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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet K

So, yeah, I totally slept in this morning. Till like 11:30am. It was glorious. hehe. Jake and Joe had slept over at Leo and Justins house. Jim and Eme and Tom were up watching cartoons quietly. All was peaceful and calm in the Harty house. Gotta love it :)

At noon, I headed out with Kim for some shopping. I felt like I hadn't seen her in a long while. Funny, how when you're used to seeing someone on a daily basis, if you go a few days without seeing them, it seems like FOREVER if you skip a few days - hehe.

Anyway, CPT had stuff to do around the house, and didn't wanna run errands with me today, so Kim was gonna be my partner in crime, er, shopping partner. First stop, Target. But we got distracted by the shoe store on the way.

They had some 50% off lowest marked price sales going on, and Kim ended up with 5 pairs of shoes (one of those boots) plus a watch, for $45. Not too bad! I got a pair of tall black boots, and a pair of brown shoes for $15.

Next, it was on to Target. I got a bunch of makeup that I needed, some swimming stuff, Kim got some clearanced Star Wars stuff, and a few other things.

What's up with this one? Who buys a SOLAR powered Alarm clock? I guess no one... That's why it's 75% off...
Then it was onto the Jewelry Box. I waited with the cart, and Kim went in. After Jewelry Box, Kim bought some Pretzels, and we sat outside Target and munched on them. Then headed back to the Suburban.

Next stop, Dollar Tree. CPT had texted and said that Eme had a birthday party to go to. Oops. I'd forgotten all about the neighbor girls surprise b-day party.... I guess i needed to get a gift, huh? I bought a gift bag and some tissue paper at the Dollar Tree, and looked for Bread. No bread. Hmpf. I did get some Valentine's cards, though.

Next stop, Big Lots. I wanted to get Kayleigh a Cup Cake Maker for her birthday. I'd seen them at Big Lots before. But, alas, they didn't have them this time. Oh well. They DID have a giant fuzzy pillow. I thought it looked like something that a 12 year old would love. So that's what she would get :)

We found a few other little things, paid, and headed out. Kim's 9 year old needed picked up from on post. We headed over, and he ended up living right across from where we bought our Suburban! How cool is that! hehe :)

Then, we went to the Commissary. CPT needed some foods for his soups that he makes. And the kids needed some foods too. We started out with just one cart. My food on one 1/2, and Kim's on the other. And about 2/3 of the way through, it was starting to tip. hehe. We found an abandoned cart, so we split into 2. hehe. We got most of it right. We forgot to transfer over the tomatoes. Oops. And I forgot to buy the frozen spinach. Sorry, Popeye... I mean CPT America.

I dropped Kim off at her house, and helped her unload all of her groceries. Then I got home, and my kids unloaded my truck. I hopped in the shower, and put on my cowboy stuff. And got all ready for the PBR thing we were going to tonight. I printed out the tickets, and CPT got ready too.

We swung by Kari's house, and picked up Brian. Kari was finishing up a party, and was gonna meet us there. Justin and Jake were at Kari's house, and were watching Josephine. Tom was at my house, and was watching Eme and Joe and Jim and Leo. Brian and CPT and I headed off to the Rodeo.

When we got to the coliseum, the parking lot was full. Crap. So we drove around a bit more, and about 4 blocks away, we found an empty parking lot. Sweet. It was FREEZING outside. We walked as quickly as we could, and finally made it there. CPT and I went inside, and Brian waited for Kari. She was only a few minutes behind us.

We went to find our seats, and I got distracted at the hat booth. I found a new black straw-ish hat that I LOVED. CPT got it for me!!!! Thanks, sweetie :) We eventually found our seats, and Brian and Kari were there at about the same time as us. The guys sat together, and the girls sat together, so I got to visit with Kari! sweet :)

It really was a great time! I enjoyed the PBR a lot :) I was afraid that those boys were gonna get stepped on by a bull! hehe :) Some of them wore cowboy hats and some of them wore helmets. Kari and I decided that if WE were riding, we'd totally wear helmets. But that it was TOTALLY hotter to wear cowboy hats. ROFL!

After the event, we walked back to the rigs, and headed home. Traffic was thick, but we were able to find side streets that let us back to post quicker than the main bulk of traffic. Booya! Eme and Tom and CPT and I watched a few episodes of Star Trek (the old ones), and I blogged. Here it is, almost 1am. Church in the am. And we are having Cupcakes for Tim's bday over at Kim's house after church.

Night, y'all!!!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Feb. 12, 2012. Thanks again.