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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Exectations

So, it was SUCH a NON normal day... Last night, I was up until almost midnight between the birthday cupcake making for Emeline and the loading of my store, and the blogging, and Joe and his puking. My life is so much fun, you know...

I got up at 5:25 am to take Jake to seminary, and slept in the car. We headed back to post after, and Joe was sick on the couch. As was Eme. She had puked too. Poor baby. And on her birthday to boot! So much for the cupcakes for her class... Crap... Now I have 24 cupcakes in my refrigerator.... Not a good thing.

Tom said that he felt a little bit sick, but he still wanted to go to school. So off to the bus he went. And I got Jim ready for school.

I took Jim to the bus, and Jake was left at home with Joe and Eme. And he wasn't doing well, so I had them go lay down in their rooms while I was at the bus. I only chatted with the moms for a few minutes, and headed back home.

Jake got ready, and headed out to school. I had Eme come back downstairs, and Joe had fallen back asleep in his room. Captain America was on Facebook, so he and I chatted for a while. And he got to chat with Eme for her birthday. And Captain America and I got to chat for quite some time. It was great!

At around 11 something, we were done talking, and Amanda came over. She brought her laptop, and I got out my laptop, and our plan was to have me do designing, and for her to do homework. We didn't get as much accomplished as we'd hoped...

Joe had come out of his room and chatted with his dad when we were chatting earlier, and had fallen asleep on the couch again. And I'd taken some photos with him and Beaver Warrior. Isn't he a cutie???

Here's Eme. On her 10th Birthday :)
Terra came over around noon. She took our "orders" for s McDonalds run, and headed out. She's such a sweetie! And, of course, as soon as Terra left, Ross Middle school called and said that Tom had puked all over the gym in PE. Nice. Now I had 3 sick kids...

So I left Amanda in charge of my sick kids, hopped in the car, and drove on up to the school. I picked up Tom, and headed back home. Too bad the Jeb gate isn't open during the main part of the day, or it would have been SUCH a short trip. But I had to go out Robert E Lee gate, and it took forever! Sigh!

I got him, and we headed home. Terra and Amanda and my kids were eating when we got home. Kids watched some cartoons, we had lunch, chatted for a bit, then Terra headed home. Amanda and I played on our computers for a bit, and were a little productive.

Here's a pic of boxer that I snapped. What a good puppy. He seemed contented with sick kids today :)
He really was sick, dispite the happy face - hehe :)
I got a few WordArt packs designed, and around 3ish, Kari and Leo came over. Leo was sick too. He came to watch cartoons with the other infected kids. Amanda and I had disinfected once couch, so the well people sat there, and we made all the sick people sit on the other couches. It was kinda funny, actually. hehe.

At around 3:15, Austin High called, and it was the Nurse saying that Jake was sick. And yeah, I wasn't driving up there to pick him up. He hadn't puked yet. He was just feeling icky. I asked if he could get sent home on the bus with a puke bag. She put him on the phone. He said he could tough it ough and make it home. I said I had to go and get Jim from the bus, and he understood. Good thing he's tough, right??? Thanks, Jake, for understanding!

I walked on over to the bus with Kari and Amanda at 3:30, and was back home by 4pm with Jim. I laid down on the "well" couch and rested until 5pm. Joe was way too sick for his soccer game, so at 5:15pm, I got Jim ready for his game, grabbed Amanda's mouse that she'd left here, and Joe's snacks for his soccer game, and out we headed. Joe was sleeping, and the other kids were entertained with electronics. And feeling a tad better.

I dropped the mouse off at Amandas house, dropped Jim off at his game, then dropped the snacks off at Joe's game. I left them with another parent, and asked them to pass them out, and explained that we had 4/5 of the kids puking. SO not fun! hehe.

And I headed back to Jim's game. Jake and I sat and chatted and watched the game. We made plans for Monday and Savers, and talked about possibly going to the library tomorrow to see the movie "The Mummy". Gotta love Brendan Frazier! We'll see how the kids are feeling. We may just stay home all weekend to avoid spreading the "plague" any further. We'll see...

We got home from the game at 6:30pm, and I had crock pot 15 bean soup with rice cooked. The kids ate a little bit, and then had pink cupcakes for dessert. I watched some "The Office" in my room, then started blogging. Joe and Tom and Jim took turns watching TV with me on and off.

I removed my fingernail polish, and filed now my nails to a MUCH more manageable length, and removed the polish. And am in the process of painting them black. Maybe I'll work on some sort of Halloween something on them... Spiderwebs would be cool. We'll see...

So once again it's after 11pm. Good thing I don't have to get up early tomorrow. I'm sleepy. VERY sleepy. Extremely sleepy. Night, y'all! Don't wake me up, k??? I'm totally sleeping in :) hehe :)

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Great one, Sharon! I like the overlay on this one. It's a great effect! Perfect!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Oct. 15, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Happy belated birthday to Eme! Poor thing - it's no fun to be sick on your birthday. Does she get a rain check to have a party another day? lol

Poor mom having so many sick kids. But hopefully they're all getting it over with at once and you won't get it.

Thanks for the great word art. Hugs!!!

Mats World said...

Love the Great Expectations word art, thanx for sharing :)