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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Peas in a Pod

Day 2 of Thanksgiving break. I woke up at 9am. And Captain America was on Facebook chat! I typed with him for a bit, then got on Skype. And was on Skype with him until the time to go to the movies at 11:25! Yeah, my morning disappeared! Needless to say, I went to the movies in the same clothes from yesterday! hehe :) Somedays are like that, right?

Luckily the kids were all dressed and ready to go when I got done walking with my sweetheart. We loaded up and headed to the movies. We were going to the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

I left Tom in line for the tickets with money, and I got in line for the popcorn and drinks and hot dogs. Multi-tasking works best, you know :) We were done at about the same time. And were only a few minutes late for the movie. Luckily, we'd seen the movie before. GREAT movie, by the way.

Our friends, Veronica and her 4 kids, and Kari and kids were there. It's great to have friends, you know :) After the movie, we chatted outside in the sunshine for a while, then all headed out to our various activities. I took the kids to big lots to see about that elusive record player. Kari had found one yesterday at the Mesa Big Lots. But this one was sold out too. Drats! I did find some outdoors Christmas decorations, though. Apparently the Mesa Big Lots is the only one in town that has the record player. I wonder if it still has any....

Poor Tom was devastated. I'm not really sure why, though. He had his heart set on going across the street to Goodwill and buying a record and playing it on the record player.... Hum... Oh well. On to the next store. We went to the Dollar Tree, and I got some bread, and a few Christmas things. And managed to get all of the "Mom, can I have this" crap out of the cart before I got to the register. I hate it how they throw stuff in there when I'm not looking. Especially Jim. A Snickers bar ended up in the cart and I almost paid for it. Caught it at the last second. Tricky. Very sly, Jim... I'm watching you....

And we headed home. I texted Jake and had him come home, and we all did chores. It took some poking and prodding, but they got done. Jake thought he was gonna get off easy, but I made him do the backyard well. And he really did. And I went and supervised, and the backyard got done REALLY well. 3 bags of trash later, and the backyard is looking might fine!!! Captain America, you would be proud of your oldest son's effort!!!

And speaking of my oldest son, those new meds are fantabulous. He really is a changed child. He seems to be less of the goofy child that he was before, and more of a normal teenage boy. More social. Wants to hang with people his own age. And his happy. And joking around. I'm enjoying it, actually. And he's able to be reasoned with. That's a new one for me. A shock, actually! But a pleasant one! hehe.

Anyway, after the chores were done, I went outside and set up some Christmas lights. Tom and Joe and Jim helped a little bit. It was kinda fun :) My kids were finally done with what they had to do, and had earned some free time. The TV and electronic had been off all break long. Amanda texted, and asked if I wanted to make a Walmart run with her. She hadn't left the house yet today. Sounded like a fun trip to me!

I left Tom in charge, and headed out with Amanda. We went to the "Jaurez Walmart" because it was closest. And dang, it was packed. You could tell it was close to Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, I sure do need to make my Thanksgiving dinner and shopping list. I know, slacker me. It's getting close, and I still haven't done it....

We walked around, and she got the few things that she needed. But mostly we just wandered.
She price matched these veggies at $0.49 a can, and had buy 4 and get $1.00 off coupons. She had 11 coupons! Nice, huh???
Um, yeah, interesting game???
Bike helmet???
Is this bow just for me?
Man or woman??? hehe :)
We wandered around Walmart for a bit longer, then went to pay. And headed home. And stopped by Taco Bell for a Beefy Cheesey nasty and a soda before heading back through the gate.

My kids were doing just fine when I got home, watching TV and playing computers. And Joe was sound asleep on the couch. hehe. I put up the last of the new outside Christmas decorations, and took a final picture. What do you think??? Aren't they pretty???
I cleaned up a little bit, then sat down to yesterday blog. Then started on today's blog. And now I'm feeling my headache coming back. I should take some meds and go to bed. Or maybe I'll just take a sleeping pill and go to bed. I'm not sure. I'm super sleepy, though. It's almost 11pm. I wonder what would help me feel the best in the morning? A super good nights rest, or some meds?....

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Ha! Such funny faces! This little girl TOTALLY looks like my sisters kids!!! hehe. You sure she's not related to me???


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [23 Nov 04:57pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Stephanie said...

I <3 this word art!
I'm so glad that Jake's new meds are working so well for all of y'all. I made a grocery store run this morning and it was crazy! I wish I would have been able to stay home! lol

Shelly said...

Thanks for the great word art, Bethany.

I'm glad that Jake's new meds are helping so much. The real Jake is getting to shine through.

We always wait until Wednesday evening to do our Thanksgiving meal shopping. We've never missed out on anything we've needed by waiting until then. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs!!!