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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Howdy, girls :) How's life treatin' ya? Me? I'm ok. Been better, been worse. I'm doing fine, though. Captain America's gone for a few days, so that probably has something to do with my melancholy mood. I'm sitting here with my 46 inch laptop, wearing his shirt, feeling a little sorry for myself. hehe. Whatever am I gonna do when he leaves for a WHOLE year??....

Anyway, he left this morning before I woke up. I remember him kissing my before he left, but that's all I remember. I woke up with the kids at 6:55am to get them ready for the bus. Jim and Jake woke up after that.

I moved the MASSIVE pile of laundry from the dining room to the living room, where my plan was to watch a movie and sit and fold laundry. And yeah, after moving it, I was done - hehehe. So my living room was getting a laundry pile. Oh well. I got Jake going with school, and relaxed in my room for a bit. Cause I like being lazy. hehe.

I got Jimmy ready and on the bus at 11am, and headed out to Verizon. Because I needed to pay my bill (I'd gotten rebate cards) and I wanted them to tell me why my camera was having issues.

Verizon usually takes about an hour to wait in line, so I made sure I had plenty of time. And for some reason, there was NO line. So I got right in. Seriously? That must have been a fluke. hehehe.

I showed the dude what was wrong, and we worked to get it a Hard Reset. And it was taking FOREVER. But we had a nice little chat. I told him all about my scrapbooking business, and about you all. hehehe. And about my blog, and how he was gonna be on it tomorrow. ROFL!

After the phone was all set, I practiced with a picture. Of my Verizon Dude. And yes, I told him he'd be on the blog. And he approved this picture. hehehe.

Me, waiting for the phone to load the contacts. ALL of my gmail contacts had to load, and I had almost 2000. Crazy! Seriously, I don't think I needed all those people on my phone. Sigh. But whatever... That's how the Droids work, I guess...

I met Captain America at the DFAC (mess hall - don't know that acronym) for lunch. I"d already eaten what I was gonna eat, so he paid for himself and the dude working there let me in for free. Cause yeah, I wasn't gonna eat anything.

Captain America had chicken and veggies and a salad and some corn bread. We had fun chatting and hanging out. Since he's "in the field", he's not supposed to go home. But I came to him, so I got to see him! Tricky, huh?

After lunch, I met Hilary and Aimee at my house, and we headed to the Dollar Tree. More looking for stuff for our Pirate Party. I really need to make those invites. Maybe tomorrow - hehehe. That's my new mantra. "Maybe I'll work on that tomorrow". ROFL!

We found a few good things, but mostly had fun goofing off in Dollar Tree. Really, we're 12. ha! After Dollar Tree, Aimee headed back home, and Hilary and I went for a soda. The Howdy's that was near where we happened to be didn't have Diet Dr Pepper, so it was dubbed the "Bad Howdy's". So we drove over to the "Good Howdy's", which did have Diet Dr Pepper. Good. hehe.

We picked up kids from school, delivered them to their houses, checked on my kids, and headed to Sam's for milk. She'd bought milk yesterday, and it was rotten. Whaaaat? Luckily, they let her exchange it. And I grabbed some milk, too. And I'd gotten bread at the Dollar Tree, so I was all set for a while. hehe. I'm gonna hold off on my grocery shopping trip as long as I can. Captain America's not home, anyway...

I wasn't feeling too well when I got back home. I think I'd had too much caffeine again. I'm still getting used to how much I can have at this weight - hehehe. Or maybe I'd drank it too fast. I don't know. Anyway, I got kids some dinner, and laid down for about an hour.

I had time to take a shower before Scouts (cause it's been too long, and I was ready to be girly again) and get pretty. Cause I like to get pretty :) And I wanted to wear pink. I'd been wearing pink, but it's not the same without a shower, you know...

So we all got ready and headed out to Scouts. They were having a Court of Honor, where the boys got awards. Jacob got some Merit Badges awarded, but didn't get his rank advancement, because Captain Americas in the field, and wanted to be there. He's earned it, but will be presented it later. Congrats, Jake!


Me and Jimmy (yeah, what's up with the old person wrinkles....)

So when Kristie's son got his Rank Advancement, I held the little girl they were babysitting. Yeah, I don't remember what to do with babies - ROFL!
After the meeting, Hilary and I went downstairs to say HI to Aimee. She was helping teach the Young Women to decorate cakes. I gathered up my rowdy crew, and headed home.

Here's me singing to something or another... hehehe. That must be my "I'm singing" face - ROFL!
And, to prove that I wore pink, I took a pic. Yes, it's VERY light pink. hehe. BUT, it still counts as pink...
And my new facebook profile picture.
So I got home, put the kids to bed, and sat down with my MASSIVE laundry pile. I wanted to design, since I had a project due before midnight in some time zone (yeah, I think I missed it...), but I coudln't access the TV. I had to fold first, then move the chair to reach the 46 inch laptop. ha! It took about an hour or so to get the 8-10 loads of laundry folded. But I got it done.

And I moved my chair over to the TV, and started designing. And got distracted on Facebook, of course. I chatted with a dude I'd gone to High School with that had added me as a Facebook friend just today. Seems like a nice guy. Didn't really know him in High School. Knew of him (coming from a class of 120 people), but didn't know him personally. I was so shy and quiet in High School, I didn't know many people personally. Really, I'm still like that. I just like to pretend like I'm a social butterfly. I'm really quite shy. Really. I am :)

So I finally got my project finished, an hour or so late. Probably should have folded the laundry AFTER working. But I really didn't wanna push it aside, and risk not folding it at all. Hopefully it was ok.

Then, on to blogging and freebie. And Facebook was still distracting me. Traded posts with Hilary and my friend Krista. See, maybe I AM a social butterfly. hehehe.

So here it is, 12:25pm. And I still need a freebie. Off I go to design one :) Hope you like it. It's a saying that I've been thinking about a lot lately...

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


deb said...

Good morning! Hope your day is amazing! Thanks for the super word art. I been round that mountain a few times.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I so love reading your blog and you freebies are always wonderful!

Marilou said...

Thank you for sharing your goodies and you life with us.

helen scott said...

Oh I like this one - think it sums up a lot of life's lil prblems as well! Thank you for sharing art and life.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Anonymous said...

And yet I still wonder what's going on whenever it turns out the same as last time! Best wishes for keeping YOUR sanity while your hubby's in the field. I married a 1LT who left every Sunday night to go into the field and never got back until around midnight on Friday and that's when he was just doing SHORT field stuff, not the extended stuff. At one point I figured that he'd been away 9 of the first 12 months we were married. We were in Germany living in State Department housing off base but I figured out how to get to the base library really fast (it was 1971 so no computer, no solitaire and no scrapbooking!)
Thanks again for everything... Perkypine

Tam said...

It's one of those timeless truths! Thank you!

Sue said...

Indeed! This must fit me! Thank you! :)