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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Holy Moly! What a long day :) So glad it's coming to an end - hehehe. I really just wanted to go back to bed when I woke up this morning, but I didn't. I got the kids ready and out the door, then made plans to shop. Captain America is going to the field on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, and needed a few supplies. That, of course, couldn't be bought at just one store. That needed to be purchased at several stores. Sigh.

At 8:30am, I headed to the commissary. I got Tuna Packs, and peanuts, and ziplock baggies, and floss, and a tinfoil baking dish (I was making dinner for a chicke tonight), and almonds, and hummm, can't remember what else. I had few enough that I used the self check out line, and headed home.

Laurie came over shortly after that, around 9:30am, and she and I and Rowan and Jimmy headed to the Scout office. I needed Applications. Tonight is church Scouts, and I needed a few people to fill them out. Myself included. hehehe. I got the lady to give me a stack, and we went to the store.

Laurie needed to get Pherson a uniform. BOY, they're expensive. Very expensive. I actually bought Joe a pair of Scout pants. Tom's hand-me-downs weren't the right size. Joe is VERY tiny for a Harty kid, so of course Tom's old ones didn't fit. They almost fit Jimmy, though. hehehe. I also got him a new Scout belt.

The little boys were wild and crazy and a bit naughty in the Scout Store, running around, touching things. Dang, I remembered why I leave Jimmy with Jake sometimes - hehehe. We headed back to post after the Scout shop.

I deposited the stuff at home, and went back out, this time minus Jimmy - hehehe. Jake was coming along nicely with his school, and Jimmy played on the Wii for a bit. I headed to Walmart. I needed 5 hour energy drinks, aftershave, and 8x11 legal notepads. Yeah, for Captain America. hehehe.

I got myself a new round brush for straightening my hair, and some Frizz-ease shampoo and conditioner. We'll see how it works :)

After Walmart, I headed over to Vitamin World at the Mall. Captain America needed a refill of his vitamins. I got them, then walked around for a bit. See, Hilary had just got off work, and we were supposed to meet up. But Captain America called and said that he wanted to meet up for lunch, but that he still had work stuff to do.

So I asked Hilary if she wanted to hang at the mall until he was done, but by the time she was gonna be at the mall, Captain America would probably be done. So I was at the mall for about 45 minutes by myself. It was turning into a "by myself" day.... I'm more fun with someone... hehehe.

I saw a Cell Phone accessory kiosk in the mall, and found one that fit my phone. And Captain Americas. And a touch screen saver. It was a little shy of $30 for all 3. After tax and everything. I went to Old Navy, just to pass the time.

And Captain America called, and I asked what type of phone he had for the charger. And he started to get mad. I was confused, because he'd been nagging for weeks for me to buy cases for our cell phones. Well, come to find out, he'd ordered cases for him and I online, and had it gift wrapped, and a note encloses, for Mother's Day. Crap.

I tried to take the one's I'd just bought back, and NO RETURNS. Sigh. That sucks. Now we have 2 sets of cases. Not so cool.

I'd already been feeling a bit down for other reasons, and this didn't help. Captain America said he was close to coming into town, and to meet him at Applebees. So I drove from the mall to Chilis. And waited in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. And it was HOT, because I don't have AC. When he called again, he said to go in and get a table, and order what we usually get. I was almost out of the car when I actually looked at where I was. Not Applebees. Chilis. Crap. Wrong restaurant.

So I drove to the right restaurant, and got us a table. And ordered sodas for us. And texted Hilary. Cause I was bored. He got there right as I was giving our order to the waitress. And I did feel better when he got there. We chatted, and I told him what was on my mind, and I felt better after talking with him. He's such a good guy :) Love you, honey (even though I know you don't read my blog - hehehe).

After lunch, I headed back home, and he went back to work. Since I'd skipped my 8am walk, Hilary and I went on a 2pm walk. Yeah, it was hot. But we walked FAST! We got done in 56 minutes. When we walk with the other girls, it takes closer to 1 hour 15 minutes. My face was beet red when I got back home, so I chugged 2 big glasses of water. I think I got a bit of a sunburn, but it'll be tan tomorrow.

Hilary came to the bus stop with me, and then went home to get her kids after the bus came.

Joe was SO excited about his new scout clothes. Here's a few pics I snapped with my phone. Yes, he's saluting with the wrong hand, but just go with it ;)

I had the kids do their chores, and their homework, and I went in to take a nap. I was sleep, probably from all of the sun and heat. I was almost asleep, too, when Laurie texted me and asked if I was still bringing dinner to a family in the ward who's kids may or may not have the Swine Flu. They definitely have a bad flu, though.

Crap! TOTALLY forgot about it. I'd remembered when I bought the pans this morning, but I forgot in the mean time.... So, I grabbed out some thawed ground turkey, and browned it up. I was gonna have Tom shred the cheddar cheese, and Eme break up the tortilla shells into little pieces. But I couldn't find the tortillas.

Wanna know why? Because Jimmy had eaten them all. Sigh. Now what was I gonna do. It was 4;30, and I had to have something to give them. I ended up going with "Surprise Casserole". hehehe.

I took a box of stovetop stuffing, a can of cream of chicken soup, 1/2 a can of milk, 1/2 little brick of cheddar cheese (shredded), 1 lb of ground turkey (cooked) and a little can of corn, and mixing it all in a bowl. I put it in the casserole dish, and sprinkled cheese and bread crumbs on top, and put the lid on it. That was as good as it got. Yeah, I suck. But whatever. It was a meal, right? It's better than what my kids got. Hot dogs.

Tom and Jim and I loaded up in the truck, and headed out to the Aguilars house. Yeah, I didn't know where I was going. I knew the general area, but not specifically. It was near Hilarys house, but the other subdivision. So I got close, and parked and waited for Laurie to text me with the address. And waited a bit longer. Mind you, it's 90 degrees outside, and I'm inside of a 1990 suburban, no air conditioner. Yeah, think Metal Sauna.... hehehe.

I started texting anyone I could think of to find the address so I could go home. Kayley and Hilary and Laurie eventually all texted me with the address, or enough of the address to find where I was going.

She seemed grateful for the food, and looked pretty sick herself. Poor Amie. I dropped off the food and ran. Poor Tom and Jimmy were HOT in the truck. Jim fell asleep on the way back home. I was gonna carry him into the house, but yeah, not gonna happen. He weights 55 lbs, and I just can't carry that kind of weight around. He's HEAVY!

I assisted the kids in making Hot Dogs (yeah, took a lot of effort, let me tell ya), and I went back to my room, in hopes of catching a bit more nap. Yeah, didn't happen. I tried, though. People kept texting me. Cause I'm SO popular, you know - hehehe.

I decided to just to take a shower. I think that all of the sun was making me tired, so maybe a shower would wake me up. I don't know if it did or not, but it did feel good. I blow dried my hair with my dryer and new brush, after using my new shampoo and conditioner on it. And yea, it was less frizzy. That's good :)

At 6:30pm, Braxton and Hunter (Leslie's kids) came over. They are joining our Cub Scout/ Boy Scout pack/troop. Leslie said they could! I let Braxton (Tom's age) borrow Toms old uniform. He looked pretty good ;)

I don't know how, but we got to church 2 minutes before Scouts started. We totally should have been there earlier. I don't remember what kept us so long... But whatever. We were ok for time.

Jake and Hunter wen with the Boy Scouts to the pool. Tom and Braxton went with Andrea to Webelos. Emeline went with the 8-11 yr old girls for Activity Days. And Jim and Joe and a buttload of other kids played outside by the back door. Hilary and I and Laurie and Teri hung out and kinda supervised. Basically, as long as they stayed out of the road, it was good ;)

We hung from 7-8:30pm. It was a fun evening :) I even got a few signatures that I needed. One being mine - hehehe.

I couldn't find Jimmy when it was time to go, though. I looked all around outside, then called for him all around inside. Found him in the basement, in a meeting with the Relief Society presidency, watching a portable DVD player with one of the counselor's kids. hehehe. At least he was sitting down being quiet. LOL.

We headed home, and thankfully didn't get stopped to get checked for random inspection. Me and 7 kids. Yeah, not so much. hehehe.

I dropped Leslie's kids off to her, and offered my kids the option of sitting in the truck and waiting for me, or walking home. It's SO far away. 1 house inbetween hers and mine. hehehe. They walked home.

I chatted with Leslie for about 15 minutes, then realized that I'd never ate dinner! What? Me forget to eat? Unheard of! hehehe.

I went home, and Captain America was there. He'd been home for about 30 minutes. The kids were in bed, and he was working in his office. I grabbed some cheese and cucumbers, and retreated to my favorite spot on the new couch.

I always mean to blog first, but facebook always pulls me in. And checking emails takes a long time. Yeah, I suck at answering them, though. I now have over 500 personal emails in my inbox. Not a good thing. Can I go Email Bankrupt? Is that even possible? I think I've considered it before....

Anyway, I facebooked AND texted Hilary, and Andrea a bit too. Did I tell you that I'm over 7000 texts for the month? Yeah, Hilary hit 12,000 last month. Too funny :) We're old ladies texting a lot - ha!

Anyway, it's 11:28pm, and I'm tired. I still need to design a freebie, though. Off I go to design....

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Hilary said...

OLD?! Who are you calling OLD?! Just remember, no matter how OLD we get, you will always be OLDer than me (ok by like 4 months but still)! hehe

By the way, I'm day 6 into my billing cycle and I am already at 2,104 texts. How is it that the only two people I mainly text (you and Laurie) have way lower texts than I do for a month?! Can I beat 12,231 (or whatever the number was last month) this month?! I guess it IS sad! But hey, this is how I look at it. They didn't have this cool thing called texting when we were kids! I am making up for lost time?! Maybe?! Know what's even sadder? I text WAY more than my teenage son and my tween daughter! Hmmm...

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on May. 06, 2010. Thanks again.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [06 May 03:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list