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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Feel Good

Longest....freakin'......day......ever!!! But it was good. But I'm SO incredibly tired, I'm falling asleep as I'm blogging this.... Bare with me, here! Or is it bear... I always get those spellings mixed up...

Anyhow, woke up at 7am, and started getting kids ready for the day. Woke up Joe from the floor in his room. He was in a sleeping bag. Why do I even have beds for these kids??? Jim was sleeping on the couch again, and didn't wanna wake up. Tom and Eme woke up next, and got ready on their own.

By 7:40am, we were all dressed and ready to walk out the door. We swung by Amanda's house, picked up her and Austin, and off to Biggs we went. Joe was throwing the HUGEST fit on the way, because he didn't get the seat in the car that he wanted. Sigh...

We dropped of Jim and Austin, then headed over to drop of Joe, Jim and Eme. And Joe totally got soap in his mouth before we went in for calling me a butthole.... Double sigh...

Next stop, Amanda's hubbys work at the far end of Biggs. She got his Jeep (he's in the field), and we both drove back home. I dropped my truck off at the house, did some dishes, gathered up the stuff I needed for my errands, and Amanda came and picked me up at 9:30-ish.

First stop, we headed to ACS. I had to get something notarized for Jake's Teen Purple camp. So we got there, and I realized that I'd lost the ONE paper that i needed to have notarized. Amanda was like, just use their computer to print it out! Oh duh! They DO have computers that you can use there! She's SO smart :) hehe.

It was going really slowly, but I managed to pull up the email, download the document, and print it off. I filled it out, the chickie behind the desk notarized it, and we were off. Next stop, BLDG 503 to turn in the paperwork.

I chatted with the lady about Purple camp, and Jake, and his autism, and he fake meds, and we got everything turned in and sorted out. As we were walking back to Amanda's car, she was like, MAN, you talk a lot. hehe. I think she thought I was over-sharing. Yeah, I do that. hehe. It's a good thing she likes me - ROFL!

Next stop, we needed to go to CYS main registration. I wanted to use the credit from Jake's 2 camps that were canceled to sign up for Jake for Horse Camp in August. The lady did it for me in the computer, and we were good to go. It seemed to take FOREVER at CYS. I don't know why, either. It was an easy thing...

Anyway, eventually we headed out. We swung by Amanda's house so she could print out a coupon for Chili's. We decided that since the kids get a "camp", the moms need a "lunch camp". hehe. Today was Chili's. She had a coupon for free chips and Queso. Yum!

I showed her some AWESOME Pioneer Woman actions and where to grab them, then how to install them, and such on her laptop. And I used the bathroom, of course. I'd already drank 100 oz of water, and it was only 11am.

We told Terra that we'd meet her at Chilis on Airway at 11:30, and we made it there about the same time as her. Her twins were in Daycare, and her sis and her 12 year old Eryn were there. Lunch for 5!

First thing she did when we sat down was to give my this headband. And, of course, my first instinct was to put it on my head. Nice, huh? Can I start a new trend??

I still get a kick out of the little straw "condoms". LOL!
Hmmm, what to get?
Definitely a Diet! At least it wasn't Pepsi...
Free chips and salsa, too! From Foursquared!

And the free queso

This chip is for you, Captain America! I know that you'd LOVE it if you were here. hehe.

Amanda and I got the 2 for $20 deal with the free appetizer. We picked a 1/2 order of cheese fries. And I got a quisedilla explosion salad, and she got a cheeseburger. Mmmm!

She got a phone call right before we got our food, and it was from the unemployment office. She'd been randomly selected to get her case reviewed, or something like that. And she was all upset that something wasn't gonna go through. Poor girl. She didn't eat anything after that. Her tummy was upset from nerves.

The rest of use were doing just fine with eating. hehe. By the time I started in on the salad, I was STUFFED from chips and junk. I ended up only eating 1/2 of it. So we all got boxes, and took home the left overs.

Terra and the girls headed out for the Ariel Tram, and Amanda and I headed to Walgreens. I needed to get my prints for my mom. And I found plain white tshirts, 5 for $10. That's the way to get the kids' shirts for iron-ons! Definitely coming back there!

AND, they had DDP on tap. Can't beat that... I got my prints, and we headed back out. She dropped me off at home, and she headed to her house to make her dreaded phone call. I told her to just do it and get it over with. She'd be fine :)

I started working on my mom's project next. Cut apart the photos, put them in the laminating pouches, then ironed them between a folded dish towel. Worked PERFECTLY. Who needs a laminating machine, right?

I attached them all to the lanyards, and put them in a ziplock, sucked all the air out with a straw, and put them all in a flat rate small box. And it fit! I addressed it, grabbed my stuff, and headed out to the post office. I just had to make sure that the package got to my mom by Monday. Because she leaves for camp on Tuesday. ha!

As I drove across main post to the Post Office, I got stopped by this GIANT truck backing up. Looked like there was a wooden missile in his be
SLUG BUG! at the Main Post CDC!
Waiting in line.... Eventually it was my turn. I told the chickie that it needed to be there by Monday, and she said that it should be. IT takes 3 days, and that would be Saturday. So it should definitely be there by Monday. OK, lets hope she's right. I did pay to get a tracking number, so I could see it's progress :)
After mailing the package, I came back home, and put away the dishes. And got to organizing the cupboard where I keep the Howdy's cups. Check out my stash!
By now it was 3:30pm. I had about 10 minutes before I had to get ready to take Boxer to the Milam Youth Center for the Dog class. I laid the seats down, and put Boxer in the back. He was SO excited about going on a trip.

We got there, and went inside. There were about 8 kids and dogs total. Boxer did a VERY good job interacting with other dogs. I was kinda worried, because I hadn't ever seen him interact with other dogs. He did great!

The woman running the class was from 4H, and said that Boxer would make a PERFECT therapy dog. That he had the right temperament for it, and that he was the right size. I'd been thinking about that, and it just sounded like the right thing to pursue. I got her contact info, and infor about what website to look into to get him certified.

We did jumping hurdles, and teeter totters, and hoops, and all sorts of obsticales for the dogs. Boxer was a little unsure at first, but he did GREAT after a bit. A little praise from Jake goes a LONG way with Boxer. He just eats is all up! He LOVES his boy :)

At 5ish, I left Boxer with Jake, and went next door to grab Jim. Amanda was there getting Austin too! And when I went to cash out, we discovered that Jakes camp was paid out of my childcare fund. Not the excess camp money fund. Crap.

So the lady behind the desk figured out what was wrong, and swapped out funds, and got it all good. I should have enough money to pay for tomorrow and the next day with the money I've already paid. THank goodness! Plus, I still have about $30 left in a camp fund. I'll use that next time. hehe.

It took forever, but we finally got it straightened out, and went to pick up our kids. Amanda and Austin headed home, and I headed to Milam SAS to get Joe, Jim, and Eme. We picked them up, and headed back to the YOuth Center to get the dog. And drop off Tom. Here's how I found Jake. They were face painting each other for the "Go Live" thingy. He seemed happy about it...
We loaded up in the truck, and headed home. Me and Joe and EMe and Jim and Boxer. Tom and Jake were staying at the youth Center. And I dont' know what happened, but Eme and Joe started fighting. And it was HORRIBLE. Joe was kicking her, and she was using her feet and legs to block the blows. Then to hold him down so that he couldn't hit her more. Sigh. IT was loud, and violent, and NOT good. I took a movie of to to prove how NAUGHTY they were being. But I'm SO not posting that on here... ha!

I had to stop and get gas before I got home, so I pulled Eme out and made her sit in the front. And made Joe sit outside while I was filling up. Which, in the Suburban, takes FOREVER. It gave him a slight chance to cool off. Boxer did NOT like waiting in the truck for the gas tank to fill up. Impatient dog. ha!

We loaded up in the truck, and headed to Amanda's house. She and Austin were riding with us to the game! I put Joe in the very back seat, and put EMe and Joe and Austin in the middle. That way, Joe wouldn't be messing with anyone. I'm thinking that he's tired, and isn't dealing well with it...

We got Amanda and Austin, and swung by McDonalds for dinner. $1 burgers, fries, and drinks. Sounded good to me - hehehe. And off we went to the game!

We paid for parking, then went in to grab our tickets. We just had to present our Military ID cards to the ticket office, and they passed over our tickets. Sweet! And we went inside and found our seats.

Amanda and I sat together, and put all the kids in a row in front of us. That way, if they got out of hand, we could totally thump them. hehe. Margot and Emma eventually found us, and joined us :)
Oh yeah, those Pixie Sticks I bought the other day came in handy BIG TIME! Every inning the Diablos were up to bat, the kids got to pick one pixie stick. That way, the had to pay attention to when it was their turn for candy. hehe.

They didn't pay attention to the game too much, but they sure seemed to have a good time.
During innings, they threw balls from the tippy top of the stadium. SCARY! The kids loved it, but us moms kept thinking we were gonna get drilled with a ball!
Emma was upset about something here. What a WORRIED face!
I told her to give me a happy face! MUCH better!
Amanda took Jim and Austin down to get their picture taken with the chicken. They were both excited. hehe.

Margot and Amanda and me...
Amanda bought Austin this balloon sword set, and Margot got one for Emma too. Yeah, I wasn't buying that for my kids. It wouldn't have made it out of the stadium in one piece. My kids are rough on things. Especially balloons....
Jim was devastated!
But I want my kids to know that they don't get everything that they want, so I stuck firm with the "no". Emma felt sorry for him, and gave him her hat... It didn't fit him, and I told her to take it back, but she wanted him to have it... It was popped before we left the stadium...
Even despite all the fit throwing and melt downs and such, it was a great day! We left during the 7th inning, and it was 9:45pm. I was supposed to pick up Jake and Tom at 9pm. Oops. We loaded up, and drove on over to Biggs, and grabbed the boys. Ms Susan was waiting with them. Dang, I felt bad. She gave me her number, and said to text or call next time I was running late, that she'd be more than happy to drop the boys off at home. Awe, SO sweet! She's awesome :)

We headed home, and there was more bickering between all the kids. I think everyone was exhausted, and it was coming out in fighting. Amanda tried to get the kids all distracted by singing car songs that they'd sang as kids, but then it just annoyed Tom and Jake... You can't please everyone, right? It was entertaining me....

We dropped Amanda off at her house, and she "donated" some left over pizza to Jake and Tom. Awe, THANKS, hon! And all 5 pieces were devoured before we got home... And I was SO tired. Super extremely tired! I just wanted to go to bed. But people were still fighting, and I had to blog. I sent Joe and Jim to their rooms, and Jake and Tom and Eme to theirs. And then Jim camp out sobbing, saying that Joe had beat him up.

Eme was there, and felt sorry for Jim, and offered for let him sleep over in her room. Such a nice big sister. I made Joe go sleep on the couch. He was mad, and said that he was NOT sleeping AT ALL tonight. Yeah, lets see how long that one lasts. hehe. I hope he sleeps well and is feeling better in the morning.

It's now 11:45pm, and I'm SO incredibly sleepy. I don't know how many relaxing kid-free days I can take. hehe. I"m gonna need an off week to re-cooperate!

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Awe, I remember this day! 90 minute massage with hot stones at the Lodge in Cloudcroft, NM. MOST relaxing time! LOVED it. Thanks for the SWEET layout, Sharon! Great kit!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Jun. 23, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Whew! No wonder you were tired. I got worn out just reading about your day. lol

Thanks for the great word art. Hugs!!!

Tammy said...

OMGoodness! Now I need to get a massage so I can use this WA!! :) I'm sure hubby will love to hear that! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [24 Jun 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [25 Jun 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Losing 100 said...

What the heck is Jake wearing?!? Burn that shirt! It's hidious!
Thanks for the WA :o)

a said...

I agree, VERY loud and ugly shirt, but my Autistic son LOVES the way that the shirt feels. Ever tried to buy clothes for an Autistic kid? Not the funnest job. hehe

deb said...

I'm wiped out just reading about your days! LOL Thanks for word art!