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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar Induced Coma

Dude, I totally made myself sick with the amount of mini candy bars that I ate after Halloween Festivities.... Yeah, it's a good thing that I'm all "better", because I totally want to make myself puke. hehe. NOT gonna do that :) I'm just not gonna be eating that amount of chocolate anytime soon, that's for sure...

So first off, I just have to show you this pic from last night. hehe. Captain America pulled out his Halloween costume of Caesar and the wig, and I had to try it on. It matched my hair color pretty good! hehe. Could I pull off a mullet? ROFL!

Captain America and I watched episodes of the Office into the wee hours of the morning, then slept in until around 9am. And got up, and got ready for church. Well, I got ready for church, and the guys played with Captain America's old GI Joe toys. Yeah, needless to say, we were late for church...

Here's me all ready for church
And here's all the GI Joe's from when Captain America was a kid. The boys were SUPER impressed with it all :)

We got to church a few minutes late, but still got a seat. And made it in time for Sacrament. Which is the most important part, right?

It was a good meeting. We had Sunday school, and combined Relief Society/Priesthood, so Captain Americaand I got to sit by each other all 3 hours. That was pretty nice :) Especially since he goes to the field tomorrow :(

Anyway, we headed home after church, and got home around 4pm. Yeah, late church is good for sleeping in, but tough on the afternoons. We fed kids food from the crock pot (smart me, I started it before we left for church), and I went to take a nap for an hour. Captain America too. Only I couldn't fall asleep (yeah, he had NO problem...).

So I came out, and Tom and Eme and I bagged up Halloween candy. 120 mini bags stuffed with gum and suckers and little candies and stickers and skeleton rings. OK, so it's not chocolate..... But it worked for me :)

And then at 5pm, everyone started getting ready in their costumes. Captain America helped Joe fix some of the Red Coat outfit, and helped Tom get his all together also. We decided that Tom looked like Ben Franklin. hehe.

Jake.... hmmm, what to say about that child. It was a rough day for him, for some reason. Being slightly autistic doesn't help things. He decided that he didn't want to go trick or treating. And yeah, Captain America and I decided that since we actually spent money on his costume this year, that yeah, he was gonna wear it.

We gave him 2 choices. Dress up and come trick or treating with the family, or dress up and stay home and pass out candy. Either one was fine, he just had to pick on. So he chose to stay home and pass out candy.

Here's some "getting ready" photos

Tom as Ben Franklin
Walk like an Egyptian
Captain America helping Tom get assembled

A dragon with a Sword???
Jake.... found him lying on the floor. He's so odd - hehe (he's the Grim Reaper, by the way...)
Eme as Athena, the Greek goddess
Joe as a Red Coat
And of course, they had to try on Dad's wig too!

And Jimmy, the prego dragon...

Captain America trying to figure out online how to tie his toga

Dude, I look like a man in drag...
And at 6:15pm, we headed out into the neighborhood to trick or treat. We made it 4 blocks before the kids' bags were OVERFLOWING with candy. The neighborhood was the PERFECT place to trick or treat. Everyone was awesome and friendly and nice. LOVED it :)

Here's some pics of Captain America and I

And the kids.
And then it got dark, and I couldn't take anymore cell phone pictures. They just wouldn't turn out. I remember when we first started, thinking how light it was. Yeah, I think I jinxed it. hehe.

Jake called about 1/2 way thru and said that he was gonna leave the candy dish on the porch, and come and join us. Works for me :) He caught up, and trick or treated for a block with us.

And at 7:30ish, we came back home. Jake stayed and trick or treated one more block, and the rest of us went back home. And the kids were tired from walking, and had SO much candy. Chocolate everywhere. It was insane. I took some pics of a few of the kids with their candy.

A few more pics of us a Cesar and Cleopatra

And then the candy eating frenzy began. Yeah, it was not pretty. I don't know how the kids did it without puking. Cause I wanted to puke just watching them. hehe. I know that I ate WAY too many candy bars. Let's see if I can remember all of what I ate. Yeah, WAY more than my "1 plain cookie" for the day, me thinks...

2 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
2 Twix
1 Kit Kat
1 Butterfinger
1 Baby Ruth
1 Hersheys chocolate bar
1 Almond Joy
1 Snickers
1 Whoppers pack

And then I thought I was gonna die. hehe. Sugar induced coma, FOR SURE! We put the kids to bed, and Captain America and I just kinda laid on the couch and vegged to "The Office". I ate a bag of popcorn hoping to balance out the sugar overload, but I don't know if it helped or not...

And yeah, I still feel pretty nasty. I think I'm gonna forgo my "one plain cookie" for a few days.... because I feel nasty. And definitely go walking/jogging tomorrow. I knew I should have stuck to "4 pieces" like I told myself when I was trick or treating. hehe. I don't think the kids have ever brought home that much chocolate before, though. I kinda lost control. ROFL! We totally raided their baskets, and they didn't even care, there was SO much chocolate.

Anyway, it's 10:35pm, and I'm gonna tie this up. Captain America is packing for the field (sigh), and I'm gonna go hang with him. Hopefully I can see him a few times this week, even if it's only to drop off some treats. Maybe no one will mind (fingers crossed!).

So tomorrow is Savers Monday (hehe), and grocery shopping day, and clean the house day, and Captain America leaves for the field day. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get it all done or not! AND, I'm meeting my friend Kari and her kids at the indoor pool at 4pm to play. Should be a good, full day. Hopefully this sugar rush will pass soon. I'm gonna try and sleep it off. hehe.

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Linda V's Digital Scrapbooking said...

I loved your prep pics. Looks like your family had a great holiday. Always get a kick out of your pics as you tell your story. Great job. Thanks for the wonderful word art.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

deb said...

Your costumes were great! Awesome pics (and costumes) for you and Brent. Glad ya'll had fun! Thanks for word art too!

bj said...

thank you!!

Trina said...

You all look absolutely adorable!

Wendy aka wendella247 said...

Love all the costumes -- especially you and your hubby. So fun!

Thanks for the wonderful Wordart. Your work is my favorite WordArt. Very classy!