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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wild Bunch

Remember how I said the I'd keep you posted as to when Maddie had her baby??? Well, Jackson Joseph McShinsky made his debut last night!!!! hehehe. Isn't he a cutie!!! 8 lbs 5 oz. Contrats Maddie and Joe! Welcome to your new little baby boy! We love little Jack already!
So it was cold when I woke up! hehe. I'm going soft, you know :) 55 degrees, and I die. LOL. Jake and I headed out to Seminary. And the Pershing gate was closed! Dang! I forgot it was Columbus day, and the soldiers had the day off... So the gate was closed. Dang...

So we went the long way (4 extra minutes or so). Jake went to class, and I went back to sleep. I was so tired. And cold. Brrrr! I actually used my snugglie blankie as as blankie! Good thing I bought it, right??? Cause I might have frozen to death. hehe.

Soon, Jake was waking up, and I was heading home. Well, we were heading home. I got there, and all the kids were getting ready, except Jim. He had moved to my room. Because, apparently, he'd puked in his bed. Nasty! I don't know if he'd eaten something bad the night before? Or what. Because he wasn't acting sick at all... So yeah, he was TOTALLy going to school.

But he had puke in his hair. Dried puke. And in his ear. And on his cheek and on his face. Nasty. Now that I think of it, he was totally in my bed with that. Freakin' nastiness... I sent Joe and Eme to the bus, and plopped Jimmy in the shower. And got him all ready for school. And drove him up to the school. Wearing my cute winter hat. Cause 55 is winter in El Paso, you know. hehe :)

I came back home, and got ready for my fun filled day with Terra :) I decided to go with my gray purse. And work my outfit around it - hehe. Sometimes it works that way, you know - LOL :)

Here I am, ready to go and play!
My gray boots! Shhhh they're boots, not slippers!
Terra came to pick me up, and we were off to the West side to drop the kids off at Autism Therapy for the day! And here's my breakfast of champions! LOL
The girls got SO excited about seeing the billboards. Especially the pizza one - hehe :)
We dropped them off, and headed out to Savers. We needed to find a bathroom. LOL. The Westside Savers isn't my favorite, but we gave it a shot. Purple tags were $0.99, but yeah, not much was good. We looked around for a bit, then headed out. And stopped by Hobby Lobby. Love that store :)

Check out these nasty Xmas trees. Yeah, don't like the colors. It didn't turn out as nasty in the pictures as it did in real life. Believe me...
I got a few things for Cub Scouts here, and then we headed out. The Dollar Tree was next. I picked up a few more things for Cub Scouts, and found these mustaches. And I needed them. Cause who doesn't needed a good mustache...

We were starving after all the shopping. hehe. And headed to Carino's for lunch. Terra got the shrimp and chicken pasta, and I got the turkey and bacon and mozzarella and Gorgonzola panini with salad and chips. Super yummy. We ate, and headed to Target. And walked around for a bit, browsing.

I thought the hand dryer in the bathroom was hilarious! LOL
I liked the cat mask!
Cool witches hat!
Soon it was time to pick up the girls, we paid, and headed out. We got the girls, and headed back to post. Terra dropped me off at home, and I had a few minutes to change clothes. It had warmed up quite a bit since this morning. hehe. I got some cooler clothes on, texted Amanda, and she and I headed out on a Sonic run. Then back to the bus stop.

We got the kids from the bus, and ended up sitting and chatting with a few moms. And the kids played. We finally all headed out. My head was kinda hurting, and I was feeling pretty sleepy. I tried to lay down, but had too much to do. The kids did chores, and i finally got around to cleaning up the puke in Jim and Joe's room. Then I laid down for a bit.

I helped Joe and Jim with their homework, and made Terra's twins birthday party's invitations. I played on Pinterest for a while, and the kids did chores. Eme played a the park for a while, and the kids had some electronics time. Looking back, I was totally supposed to go walking with Kari, but I ditched her. Oops, sorry, my dear. I'm a flake these days!

The kids' soccer practice was canceled. And I was off my groove. I'll blame it on that. And the fact that my meds are kicking my butt, and my head was hurting. And that bag of sugar free chocolates I consumed today. And the beans I ate over the weekend. Yeah, put all those together, and it's not a good combination...

Anyway, I put the kids to bed around 8pm, and started blogging around 9pm. I'm not sure what I was doing all evening, but I was really being slow. I took off my candy corn polish, and my nails are all nasty now. It's a good thing the girls and I are going back to the beauty college tomorrow Amanda and I are getting 2 for 1 fills. I think it's 2 for $10. That's not a bad price. There's still yellow all over my nails, and they look all nasty. Hopefully they can fix them. I want them to shorten them by quite a bit, too. They're getting quite long.

Amanda also has some pretty good Cover girl coupons to use at Walgreens. I'm going with her there. And I need to look at my Cub Scouts lesson plan. Jim has Soccer tomorrow, and we do the library after school. I think I'm making cupcakes to take. And the girls and I are going grocery shopping at Walmart after the bus. Cause we have no eggs, bread, milk, cereal, cheese, lunchmeat, fruit, veggies, or crackers in the house. The kids think they are starving...

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Looks like a fun Girls time!!! Sweet! Thanks, Sharon :) LOVE it!


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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Oct. 11, 2011. Thanks again.

Shelly said...

Jack doesn't look too happy about being out of the womb. lol

Love the word art! Thanks so much. Hugs!!!

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [11 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria