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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep Going

Hey there! How goes it? Hope your week started well :)

I woke up right before 7am, and was SO tired. Could have had something to do with the Niquil I took last night. hehe. Anyway, I got the kids ready and off on the bus, and went back to sleep for a while. And felt SO much better when I woke up.

Sure, I didn't look so hot, but I felt good - hehe

I got the kids who stay home up and moving and ready for the day, and changed clothes and got ready to go out. I'd been home all weekend, and really needed a break. It's times like these that I'm SO glad that Jake's 13 and home :) hehe.

Here's me before I left the house
I headed to Savers, my favoritest store. hehe. Today was purple tag $0.99. I found 2 jackets, 3 pairs of jeans, a few shirts, 2 dresses for Eme, a shirt for her, and a jacket for Jimmy. I had SO much fun looking around. And I didn't even had a friend with me. You know, I kinda go into a zone when I thrift store shop. Sometimes it's better to be on your own when you thrift shop... Don't get me wrong, getting there is half the fun. hehe.

Anyway, it was a good time. And then I decided to go to the new Walmart on Montana. And WOW, it was awesome :) Well laid out, fully stocked, not long lines. Yeah, I was in heaven. hehe. I got a few apples and some soda. Boring, but just what I needed.

hehe. I came back home, made sure Jimmy got on the bus, and Jake and I had lunch. And watched an episode of Fringe. Then we took 20 minutes to do a speed clean, and the house looked a lot better.

I walked over to the bus stop to pick up Jimmy, then came back home. I cleaned a little bit more, then the other kids got home from the bus. We rearranged the backyard a bit so that the swing fit better, then it was time to get ready for the pool.

Here's me in my new Savers jacket and $0.99 jeans.

Joe and Eme and Jim in the backseat
Hunter and Braxton in the middle seat (Jake too, but we were waiting on him to get shoes. Sigh, yes, Jake, you need shoes...)
The boys thought this was a funny picture of Hunter. LOL :)
I hung with Kari and Veronica on the bleachers at the pool, and the kids had a good time swimming. We stayed for about an hour.

Tom, Leo (Kari's boy), and Michael (Veronica's boy)
Joe underwater
Hunter and Tom and Leo and Michael

Eme and Jim
And then we got home, and I got dinner for the kids, and they showed me their school pictures. Apparently this school takes their pictures, and sends home the printed up pictures, and you pay for them if you wanted them, and send them back if you don't. I took a pic of them with my cell phone. What do ya think?

Tom didn't give me his yet. Maybe in the morning...

So after I got the kids all fed and situated, Kari came to pick me up and we went to Spin. Yeah, never done Spin before. It's stationary bikes, and you mess with the resistance and standing up and sitting down and junk. OMGosh, it was hard. But I kept going. I didn't stop. Sure, I didn't turn up the resistance as much as I should have, but hey, it was my first time :) You've gotta start somewhere, right?

Veronica took a few pics of me at Spin. My battery on my phone was dying, so the flash wasn't working. BUT, I managed to fiddle with them in photoshop a bit, and here's what I ended up with :) See, I'm dying...

Yeah, it was an hour of sweating. hehe. NASTY sweating. Dripping in my nose and eyes and mouth kinda sweating... I guess that's good, right? It was hard, but it felt good. One hour of good, hard exercise. Gotta love it :)

Here's me when I got home
Really, I did like it. hehe. The kids and I finished up an episode of Teen Titans, and I worked to get them to bed. Captain America called, and we chatted for a while, and he talked with Jimmy too. Poor Jimmy was having a rough evening. Some days are just like that... It was a very pleasant evening :)

And it looks like Captain America may be able to come back home a day early! Woohoo! I'm not gonna hold my breath, but it really would be nice if he could be home Tomorrow instead of Wednesday :) *fingers crosses*

I got all the kids to bed, finally, and sat down to blog with some Glee in the background. hehe. I texted with my friend Terra for a while, then finished up the blog. We're trying to meet for Bagels soon. Mmmm, bagels! hehe.

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deb said...

I wish it were still swimming weather here. Cause it's downright cold! Thanks for great word art!

christine pethers said...

thank you
I dont know how you do it but thats another one I need to print out and put on the wall . C**** day here , started with me finding the rabbit had been attached by a fox in the night . Sad , tearful , guilty and thats me not my daughter ! Day hasnt really got any better at this end .

Anonymous said...

I do spin and love it! We even spin to Muse! Keep it up :)

Peggy S said...

This is great. It could be used for lots of challenges in life. Thank you.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Carrie said...

Thank you. Definitely one I need to use.