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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet P

BUT FIRST, I forgot O. So P it is.... We'll do O tomorrow, ok?

So, crappy day. Some days are just like that, right? Continued the fight from the night before to this morning. Kind of. I woke up with the kids, got them on the bus, then went to help my friend Maria from church with her two babies at the doctor while she got her IUD put in. She's 30 and had 6 kids. She's done. hehe :)

Anyway, I vented after, and she listened. Then I came home. And got all of the ceremony stuff ready for the Blue and Gold Banquet at church tonight. Captain America was supposed to lead it. The Cub Master's wife is going in for emergency surgery, and the Primary president came down with the flu.

And then, yeah, the fight continued and got big and nasty. I hate fighting. It escalated with me driving away. I'm not gonna take nastiness towards me. Not gonna happen. Thankfully, we have couples counseling on Thursday. That should help.

Anyway, I was SUPER mad, and didn't wanna go back to the house. Kari texted at that same time, and asked if I wanted to exercise. Sure, but I didn't wanna go back for proper footwear. So I walked in crappy girly shoes. 75% of the walk was good. The last 25% of it sucked.

I still didn't wanna go home, so I told Kari that I was gonna go to a movie before the kids got home from school She wanted to come too. And Julia just happened to drive by where we were getting done walking, and she stopped to see us. So we invited her too! So we hopped in her van, and the 3 of us headed to the movies!

We called it the Harry Potter Ghost movie. It was called "The Lady in Black". The Daniel Radcliff movie. I thought it was pretty good. I had to re-write the ending in my head, though. LOL. Julia is scared of scary movies, so she didn't like it (hehe), but I think she had fun with us. The popcorn and diet coke was a plus!

Thanks, girls, for coming with me and taking my mind off of my "drama". Reintegration sucks...

We made it home in time to retrieve our vehicles, and pick up our kids from the bus. I hurried home, and asked Captain America to either take Eme to piano lessons, or to help Joe with his Father/Son cake for the Blue and Gold banquet. Nope, he was "too busy" for either one. And he wasn't coming to the Blue and Gold. Too busy. Working on his truck... I was mad.

I asked Kim to help Joe bake his cupcakes, dropped him and the box and the tins and the liners and junk off at Kim house, then headed for Piano lessons with Eme. Jake was at school, because it was Wednesday and the day that he was supposed to have after school detention. I just had to make sure that I came to pick him up at 5:30pm.

I dropped Eme off at 4pm, then headed to the Dollar Tree. I needed stuff to decorate the cupcakes with. I found some army men in 2 different colors, and some green ivy stuff, and some cookies to crunch to make it look like dirt and rocks, and some pretzels for sticks. Perfect.

I paid, and headed back to Eme's lesson. I collected her at 5pm, and we were to Jake's school by 5:15pm. We were on SUCH a tight schedule. I tried to text the house phone to tell them what I needed to have ready to go, but the phone was dead. Crap.

And the close it got to 5:30pm, the more I wondered where I was supposed to pick up Jake. It looked pretty deserted... Where I thought the cafeteria was (detention), looked pretty black. We needed to leave the HOUSE at 5:45 to be to the church by 6:00pm to be on time to set up for the 6:30 pack meeting. Yeah, it was cutting it close.

Finally, at 5:40pm, I went looking. I left Eme with the truck, and I went to look in the cafeteria. Dead. But I found a janitor to let me in. Nope, no kids in there. She said that sometimes when there's not a lot of kids, they move detention to a different room. WHAAAT? Oh heck no. You can't do that to me. I was furious.

So I headed up to the main doors to TRY and find someone. You can't loose my special needs child. All sorts of things started to go through my mind. The front doors were open, but NO ONE was in there. The office was locked. One lone janitor was at the end. I walked a little closer, and noticed another woman with a name tag who spoke English.

I asked her if she knew if anyone in there was in charge, and she said that she was looking for someone in charge too. I said that my special needs child was serving detention, and that he was LOST. I started to cry. I was seriously freaked out.

She hurried me to the office, and she had the janitor unlock it. There was an administrator inside. I don't know who it was, but he had a "doctor" before his name. I told him that I wasn't pleased that they had suspended him last friday, and then LOST him today! I was crying, and upset, and a little irrational. Poor me.

He told me that they didn't even have detention today. What? I KNEW that that man had told me Wednesday. Because I had it in my phone. And Kim heard it too. Later, I texted her, and she confirmed it. And Jake confirmed it too. Grrrrrrr. You CAN'T do that to parents of special needs kids! Give me a HEART ATTACK!

Anyway, he tried calling bus people and this that and the other thing. Couldn't find out where Jake was. And no one was answering at home. And I didn't text CPT because he was being mean to me. I didn't believe that he'd answer anyway... Sigh. So, the dude gave me his number, and I headed home.

And I cried the ENTIRE way, worrying that my child was dead on the streets of El Paso. How could they do that. I was SO upset. It wasn't even funny. I was pretty sure, at that point, that he was home.

I got home, and CPT was there, and said that Jake was home, that he'd come home on the bus. I asked him to call the administrator to tell him that we'd found Jacob, because I was visibly sobbing too hard to do it. He said "Why can't you do it". Um, because I'm CRYING too hard.... Sigh. I just left him with the paper and went inside and tried to get ready for the Blue and Gold. I had to figure out how I was gonna pull it together long enough to lead a Blue and Gold Banquet. I was a TOTAL mess.

Joe decorated 12 of the Cupcakes because we didn't have time to do all 24. I managed to print off the ceremonies, and we headed out to the Blue and Gold. At 6:20. It started at 6:30. And was 15 minutes away.... Sigh. I really was a mess.

All the kids watched Dukes of Hazzard, and I listened to Pandora on my phone and cried on the way there. I managed to hold it together for the last few minutes, though. Luckily, after taking one look at me, they let Brother Little conduct! And he did a FABULOUS job! Thanks, Brother Little! I owe you one :)

The Blue and Gold was a GREAT success. We had a kid get Bobcat, earn his Wolf, and a few other higher ranks than what I teach. I stopped paying attention after that. We had pancakes and sausace and eggs, then a TON of cakes that the boys and their dads made. It was a fun time. I hung with Maria and Kari and Brian. Fun people :)

After the Blue and Gold we all helped clean up, then I took the little kids, and we went to get gas in the suburban, then came back for Jake and Tom. They watched Dukes on the way home (GREAT investment!), and I put kids to bed.

I sat down to start blogging at 9 something, and it's 9:45pm now. I SO just wanna take some Ambien and pass out. Today sucked. Big time. Tomorrow we have couples counseling at noon. Please, let it help. This totally sucks. I didn't even wanna come back to my house tonight. And that's not a good thing :(

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Tink said...

I am so sorry you are going through this, It really sucks, I know..
You really get sick of walking on egg shells never knowing what will set off another fight.
I am glad you have counceling back when I went through it there was Nothing for us to help..
The military did not issue wives and kids!! It was our problem to fix..
I totally got sick of it and instead of walking on egg shells..I started Dancing on them!! Take care of YOU and the kids Just DO YOU.. let him wallow it his mess...Its HIS mess.. you did not create it..

LifeAsDINKers (Ava-J) said...

Be strong Bethany, this too will pass. You're doing the best you can in the circumstances, just hang in there. Sending you hugs:)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 16, 2012. Thanks again.

PeeJay said...

You can come up with all excuses imaginable for bad behaviour but at the end of the day they are only excuses and people will live on them if allowed to. Please, do NOT excuse bad behaviour as there is no excuse for it. I agree with Tink ... take care of you and the kids and if he has trouble seeing what he's doing to the family - his creation as well as yours - it is his problem. Unfortunately his problem overflows into the family situation and must be having a detrimental effect on the kids as well as you. If he really cares for you and the kids then he will see the error of his ways and do something about them. Remind him that family life and relationships are a 2 way street and you're not all there to be at his beck and call and that you should be pulling together.
You had a hard job while he was away and you've proved how strong you can be. Don't let him pull you down.

bethrosler said...

I'm sorry you had such a horrible day!

You do a great job writing and journaling here on your blog. Have you considered taking time to write out what you're feeling in a note for Captain America? Get it out on paper, think over it for a little while, edit and either throw it in the trash or use it to start a conversation with him.

Good luck working things out!

Elaine M said...

Could his parents come for a visit? I know he listens to his dad.
I'm really proud of you continuing on with the responsibilities of the day - you were there for the kids no matter how awful you felt. Hang in there hon - you are a winner (Cpt America's dad needs to take him out behind the barn and smack him up aside the head a few times - in my humble opinion - giggle)

Unknown said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for the last few months, and never written you. I have saved most of your word art, never know what I might need. I enjoy all of it.

My husband was in the Nat'l Guards, it is very difficult for them to be gone, then come home, even when gone for just a few weeks. I can't imagine what its like for them to be gone for a year or more, and have to come home. We change so much, and things aren't the same at home as it was when they left.

I'm glad you had a counseling appt today, and hope it made a difference in how this day ends for you.

Take care of each other!

CrystalNVa said...