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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Girl

First off, I wanted to let you all know about a sale I'm doing today and tomorrow only!!! I have a coupon code I'm gonna give out for 50% off!!!! And it's only valid for the 14th and 15th of July! Are you excited? You should be - hehehe.

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One more day closer to when my sister gets here!!! hehehe. Can you tell that I'm excited??? A live in friend, at least for a while :) Oh yeah, it's gonna be good - ha!

So I woke up today when Captain America got back from Recall Formation at around 7:30am. I was tired, but happy to see him. At around 9ish, I showered and got ready for whatever the day would present - hehe.

I drove down to Andreas house and picked up Ben (7) and Luke (2) and brought them back to my house. Laurie was there with Andrea and a few people from church helping her clean. The PODS were gone, and the housing people were gonna be there at noon to check everything off. I figured taking the kids would be helpful - hehehe.

So I brought them back to my house, and the kids all played nicely together :) Here's a few pics of Me and Captain America and Me before free lunch:

Right at 11am we headed up to Free lunch. Me and 7 kids. LOL! They had a good time. Rice and Corn and BBQ Beef and C antelope. It seemed to be a big hit :)

Here's Ben and Joe at Free Lunch. They're gonna miss each other, I think :)

Jimmy and I

Luke and Jake, with Jimmy in the background - hehehe

Jake and Jimmy

Eme and Joe

Eme and I

Tom and I
Jim, Eme, Joe, and Tom

Joe, Ben, and Tom

Me :)

And I noticed this as I was coming out of free lunch. WHHHAAAAAATTT? I parked on a manhole? SOOO not cool. Manholes are one of my worst phobias.... I'm just saying. Parking on one is better than actually standing on one, though...

We came back to our house and hung out for a few more hours. Amazingly, the kids started asking for food the second we got back home. What the heck? Do your kids do that? Sigh. I DID feed them - hehe.

Andrea had her final inspection at noon. And showed up at my house at about 1:15ish. They'd passed with flying colors! Not bad for having cleaned it and moved it herself! Good job, guys!

Anyway, we were gonna have a picnic at the park with us and her and Laurie and some other friends, but really, it was WAY too hot outside. So we decided to go to the pool. She didn't have a car, cause her hubby had it, and it had ALL of her stuff she needed. But between all of her friends in the neighborhood, we outfitted her AND her kids with swimming suits and towels and all the necessities for pool fun - LOL!

Now, I've gotta visually show you why it's better NOT to shower before going to the pool. See, I look nice after coming out of the shower and getting all fixed up. Sure, it takes about 30 minutes, but I look nice - ROFL!

No this is me after 5 minutes in the pool. Nice, huh? Totally erases all of the hard work that me and the shower put in. TOTALLY not worth it - hehehe. I guess I didn't know I was going to the pool. That'll be my excuse - ROFL!

Here's Laurie and Kari at the pool at our normal table :)

Andrea and Luke

We were at the pool from 2pm till 5pm. It was really a good time. Leigh brought granola bars, I had a TON of water bottles and a watermelon, Laurie had sandwiches. They kids were happy and hydrated. hehe. The mom's played in the water too, so we didn't totally die from the El Paso heat. It was super hot today is all I'm gonna say :)

Andrea and I headed home at 5ish. We started on dinner, and her hubby showed up about 5:30pm looking SUPER tired. Poor guy. He sat on the couch and was instantly out. They had no home to go to, since housing had already been cleared. Andrea and I texted Veronica, who's out of town, to see if Andrea and family could crash at her empty house. She eventually texted back and said it was fine. Veronica is a sweetheart :)
We fed the kids and grown ups, and Andrea and I sat on the back porch for a few hours chatting. It was very nice and pleasant. I'm gonna miss her as a neighbor friend. Friends are one thing, but having a friend how lives only 7 houses away is something more :) Big hugs, girl!

Captain America came home at around 8pm, and Andrea and Ryan headed to Veronicas house at 8:30pm. Ben spent the night here with Joe, and the boys were having a blast :) Captain America and I headed out to Lowes to grab something for him for work at around 9pm, after the little kids had gone to bed. Jake and Tom were watching Dr Who, I think. Something on TV.

Here's Captain America finding the right piece of plywood.
And here's me, being sleepy. Yeah, another reason not to go to the pool after showing. Don't I look lovely - hehehe

We bumped into Captain America's friend Joe and his family at Lowes too, and chatted with them for about 15 minutes in the parking lot. We tried out best to get the plywood to fit into his little Saturn, and eventually got it in there - hehehe. Our seats were pushed up WAY close to the dash, and our heads were bumping on the board, but it fit. Kind of - ROFL!

We headed to Circle K to get our drinks, then to Walmart for a few things. We're having a BBQ tomorrow with Andrea's family, and my family should be in town too. So we got some hamburgers, and brawts, and hot dogs, and rice mixes, and buns, and condiments. And popsicles. And a few other essential things - hehehe. Should be a fun time :)

So to find all the items we needed at Walmart took hardly any time at all, but to go thru the check out took FOREVER! Sigh. It took longer in line than it took to shop, and that's just not right. On our way out of the store, we found a few interesting things in the return baskets.

I'm wearing a Woody hat. hehehe

And Captain Americafound this Shake Weight - have you seen the infomercials for this? Naughty!

Also tomorrow evening I have a doctors appointment for Jacob, so we'll see how that works into a BBQ. And I have to clean my house and get ready for company. And I might go to a movie and lunch with Andrea since it's her last day in El Paso. Yup, I'm one busy girl....

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(be sure to stop by tomorrow for Busy Boy)


Anonymous said...

I really love your work.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jul. 14, 2010. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [14 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Cherie said...

I LOVE this one! I mean, I love them all but especially this one! Probably because I have a busy, busy little girl!

bj said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list