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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Welcome to another day! Tuesday was a good day :) My alarm went off at 7:30am, and I realized that I really didn't need to be up until 8am. So I reset it and went back to sleep.

Then got up, got dressed, got kids ready, and quickly printed out a little name taggy thing for Jim and Ella, then headed to the bus at a little after 9am.

And we waited around for the bus again. Not as long as Monday, but still for a little while.
Joe is such a strange child. He was head to foot camo today. hehe.

I loved this photo!

We got the kids on the bus, then headed back home. And got ready to go to the on post thrift store. It's been closed for the month of July, and today is the first day that it was open again. And we wanted to go and see what they had.

Here's some pics of me and Lily hanging on the couch, waiting to go to the thrift store :)

We loaded up in Maddie's car, and headed on over. And got there around 9:45am. And it was PACKED.

LOVE these cactus out front
First stop was the Bargain room. Most of the store is consignment, and after a certain point, if the item doesn't sell, it's returned or clearanced off. And cheaply. I got a pair of Abercromie and Fitch jeans for a buck. And Tommy Hillfiger jeans for $0.50. And a swimsuit for Eme for a quarter. Found a ton of great deals.

Are you my mummy? (hehe)
At 10:30am, we were done. And went to get in line. And it was freakin' long! Oh crap! Aunt Sue and I had our nail appointment across the street at 11am. And the line wasn't moving at all. There must have been 20-30 people in front of us in line, and only one checker. It's all volunteer at that store, so I understand, but still. I had places to be!

We still had 4 people in front of us at 11am, and by the time we paid, it was 15 after. I left all my stuff with Maddie after I paid, and Aunt Sue and I dashed across the street and to the Spa. And it was enough of a walk to rub a HUGE blister on my heel. Ouch!

But we got there. 20-25 minutes late. Crap! I hate that! We explained what happened, and they worked us in. We felt real bad... They had ice cold water in wine glasses for us, and got us seated and ready for our nails.

I decided on French Tip short nails. And I think they were doing a gel fill. I don't now what it was. Aunt Sue was getting a little bit of length added to her real nails. They're already pretty long.

First step, she pushed back my cuticles, then roughed up my nails with a harsh file. Then brushed it off, and fitted my fingers for the tips.

And here's Aunt Sue and her lady. She was quite the talker! And the singer! hehe. I thought it was hilarious. She'd randomly break out in song (a tad off key) at unexpected moments. It was SO cute! (The nail lady, not Aunt Sue. ha!)

So she glued down the white tips, and trimmed them to the length they should be.

Then filed the crap out of them. And then put some kind of polish stuff on it, and started with the "filling". She had white-ish and pink-ish. She'd get a dab of liquid, then a dab of powder. And used a paint brush to fill in the nails. It was pretty snazzy! I'd never seen it done before!
Once it was dry, she used a drimmel tool to get the edges and top smooth and such. It was cool!
She had me wash my hands and use a cool brush to get the nails ALL cleaned, then she painted some polish like stuff on my nails, and then went into this bright light thing. And it set the gel, or something. I don't know. All I know is that they came out SUPER shiny and hard :)

Pretty, aren't they!
They used a lot of white for the tip, but really, the nails aren't that long. See, this is from the back.
Aunt Sue got her painted Candied Apple Red. They were SUPER neat looking!
We were done by 1pm. We paid, thanked our ladies profusely, and called Maddie for a ride home. She came and picked us up, and off we went. I was SO excited about having nails. I just sat and felt them for quite a while. hehe. It hasn't gotten old yet :) They feel SO strong and slick and neat! SO pretty :)

When we got back home, I found a box of delivered flowers on my doorstep! From Captain America!!!! They were BEAUTIFUL!

I haven't heard from him in about 2-3 weeks (Skype wise), so it was a big surprise to get flowers and a SUPER sweet note from the boy. Thanks, my dear! I love you SO much! Can't wait for R&R, whenever it gets here :)

Boxer had ratted through the trash, so I cleaned up that huge mess, and arranged my flowers, and sent Maddie to get the kids from the bus stop. They came back home, I gave them their new thrift store stuff, and we got ready for the pool. We were meeting Amanda and Crystal there. Love the pool, you know :)
After about 20 minutes sitting on the benches and chatting, Amanda and Aunt Sue and I decided to go and get in the deep pool. We played in there for about an hour, then went back to the baby area, and sat in the kiddie pool with Maddie. And got some sun. It was a very nice, relaxing time at the pool, and I enjoyed every second of it.

We headed home at 5pm, and I made dinner. I cooked up a package of chicken nuggets, and tried to figure out a way to make them stretch. Because one package of chicken nuggets by itself isn't gonna make my kids full.

I decided to go with chicken sandwiches. I put light mayo on the bread, and real mozzarella cheese. The grown ups had slices of tomatoes. And I hooked up the mini George Forman grill, so whoever wanted it grilled could have it grilled. And oh yeah, it was good grilled :)

And then I went outside to check on the pool. It had been draining for the past 2-3 days. And was finally as low as I could get it. I hooked up the hose and the cleaner vacuum thingy that the pool came with, and tried to suck out some of the nasties. And oh yeah, there were a BUNCH of nasties...

I spent an hour or two out there trying to clean it, and finally gave up. Plugged up the holes, and started re-filling it. Lets hope that they get lost in the gallons of new water that I'm putting in there. I turned on the hose, let it fill, and came inside.

And felt SUPER nasty. I SO needed a shower. It really felt good :P I threw on some jammies, and got the little kids ready for bed. They had a bath, and cleaned their rooms and cleaned out the bathroom. They'd made a bit of a mess during bathtime.

Maddie, Aunt Sue, Tom, Eme, and I sat down to watch some Psych. And Eme and Tom were bickering so much, that I sent them to bed after 1/2 an episode. Sucks to fight sometimes....

I blogged, and we watched some more TV. Here it is, 10:25pm. And I'm gonna turn this computer off, lay on the couch with Elmo, snuggle, and watch this one last episode. And then go to sleep.

Tomorrow, we're getting the kids on the bus, and going to the Walmart in Las Cruces, NM. Because it's SO much better than El Paso Walmarts. And I can't seem to find the composition notebooks. And they had them there last year. Should be a good time :)

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Awe, what a SWEET photo! And love the layout too, Sharon! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got acrylic nails Bethany! COOL! I used to have them too :) They look good on ya :) xoxo Suzan

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Aug. 03, 2011. Thanks again.

Tammy said...

I gave up on acrylic nails...it was too frustrating because I am so used to short nails :) Good luck!
Wow! How sweet of your husband to send you flowers! Thank you for the WA :)

deb said...

Beautiful nails! I so need to get mine done. I've been chewing them for 2 years now and they look horrid. Thanks for the word art!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [04 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria