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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Couch Potato WordArt

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!!! Well, it's later here than I'd originally planned - hehe :) My day was jam packed full of stuff. Sometimes it's good to keep your mind off of stuff. Like the fact that a major part of your family is gone. And a major holiday is quickly approaching.... But we don't talk about such things....

I woke up around 7:30am, and started working on a Thanksgiving menu and shopping list. And Joe was the only one awake. So he was gonna be my Walmart shopping buddy. Works for me :) He and I got ready, made sure Tom was awake, and we headed out.

We took the Saturn, and headed out. And thank goodness, it wasn't crowded! Yet. I'm sure that it would pick up. But the 8-9 am hour was just fine. We shopped and grabbed all the food items that we needed, then paid, and headed home. It was a fun little shopping excursion. Thanks, Joe, for keeping me company!

And off to the house we headed. We got all the food put away, and did a few chores. Then got the kids ready for the zoo. We were gonna meet Kari and Veronica there at 11. But I wanted to go to Fallas first, and see if they had an area rug first. So we got all changed and loaded up in the truck and I checked my wallet for my zoo pass. No where to be found. Crap. It was gone.

I think I may have donated it with my vest thing I was wearing last zoo trip. Dang! And the kids didn't wanna go bad enough to get another pass. Sigh. So Jake and Tom went back inside the house, and Joe and Jim and Eme and I went to Fallas. I got some more garland and a tree skirt. But no rug.

Big Lots next. They had a rug that I liked. And a few other things. And we headed home. I got these as a reward for Jake. When he cleans my truck, he gets them. Wash, and clean out the inside, plus vacuum.

And I found this at Big Lots, and LOVE the print!
We were home for a short while before Kari texted and said that they were done with the zoo, and headed over to McDonalds. And that we should join them. Perfect! We loaded up in the truck, and headed across town to McDonalds. I let each kid had $3, and the chose wisely. hehe. I'm SO my mother's child. ha!
I've got my cool red hat on today :)

Josephine and Kari
We let the kids play for a while to blow off some steam, then we headed back home. And it was a long day at the house. ha!

I boilded up 3 dozen eggs for Deviled eggs tomorrow :)
I baked 2 pumpkin pies, 1 apple blueberry pie, and 1 pecan pie. The pecan kinda burnt, but I'm sure that the under part is yummy!
In between cooking and cleaning and such, the kids and I got the Christmas tree down, and set it up. SUCH a great time of the year! I just like the season :)
I'd gotten spring form pans for my birthday last year, and have never used them. So I finally broke them out, and used the 9 inch one tonight! I made a homemade cheesecake! Oh yeah!!! baked it in the oven and everything :) I'm excited to see how it turns out.

That's what they're supposed to look like, right? Please say yet. LOL! Anyway, I cleaned and baked and baked and cleaned and then rested. Then hopped up and did it some more. It's now midnight, and I'm sleepy. The kids are all in bed. Who know's how many phone things I've missed. It's been on vibrate. And before that, we were using it on Pandora for music. Sorry, outside world. I wasn't staying in constant contact. hehe :) OK, now I think I'm falling alseep and am not making sleep. I mean sense... hehe. And getting goofy, apparently. Gotta stop while I'm ahead...

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LOL! It's a man thing, huh? My boys do this, too! Great layout, Sharon! thanks!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Nov. 24, 2011. Thanks again.

Tink said...

Yep thats just what home made cheesecake looks like.. I want a piece...LOL

Avinuity said...

Nice post.. You have posted almost everything in this short introduction, i like the idea..


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [25 Nov 03:37pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

KajunKJ said...

Thanks so much!

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thanks a lot
Saphira from Germany