurie called me, and said that there was a matching set of Washer/Dryer on her block, by the curb, with a sign taped to it that said "Good.". Sweet! I could use a backup set. PLUS, if the dryer worked, then maybe I'd have one that worked. hehehe.

So she came and picked me up in her hubbys truck, and we headed to her street. We backed up to the washer/dryer, and then realized, "how the crap are we gonna get them in the truck???". We did the dryer first, and it was SO heavy. But somehow we managed to get it in.

The washer was next, but even heavier. We bent down low, squatting, and tried to raise it up. But we weren't strong enough. It tipped her way, bouncing off of her cheekbone and shin, then my way bouncing off of my nose. We quickly set it down, realizing it wasn't gonna work.

Dang, my nose hurt. Tears immediately sprung to my face, and we both just stood there laughing that we hurt ourselves trying to get a washer from some dudes trash into her truck. hehehe. SO pathetic - LOL!

We somehow managed to lift it and get it in the truck, even if it was sideways. About that time, the dude who lived there came home, and helped us get it the last little ways in. He said that the washer worked just fine, but that the dryer needed a new dial on the top. At least I know what's wrong with it. Now I have 3 slightly broken dryers - LOL!

We took it back to my house, then attempted to unload the first one, getting it to the gravel by my garage. Luckily, before the 2nd one came out of the truck, my neighbor and his 20 yr old son noticed us, and ran over to help. That's what we needed. 2 strong men :) That's the answer to everything, right?

I went back in the house, made Burger King playland plans with my new friend, Danielle, and her son, and Jimmy, then called Andrea to see how she's doing. Luke is still in the hospital. Did I tell you that he has Viral Pneumonia? Luckily, her husband is home now, and can take care of getting the kids to school, and watching them after work. So she can stay in the hospital and focus on the baby. Poor kid. And poor mom.

Anyway, I told her that I'd come and visit. So I got my shopping list all ready, so that after the hospital, I could swing by the commissary, shopping before meeting Danielle at Burger King at 12:30.

So I drive to the hospital, about 20 minutes away. And there's NO parking. I had to park across the street in the pay lot. Oh well. Andrea, you're worth it! I finally find the right place, and the right room, and visit for a bit. She and Luke have been in this tiny little room since Tuesday. I don't know how she's doing it. I'd be going insane :(

Veronica came about 20 minutes later to visit too. She goes to college right around the block, and stopped by after class. About that time, Andrea had to go watch a video about asthma. She'd seen it last time the baby was in the hospital, but they made her see it again. So Veronica and I went downstairs to the little coffee shop, and got a soda.

I was supposed to leave to go grocery shopping, but decided to postpone it, and stay and chat. About 20 minutes later, Andrea was done. We went back up to her room, and hung out for a bit more.

I left the hospital at 11:50am. Just as I passed the exit for highway 54, I got a call from Captain America, saying that his truck had broken down around that area, and that he needed a ride. Sigh. I had to go WAY out of my way to get back to where he was. i-10 to airway to airport to fred wilson to gateway east to ellethorpe. BUT, I finally got there. I had to call Danielle and tell her the situation, and that I'd call her when Captain America was all taken care of.

I took these photos while driving through the new "spaghetti bowl" being constructed near post and dyer/fred wilson area. It's a big mess right now, but will be SO much better when it's all finished.

Apparently, something broke when he was about a mile away from the place that they had one of their meetings at today. So he left the truck under the overpass on some gravel, and walked to his meeting. I picked him up after it was over.

I took him home, grabbed Jimmy, and went to Danielle's house at 1:30pm. We drove over to Burger King, and let the kids play for a while. I got Jimmy a $burger, a $fries, and I got a $salad and a $drink. So my meal was only $4. Not too bad, considering how expensive the class was with all of it's eating out this week.

We ate and chatted for a while, then she had to go to the school to get her preschooler, and I needed to go grocery shopping. Jimmy wanted to go home, so I dropped him off with Jake, then headed to the commissary.

I'd misplaced my list, so I went without it. Funny thing, though, when you use the same list week after week, month after month, you get where you don't need it. AND, I'd gone through it this morning, marking off things that we already had, and how many of what we needed. Amazingly enough, I remembered it. So I just went down my normal pattern of isles, and it was all good. Do you do that? Start on one end, and go methodically down the isles? OK, so maybe I'm weird. Even if I don't need anything down that particular isle, I still go down it, just so that the zig zag pattern is intact..... Yes, I know I'm strange :)

Anyway, I get my groceries, pay, and head home. I was almost $30 under budget, too. I wonder if maybe I forgot some stuff - hehehe.

I didn't have time to go home before the bus, so I just met the kids at the bus in my truck. After getting them, I drove home (yeah, 1 block away), and the kids helped unload the truck. I put away all the groceries, and had Emeline do her chores. After they were done, she gathered up a few things, and I took her to a sleep over at Bella's house. That's Veronica's oldest daughter. She's in a grade or two higher than Emeline, but Eme's a good 1/2 a head taller than Bella. hehehe. They seem to get along fine :) I bet she's having fun!

I came back home, and got the other kids ready for Football equipment night. From 5-7 at the park where they practice, the 2 younger groups of football players were getting issued their equipment. Unfortunately, there's not enough kids for the older team, so they're out of luck. BUT, they did extend registration for another week, hoping to get a few more players. 3 or 4 more boys, and the team is filled. SO, hopefully a few more Ft Bliss parents will sign their 12-13 year old boy up for Football. Pretty please???

We got the helmet, the shoulder pads, the leg pads, a pair of practice pants, and practice jersey, and a game pants and game jersey for Tom. He was SO excited about it. Sorry it's sideways, I didn't feel like photoshopping it tonight :)

We headed home, and were home by 6pm. We also found out that it takes under 10 minutes to get to and from the field. I keep starting my stopwatch when I leave, and I keep forgetting to stop it when we get home. One of these days I'll remember. Another odd quirk of mine. I like to time things :) One time, when I had to pee REALLY bad, I timed it. 1 minute and 6 seconds. That's a LONG time, you know. OK, too much information (TMI), I know...

Anyway, back home, and I started some soup/stew. It had carrots and onions and celery and parsely and sweet potatoes and garlic and green peppers and italian seasoning and chicken broth and ground turkey. And a few handfuls of brown rice. Smelled really good :)

Joe wanted to go to the neighbors house and jump on their trampoline with them, so I let him, and Captain America got home at around that time. The soup was still cooking, so I left it to simmer. He and I loaded in my truck, and we headed out to meet the tow truck. LUckily,k when he bought the thing, he put towing on the insurance. So the tow will be "free" for us. Gotta like that.

We met the tow truck under the overpass, and I parked in the road, with my blinkers on, having the other cars go around us. Luckily, it was later, and there wasn't a lot of traffic out. During the day, that would have been pretty dangerous.

The tow truck guy got the truck on the flatbed, and we headed back to post. He dropped it off in our driveway, and I parked on the street. Hopefully I get my parking spot back soon..... Captain America's buddy thinks that it was the clutch that went out. I don't know anything about cars...

The kids were watching a movie when we got home, so we sat and snuggled with the little boys, and watch the end of it with them. At 8:20pm, Captain America and I headed out to the mall to buy his vitamins. Jake put the little kids to bed, and he and Tom watched another movie.

We got Captain Americas vitamins, and then walked the mall for a bit. I wanted to go to the Jewelry Box, but it's gone in the Cielo Vista mall. What's up with that? I don't know why it left. So sad :( Maybe it's just moving to a different location? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

We looked at a few more stores, then headed home. We put Jake and Tom to bed, then went to our room to watch a movie. And here it is, 12:30pm, and I'm tired. Again. I was supposed to go to a church meeting tomorrow morning, but I'm skipping. I wanna spend some more time with my husband and family. He's been gone so much lately, and he has the day off. So I'm playing hookey.

This WordArt request is from Heidi. AND, I 'm curious to see which side you all are on. SO, there's an Edward Download and a Jacob Download. Lets see who has the most votes/downloads. Me? I'm Team Edward. All the way ;)


Deanna said...

Something Twilight! Cool! My dd will love it! lol And, lady, I got tired just reading about your day! lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Lauri said...

Love it!!!! I didn't take any pics of New Moon because I went to it with my hubby, shhhh! But plan on next time with camera in hand, and yes, my husband said, never again....

Samantha said...

Team Edward ALLLLLLLLLL the way! Thanks for this....I do plan on making a Twilight page one of these days.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the DigiFree category today [06 Mar 01:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Joy said...

Really? You're on Team Edward? After seeing Jacob's abs??? Sorry, I'm not on your team! LOL ;) GO TEAM JACOB!!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Mar. 06, 2010. Thanks again.

Carol said...

Well-l-l, I HAD to download both, but I'm TEAM EDWARD all the way! lol

Mom2mykids said...

LOL about the word art! I had to download both too ... And I had to laugh about your description of zigzagging the store aisles. I do that too. If I *don't* do it, I usually forget something. And it's not even usually on the aisle I skipped, how's that for stupid?! Thanks for the word art! I still haven't seen New Moon yet ...

Tom and Jessica said...

LOL! I couldn't get into Twilight - but I am totally a Team Cedric fan lol! hehehe!

Maybe I'll get into Twilight soon? Idk. Love the word art!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Neither. Won't be downloading today. But hey, I normally love your stuff, so it's all good. :)
Thanks for the great work you do, and so generously share!

CactusFreek said...

Definatly a team Jacob here! Thanks :o)

mom24boys said...

Thanks Bethany. I' all for Edward. Jacob looked better in the movie but the book tops everything! I love the classics and Edward is Classic!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the word art, I am Team Edward, but I love them both!

ckcpurple said...

LOL! The first post is by my sister!!!!!! My nieces and I are all Team Edward!!! But I had to download both because one of my friends is Team Jacob.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!