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Friday, June 24, 2011

Falling Slowly

New stuff, new stuff!!! Aren't you excited! Please, make an orderly line, and click HERE to go to my store. No pushing, no shoving, and no fighting. There's plenty for everyone! hehe. And all of these FABULOUS layouts are by Sharon :)

I woke up at 6am this morning, when Jim crawled into bed to snuggle with ,me. And promptly fell back asleep. And woke up with my alarm at 7am. Dang, I was sleepy. But I drug my sorry butt out of bed, and proceeded to wake everyone else up, and get them ready. I think everyone else was tired too...

By 7:30am, we were ready and out the door. That's pretty good for us. hehe. I dropped by Amandas house, and picked up Austin, and off we went to Biggs. I dropped Jim and Austin off at the Milam CDC, then Tom and Eme and Joe at the Milam SAS. And headed back to main post.

I swung by the Youth Center on main post, and grabbed Jake's bike. And had to put the seats down to get it in there. Yeah, this isn't gonna work. I need a bike rack, I guess... A Walmart trip is in order - hehe.

I swung by the house, left Jake a note telling him the bike was in the back of the truck, and took the Saturn. Then, off to pick up Amanda at the Auto Crafts place. She was getting her hubbys Jeep worked on. I picked her up, and we drove over to the Transmountain Walmart. I only had a few things that I needed, and unfortunately, the bike rack wasn't in stock. Crap. And it took me FOREVER to get someone to look for one in the back. Oh well.

I did get a new helmet. The girlie one wouldn't fit my giant head. This boyish one did, though - ha!
We wandered around the store for what seemed like hours, but had fun. After we'd bought all that we could buy (hehe), we paid, and headed out.
We drove over to Big 5 sports, and I found a bike rack there. One that goes in the trailer hitch. And bought it. And we headed over to the Bagel Shop for lunch. Terra was meeting us there. OMHeavens, they have tasty sandwiches. I had "The Miner" on an everything bagel. Quite tasty! It came with a pickle and chips.
We sat and chatted for quite a while. Then, we all decided that we were SUPER sleepy, so we were gonna go back to our houses and nap. ROFL! I dropped Amanda off at her house, got my crock pot pinto beans with ham chunks started, got Jake off to the Youth Center on his bike, built and installed the new bike rack, then laid down for a nap. I was EXHAUSTED.

And then Captain America Skyped me. Apparently, my Skype hadn't been turned on all day. Crap! We got to chat for about an hour. It was nice to chat! I wasn't feeling too sleepy after talking for an hour, so I turned on an episode of 24, season 4, and fell asleep on my couch in about 20 minutes. I slept for a good hour, I think! I woke up, and decided that it was time to get some stuff done.

I made Microwave Caramel corn. It turned out pretty good, too!

I bagged it up, and left 6 baggies on the counter for me and the kids, 2 for Amanda and Austin, and had 5 other bags, and put them in my purse. I'd let the kids give them to their child care people tomorrow. I put some chemicals in the pool, and put some extra water in there.

At 5ish, I headed out to get the kids. It was pretty hot in the suburban!
I got Jim from the CDC, then went to get Eme, Joe, and Jim from SAS. And I couldn't find Eme! Apparently, she'd used the wrong bathroom, so we didn't know where to look for her. Oops. At least they hadn't lost my kid, right? hehe.

We headed back home, and I fed the kids beans and ham. They liked it! It was SO easy to cook. Just dried pinto beans in the crock pot with a TON of water, some garlic, some onion powder, and a package of pre-chopped ham. Works for me :)

I texted my peeps, and re-scheduled the Comedy Club night. I was still feeling pretty sleepy, and didn't want to go. Next week. Amanda and I made plans to watch some 24 at her house tonight after kids went to bed. Sounded fun to me!

I opened the pool, and let the kids go and swim. Only Joe and Jim wanted to get in. I sat outside and enjoyed the evening. Terra and kids came over a little before 7pm, and Eme and her friend Alexis got in the pool too. Margot was supposed to come and play too.

And at 7:30ish, Margot called me. I figured that she needed my house address one more time - hehe. But, she didn't. She'd hurt her back. And needed some help. Poor girl, she was almost in tears. I could hear it over the phone. She was in bed, and needed a few things. Her hubby is deployed with mine, and she knows no one in El Paso. OF COURSE I'll come and help. That's what friends do.

Terra and the kids stayed until about 7:45pm, and then they headed home. Sorry to cut the party short... I kicked my kids out of the pool, got Joe and Jim in jammies, left Tom and Jake and Eme with electronics, and Joe and Jim and I headed over to Margots house. She lives WAY across town near the Montana Walmart.

I plugged in her address to my phone's navigation system, and it led me RIGHT to her house. Tricky, huh? hehe. We let ourselves in, and took good care of her. Jim and Joe had fun playing with Emma. She gave them the grand tour. I got Margot some ice water, and some Motrin, and Terra let her borrow a heating pad, and fixed her some dinner, got Emma some juice and her jammies, washed her dishes, straightened up the living room, and all was good. We were there for about an hour, and at 9:30pm, we loaded up and headed home. My boys both fell asleep in the car. Poor kids were sleepy :)

I got home, tucked them in bed, put Eme and Tom and Jake to bed, grabbed my laptop, and headed to Amanda's house. We watched episodes of 24, season 3, and I loaded my store, then blogged. It's now 12:16pm, and we just started a 3rd episode of 24. LOVE that show :)

Tomorrow is our last day of Daycare camp. Not sure if I have any plans yet. Maybe I'll just stay home and sleep the whole time - hehe. I wanna take Tom to see Green Lantern after Childcare, and I wanna take Jim to see Cars at some point. Don't know what day we're going yet, though.

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Sharon, my dear, GREAT dark colors. And love the layering of the paper!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Jun. 24, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

It's so nice that you could be there for Margot. What a great friend!

Did you all do your weigh in this week? I haven't seen you mention it. I'm asking, because you all are an encouragement to me - I'm not just being nosey. lol

Thanks for the terrific word art. I love the layout, Sharon.

Tammy said...

As always, thank you so much for sharing your talents! Have a beautiful weekend! :)

A said...

Could you share your caramel corn recipe? It looks yummy!

Perkypine said...

Thank you for all your hard work.
While I certainly don't envy your 107° F predicted temperatures I would really enjoy a little warmer here in Spokane, Washington. Wednesday it reached 82° for the first time this year and we don't expect to hit 80° again until sometime next week! I think I could handle 75°-80° without too much trouble considering that it is summer but, sometimes here in the frozen North, 65°-70° is all we get.
Don't you love the way street names can mean different things to different people? When you wrote "Montana Walmart," I immediately thought of Missoula or maybe Billings...
Have a great weekend!

txexperiment said...

Thanks for the great word art. Thanks also for the sacrifice of your family and yourself while your hubby is so far away. I admire you greatly!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [25 Jun 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Nannieflash said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous freebies. hugs Shirleyxxxx

Moments by Marla said...

Thank you for sharing this word art with us. I read your blog and am just exhausted!

Michelle B. said...

beautiful, thanks for sharing

deb said...

Sweet layout. I have to say I'm glad someone else is burning up! We've been in triple digits most of last few weeks for heat index. Miserable!