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Friday, October 14, 2011

Field of Dreams

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my only daughter, Emeline Melissa! She'd double digits today!!! The big 1-0!!! Such a mature little thing! Love you, Eme! So proud of how well you are doing at EVERYTHING you try :) You are SUCH a great young lady!!!

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Hola! So I had a GREAT idea about setting the alarm for the little boy, and was just sure that it was gonna go off when I was at seminary. We'd see. My alarm went off at 5:25am, and Jake and I got ready and headed to Seminary. I slept most of the time during Seminary, then headed home. And found both of the little boys sleeping. Sigh. SO not what I was expecting... Sigh.

I woke them up, and had them get ready. Here's Jim doing his homework He wasn't happy...

And Joe playing with his toys.
Me and Joe posing
We went to the bus, I helped Jim with his homework there, visited with the ladies, and I headed back to the house, and crashed. Jake headed off to school, and I totally went back to sleep. Cause 2 nights in a row now, it's been after 11 when I've gone to bed! And I'm working late again... hmpf! Sleep keeps eluding me...

Anyway, I told Amanda to call me when she and Crystal were ready to go to Costco. Around 10am. And I totally slept. And the phone sent off at around 9:50am. I had 5 minutes to get ready. I looked like this:
so I kicked it into hustle mode. hehe :)

Crystal was driving, and came to get me. She and Amanda and baby Cole and I headed out. Cole fell asleep, and Captain America was on Skype when we pulled into Costo's parking lot. I volunteered to sit in the car so I could chat with Captain America and so I could watch the baby, and the girls headed inside.

It was nice to chat with Captain Americaand catch up. Hopefully we'll be able to chat more in the next few weeks coming up. Soon, the girls were done shopping, and they came out to get Cole and I and we all went inside for a Hot Dog for lunch.

Ever had a Costco Hot Dog for lunch? Oh yeah, they're great!
SO juicy!
We ate, and headed back on post. Here's Crystal

And Cole
Me and my soda. Yummy!
We hung at Amanda's house for a bit after we got back to post. Here's Crystal and Cole

Amanda had gotten these tongue tattoo's in the cereal box the other day, and there were 3 left, one for each of us. So we gave it a whirl. LOL ;)

Crystal headed home to see her hubby over his lunch break, and Amanda and I headed to Walmart to check out their prices on laptops. She wanted to replace her broken one. And I wanted a new fake Scentsy warmer for the little boys room. So it didn't smell like dog so bad. No matter how much I steam clean it, it still smells... Hmpf!

And I knew that the "Jaurez" Walmart didn't have a great selection of warmers, so we decided to try the "Pirate" Walmart. And dang, it was crowded. It had a ton of warmers, but no wax. Oh well. I did find a warmer for the boys that I liked, though.

And we found the Laptop that Amanda wanted. It's the SAME exact one that I have! But for $50 cheaper! Lucky! hehe :) Only thing was, they were out of it at the "Pirate" walmart. They said that the "Jaurez" walmart had one, and that they'd hold it for 20 minutes for us. So we paid real fast, and drove on over to the "Jaurez" walmart.

We ran on back to the electronics department, and she paid for her computer. We walked around for a bit longer, found a few more things, and paid and headed back to post. We met Kari at the CYS registration place, and found out that the Doctor who had filled out Leo's physical for had failed to fill out a critical page. So Leo couldn't be registered for Basketball. And if her kids weren't doing it, mine sure weren't! And around this time, my poor phone's battery died. It was a sad time. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself... I really wasn't - hehe. I need to put a charger in my purse, I guess!!!

So we had her get in the car with us, and we all 3 drove on over to Biggs to pay a visit to this doctor. After finally finding the correct office, we found out that they were in an all afternoon training meeting. Sigh. No signature today...

So we headed back towards post. But stopped at Sonic first. Then dropped Kari off at her car, and headed back to Amanda's house. We plugged in her laptop, then headed to the bus stop. We visited with the moms for a bit, collected our kids from the bus, and headed home.

I had my kids do chores, and got a call from Jake a little after 4 asking if he could walk to Nicks house (Crystals 15 year old son). I said it was fine and that I'd pick him up on the way to therapy).

Joe went to play with Leo at the Park, and Kari said she'd keep an eye on him. Amanda came to pick up Eme and deliver her to her soccer game. At 4:40pm I grabbed Jake and we headed to his appointment. We got there RIGHT on time!

I'd grabbed my phone by that point, and it had a small charge to it. We sat in the office for a minute before the receptionist came in, and she was like "Oh no, didn't you get my message???". Um, no? The therapist had gone home sick. She'd cancelled the appointment. Crap...

So Jake and I loaded back up and headed home. I cooked some homemade dinner for the kids, and had them continue with their chores. At least the house was looking a little bit better. I took some pasta and cooked it up, the browned a lb of sausage, melted in a package of cream cheese, a can of pasta sauce, and combined it all together. It was Heavenly!

I dished up the food for the kids, grabbed a bowls for myself, and decided to catch the tail end of Eme's game. I sat and watched for a bit, but was SO distracted by this man and woman standing outside the chain link fence surrounding the fields. They were chatting and having a great time, but their language was TOTALLY unacceptable for a little kids' park/area. F-bombs and such the whole time. Finally, a park official came and asked them to leave. Good thing. It was totally offensive!

Here's a picture of my pasta in the bowl. We decided it looked like little brains! It was Halloween pastas!
After the game, Jim and I joined Joe and Kari and Leo and Josephine at the park. And we made a new friend! Kim lives near the bus stop, but her kids go to a different school. She had a 16 year old boy with sever autism, and another boy with... um, yeah, can't remember no what he had. Bi-polar maybe? Don't quote me on that. But she seemed super nice and sweet. And Kari and I both know all about special needs teens and the struggles and such. Been there done that. We don't bat an eye at it anymore.... hehe :)

Anyway, we talked until it got dark and we had to put kids to bed. We came back home, I baked cupcakes for Eme to take to school tomorrow, and started working on loading my store. I sent the kids to bed at 8pm, and Joe, out of the blue, started puking. Whaaaat? The same kid who played at the park all evening long?

I texted Kari, and she said that Leo started puking too! Strange! Must be that stomach bug thing that's going around? It sure hit the poor kid hard. Kari texted me and said that Leo had puked ALL over Josephine. I didn't envy her that particular mess to clean up. hehe.

Great. It's now 11:30pm. Again. Oh well. I guess if Joe is too sick to go to school, then I'm not playing at all tomorrow, and I can nap all I want, right? I'm having an "at home" day. So I can sleep. Maybe we'll have a cartoon marathon... Any suggestions for old cartoon series to watch? I like Darkwing Duck and Kim Possible. OK, I really need to put this away and go to bed. BEFORE it becomes midnight. I'm waking up at 5:25am for Jake to go to seminary, you know :)

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Beautiful yellows! I'm loving that field of yellow flowers! Great one, Sharon :)

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Stephanie said...

I wish our school still allowed home made goodies for birthdays. I could make so many cute things, but everything has to be store bought and 100% juice! :/ I can't even make home made Halloween candy like I've done in the years past.
Sorry about the sick little one. I hope the bug going around there is like the one here and only lasts about 12 hours.