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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open Wide

Ahhhhh, I'm SO done with these boys.... hehe. It's 4:10pm, and I'm blogging a little early. I'm sure I'll get back on here tonight and finish it up, but I'm trying to get a head start. My head is kinda hurting, and I don't know if it's gonna turn into a migraine or not, but best to be prepared, right?

I woke up this morning at 6:35am, and actually got up and got ready. I had a doctors appointment at 8am, so I needed to. I hoped in the shower, and got all ready, AND got kids ready for school at the same time. Yeah, that was not so easy to do - hehe.

But, here's me all ready :)

I put the kids on the bus at 7:30am, and spent another 10 minutes getting ready, then I was all good to go. I left Jake doing school, and Jim on the Wii, and headed to the doctors office.
They got me right in at 8am, and I was done by 8:25am. Yeah, Paps are NOT so much fun. But I must say, having a Male doctor was better than the female ones. They are MUCH more gentle than the female doctors I've had in the past...

There was a few seconds of panic, though, when he couldn't find my cervix. ha! I don't know where it went, but it was hiding, apparently. ROFL!

Then, when doing the other exams, he asked about this hangy mole I have in my armpit. Yeah, it's been there for YEARS. Just this dark colored flap of skin. And he asked if I wanted it removed and if it bothered me. I was like, I don't care, whatever. And he said, No, I mean right now. I can cut it off. Whaaaaaat? Ok. hehe.

So he got some tweezers, held it out, and scalpaled it off! Just like that. And I got a pink bandaid, and it was all over. It felt like a little pinch, then nothing. Hmmm, who knew it was so easy :)

I was back out to my car and on the road by 8:30am. I drove to Walmart, got some diet soda (Coke Zero Cherry - it was on sale...), looked around for a few minutes, and headed back home. Fast trip for me - ha!

I got back home, the kids were all good, and noticed Tom's project laying on the table. Sigh. I know that he was up late/early working on it, and I felt bad for the poor kid that it was still home. So I hoped in the truck, and headed on up to the school, and dropped it off in the office.

AND, since the Jewelry box was only a few blocks away, I decided to go there too. I hadn't been in a while. hehe. But it didn't open for another 10 minutes, so I walked around Target for a bit (in the same mall), then texted with Captain America for a few minutes, then it was open.

I found a couple of rings, and a couple pairs of sunglasses, and a boy necklace for Jake, and a boy bracelet for Jim. Both had asked that I bring them home something, and yeah, the Jewelry Box really doesn't have a lot for boys...

Here's me with one of my new sunglasses on.
And my new rings. I like 'em :)
Then I got home, got Jim ready for school, and put on my work out clothes. I was gonna go do Yoga at Stout Gym (army gym) with Kari. And, I wanted to show you all my wound. hehe. Yup, that little red dot is where the mole used to be :)
So I walked Jimmy to the bus stop, and Kari picked me up from there. We drove across post to Stout Gym, and went in. I was a little nervous, since I'd never been to a yoga class before. But I really liked it! Very relaxing. Not hard and scary like the P90X yoga (ha!). But I can tell that I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. I'm SO out of stretching shape...

Here's me after Yoga :)
Kari dropped me back off at the house, and Jake was just finishing up school. He and I had lunch together, and watched an episode of Fringe. And I was FREEZING. I think it was all the water I'd drank. So I made myself a HUGE cup of herbal peppermint tea. Cause it's my favorite.

After the show, I laid on the couch and napped for about 30 minutes, then decided to get up and be productive. Well, if making dessert can be counted as productive. ROFL! I did have bananas that I needed to use. And I did use them up. See, productive!

Remember those SUPER yummy pumpkin desserts that I made? Well, these were similar. But NOT as good. I didn't know that at the time, though.

I laid a layer of graham cracker crust (mixed with sugar and melted butter), then a layer of vanilla pudding with mashed bananas. It was kinda runny, and didn't really set up well. Hmmm. Then, a layer of cream cheese, bananas, and cool whip blended up. Yeah, that didn't really blend well either. Then I took the remaining cool whip, blended it with some mashed bananas, put it in a frosting thingy, and squirted it on the top. And put chopped walnuts and chocolate pieces on top. They look real pretty, at least...

See how the yellow dishes have extra topping around the edge? Yeah, I made sure that I got a yellow one...
I went to get Jim from the bus at 2:30pm, and cleaned up a little of my mess in the kitchen. Jake and Jim played computer for a little while, then Joe came home at 3:30pm, and the other kids at 4pm. And we had our desserts.

And they just weren't the pumpkin ones... I really liked those pumpkin ones... I wonder if I would have liked the banana ones better had I never tasted the pumpkin ones... hmmm.. AND, I wonder if a chocolate one would be yummy. I may have to try that...

I did buy some gingerbread mix, and I may bake gingerbread in there, then put some kind of toppings on it in these little dishes. Now THAT would be awesome! I'll let ya know how that turns out. Or brownies... Mmmm, yeah, those would be DIVINE too..

Ok, enough talk about food. It's now 4:30pm, and I need to go think about dinner. I know that I bought Turkey Hamburgers for myself, and california blend veggies, and had that last night, and it was SOOO good. I think I'll have that again tonight. Kids are supposed to have chili. But I forgot to buy the cornbread mix. Hmmm, wonder if I have cornmeal. I could make some from scratch.

So much for not talking about food, eh? ROFL!

OK, it's now 9:38pm. Kids are asleep. House is quiet. Work is done for the day. Just relaxing in my comfy chair with my 46 inch laptop. hehe. Gonna go watch some TV or a movie or something after this. :)

So after I got done blogging before, I turned off the computer, and took some meds (yes, the headache was there), and went to lay down. And I told the kids to be good. And they mostly were. hehe. No one came in to tell me the house was burning down or someone was bleeding, so it was ok. ha!

I woke up at 6pm, and felt SO much better. Drugs are awesome, when used correctly, you know :) hehe. I went out, cooked myself a turkey hamburger, hot dogs and chips for the kids, and got ready to go to activities.

I decided to let Jake stay home and babysit the others, and just take Eme with me. Tom's activities were canceled anyway. I would have just totally stayed home, but I'd promised to go to a committee meeting for the Ward Christmas party, and I was really looking forward to it. And my head was MOSTLY feeling better.

Eme and I headed out at 6:30pm, giving the boys directions on bedtime and homework and such. We got there about 10 minutes before meetings started, and hung out in the lobby.

Eme went to her activity, and I went to the "Christmas in Bethlehem" meeting. I'd ran it before, back in Joliet, so they asked me a bunch of logistical questions, and I gave my input. I was put in charge of the "program" part, being the "director", we'll say. Should be an easy-ish task. And I'm gonna help decorate. And help with logistics, and the flier. I'm pretty excited! Christmas is SUCH a fun time, and Christmas in Bethlehem is a WONDERFUL program :)

We were done around 8:30pm, and Eme and I headed home. She went off to bed, the big boys went to bed (the little boys had gone to sleep at 7:45pm. GOOD JOB, Jake!!!). And I sat down with the big computer to load my store. Because of DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) on Saturday, our store deadlines got pushed up a day, so tonight was the night to load the store, instead of tomorrow. Worked for me :)

I got it all loaded, and even had time to give away some freebies in exchange for a completed layout on Facebook. Now all I have to do is come back in an hour, check my email and facebook, grab the pics, and I'll be good to go. Wait, I'm posting these on Friday, so I actually have more time. hehe. I can grab them tomorrow. Maybe I still won't tell the girls who are making them for me, so I can get them faster. ROFL! Aren't I naughty!

So my 30 days of Thankfulness, Day 3 is Locks for my bedroom door. I was SO glad that I could go in there today when I had my headache, turn out the light, turn on the fan, and just sleep it off. It was SO nice :)

OK, so I couldn't resist this one. hehe. I know, I'm naughty! You can use it for pictures of teeth, or throats, or sickness, or dentist, or what not. You don't have to use it for Well Woman Exams. ROFL! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha I don't even like the mental picture so I am sure I won't be using your gift for that type of layout. I am grateful for wonderful grandchildren. I was babysitting yesterday and my grandson got very quiet so I went to check on him. He had put himself to bed for a mid-day nap.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off the topic but I would love to hear how you lost so much weight. susie_dykes@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

And I thought that I was the only one with the quiet time rules! I've had migraines for about 39 years now (thanks to a traffic accident in Germany and the wonderful Army doctor who had X-Rays taken of my head. Then he came into the exam room and said: "I've looked at the films of your head and there's nothing in there." How was I supposed to take that comment?)
Anyway, I instituted a policy of "Quiet Time" from 1 to 2 every afternoon. Little feet would come charging up the stairs with someone yelling:"MOM!" I wouldn't even open my eyes. I'd just ask "Is there blood? Do you see flames?" If I got 2 "No's" I'd say that I'd come down at 2 pm. This went on for about 6-7 years (having 5 children in 6 1/2 years'll do that to you) and I never did lose a single child, no broken bones, no missing teeth, no trips to the emergency room AND the house isn't even a little bit singed!

Thanks again for your blog and for your hard work and your willingness to share your talents. And on November 4 I say "I am grateful for YOU."


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list