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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Perfect Love Story

Hi there :) Another long, crazy day in the Harty Household. I woke up at 6:30am, SO excited that I still had 30 minutes left to sleep. Instantly went back to sleep, and woke up at 6:45am, SO excited that I still had 15 minutes left. Woke up to my alarm at 7am, NOT happy that it was time to wake up - hehehe.

I got the kids up and moving and helped Joe with his homework and helped him with his shoes, and gave them their Teacher Appreciation goodies, and sent them off to the bus. I got a bath going for Jimmy, and hopped in the shower to get ready. I thought of ALL the things that I needed to do before leaving for the day, but realized that I wouldn't be able to get it all done - hehe.

After I got all ready, I got Jimmy ready, and then Laurie was there to pick me up a few minutes after 8am. I wasn't all the way ready! I was 1/2 way through painting my toe nails, so I slapped a layer on the other foot, gathered my food for b-fast and lunch, and snacks, and my phone charger, and headed out. I had SO much stuff in my hands :)

Laurie and I dropped Rowan and Jimmy off at Child Care, and headed to ACS (Army Community Services). We were going to Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Woohoo! We got there and went to the ballroom, where they provided a light breakfast. I ate my food I'd brought, and we looked through our "goodie bags". Dang, there was a lot of stuff in there. Pens and notepads and waterbottles and golf accessories and coffee thermoses and fancy lotions, and a bunch of stuff. GOOD goodie bags! hehe.

The first class started at 9am, and Laurie and I headed off to Quilting. Yeah, I'm not a quilter. I like projects that are very quick and short. Like under an hour. 20 minutes is even better - hehehe. BUT, the project that we did was quick and easy, so I was happy.

Here's my with my sewing machine

Laurie and I in sewing class. Why do I look like a chubby dude. Um, not cool!

Me with my finished product :)

So the next class I signed up for was Cupcakes. Yeah, not the best class if you're on a diet. hehehe. BUT, photography was full. So this looked next best :) hehe. Laurie had another class, but Kayley was there with me :)

Here's all of our supplies, all laid out on papers, that showed what they were. Pretty spiffy.

It was really pretty clever. The Mike & Ike candy on the skewer make it where it wouldn't slip off. Next was a strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting, and then a key lime cupcake with key lime frosting. And this frosting was amazing looking. Kayley said that it tasted SO yummy.

Here's my pretending to eat the Neapolitan one.

Here's the naughty one - hehehe. Whisky flavored cupcake and frosting. Yeah, I didn't eat that one - hehehe. The strawberries looked good, though

And the beer cupcake with champagne frosting. Yeah, I'll pass on that one too.

I'm not sure what the alcohol theme was (hehehe), but here's one that was coffee and Kalua, with cream cheese frosting. I passed that one off too.

They had extra supplies, so I was able to make 5 skewers, kid friendly. I put my skewers in plastic bags, then in the box that the coffee thermos came in. Smart, right?

Next, we had lunch. I'd brought my cucumber and cheese, and apple,. But look at the yummy pizza that they had. :( No pizza for me. I took my 2 pieces, and gave it to Kayley. She was meeting her hubby for lunch, and I told her he could have my portion.

So during lunch, they had some door prizes. And Kayley's ticket won, even though she'd gone for lunch,. And my ticket, and Lauries! Check out this FABULOUS bathrobe I won. Also was a body bath brush, and a HUGE Arbon bag of stuff. Pretty cool!

After lunch, Laurie and I headed to our next class. Auto Basics. We loaded in a van, and headed to the Auto Crafts store. Where we usually get our vehicles worked on. Here's Laurie and I posing

And here's our car guy. He showed us how to change a flat tire, how to check tire pressure, and how to check fluids. Then we headed back to the van and headed back to ACS

Our next class was Bio Feedback. Basically, it was dealing with stress. BUT, they had computer thingys that they'd hook you up to. Unfortunately, Laurie and I had to leave before they got to that part. The lady who taught the class was FUNNY, though. A dry humor that had me laughing SO hard.

Anyway, we got our childcare voucher, and headed out. It was 2:30. They marked the childcare voucher for 4pm. Sa-weet! That made picking the kids up from school/bus easier.

Laurie and I drove to the school, where she dropped off a teacher gift for one of her kids' teachers. He'd forgotten to take it this morning. And my Joe, Kindergarten, was having a Mothers Day party. Cookies and punch and the kids were reading to their moms. It was the cutest thing EVER!

So after the Mothers Day party, Joe and Laurie and I headed home. She dropped us off at my house, and she went to the bus stop. Jake and Joe stayed home, Tom and Eme walked home from the bus, and I went to the CDC to pick up Jimmy from Childcare. I'd realized that I'd left my phone charger in the ACS ballroom, so I swung by there first to pick it up.

Jimmy had had a GREAT time at childcare. Except for nap time, he told me. Nap time was sounding pretty good to me, at the moment. I'd thought that I had a sinus headache earlier in the day, and taken meds for it. And it went away. But it came back around noon. So I took some more meds, but this time, it wasn't going away. sigh.

I barely made it back home. I left Jake in charge of the kids doing their chores, and I took a migraine pill and laid down for 30 minutes. Let me tell you, I felt SO much better after. I don't know what I did before the meds. Suffered, I guess :)

My house was trashed, especially my kitchen. I'd deal with it later. Hilary had invited us over to dinner, so the kids and I loaded up, and headed over. Captain America was gone in the field till Saturday night :(

We had Chicken Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, and green beans for dinner. Well, they did. Hilary and I had salmon and salad. She's so good to help me with my diet. Thanks, girl! I couldn't have done it without you!

Then, after dinner, we played around with the MAC Photobooth. Oh yeah, it was funny! SO funny. Pee your pants funny. Seriously. I SO wish they had it for PC. Here's a few of my favorites.....

Funny, huh? LOVE that program :)

We left at around 8:00pm, and headed back home. Joe and Jim fell asleep in the truck, so it was easy to put them to bed. Eme went to bed, and I had Jake and Tom help me clean up real fast. Hilary and Laurie were coming over for GNO (Girls Night Out). Around 9 or so. So I had an hour to clean.

I cleaned the living room, then the bathroom, then the dining room. I had Jake work on the kitchen, and Tom help me in the dining room. It looked pretty good when we were finished. I like it when my house is presentable :)

The boys went upstairs to read/watch a movie, and the girls came to play with me. Laurie got here first, and we messed around online. We looked at the funny pics, and then watched He-Man Bohemian Rhapsody. You seen that one? HILARIOUS! We watched a few other He-man spoofs, then Hilary got there.

We sat around and chatted for a while, then put in a movie. Yeah, Hilary and I fell asleep. I woke up pretty fast, but Hilary was OUT. After the movie, we tried to wake her up, but yeah, she wasn't budging. It was really pretty funny, because she was making cute, funny little sleepy noises. Finally, her hubby called at around midnight. That kinda woke her up. hehe. Laurie left shortly after that, and then Hilary. I made her promise to text me when she got home so I knew she got home safely.

So, here it is, 1:23pm. I've gotta be at the stake center (30 minutes away) at 8am tomorrow. Or I guess that's today. I figure if I leave here at 7:20am, I can get to Hilarys house at 7:30am,. Then we'll head out. What time do I have to get up, then? 6:45am? Can I get ready that fast? I sure hope so, because I'm gonna be tired, I think. I've still gotta design a freebie. Let's hope I can spell... I foresee something easy...

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


TheOkieToothfairy said...

Girl you can totally do that in Photoshop! Go to Filter, Distort and try the different tools! I like the Pinch, you can make the same kind of pics!!! Thanks for the gift!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on May. 08, 2010. Thanks again.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [08 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Glauci said...

Hello I'm Brazilian so I do not know if you'll understand what I write ... I loved your blog, I am also an LDS member. I always go to visit you here ...
Congratulations on your beautiful family that you have


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

PaMam said...

It's a long happy day. You have many great activities to do.

Thank you for sharing a great WA to us.

Donna said...

Hi-larious pictures!!! And I am thrilled with the word art - it's perfect for my daughter and son-in-law's wedding album. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you for sometime now, and really love your wordart sayings.thanks so much for sharing them.